Carlisle’s Diary ~ Do Not Interfere

October 17, 2013

Dear Diary:

          Things have been relatively calm here since I last wrote. I know that Bella had to get her thoughts out here last time but other than that she has decided with Charlie of course to wait a year or so before going through Renee’s things which are now up in our attic. Neither thinks they will be ready before then. In other news, Nessie has been moping around a bit because Jacob has gone to La Push for a week or so to visit his father. When Billy came to Downey for the funeral, he didn’t look all that well and even Charlie had remarked that he looked a little thinner than usual.

          Jacob, being a worry wart as Alice put it, decided to go visit his father and see what was going on. He left two days ago. He called us to say that his father was fine but had picked up some kind of stomach bug that was going around the reservation. He had gone to see the local doctor who said he would be eating normally again within a week or so. So Jacob is just going to stay in La Push for a week to make sure his dad gets everything he needs.

          School has been going well for all except amazingly Emmett. He actually failed an Algebra exam! To say we were all shocked would be an understatement. Immortals don’t fail at school unless they couldn’t give “a flying fig” (Seth’s phrase) about what they were doing. Rosalie was very disappointed in him and he looked like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar for the last 4 days. The professor had said if he wished to bring his GPA up for the end of the semester, he had to all but ace all of the other exams, which Emmett promised to do.  I really had to shake my head at that one.

          Right now as I’m writing this, I’m sitting on the back porch in my by now famous favorite rocking chair. I also have a copy of the NYT lying next to me. I have noticed something slightly peculiar though. Alice and Rogue are off to the side and they are just standing there looking at each other like total statues. Knowing Rogue’s telepathic abilities, I’m imagining they aren’t doing the whole ‘life imitating art’ thing but are in fact communicating that way. I have never seen Rogue speak to someone telepathically one on one for such a long time before. The other thing is that both she and Alice can see the future so something is definitely up.

          Jasper, sensing Alice’s growing frustration, walked over to her side in under a second only to be shooed away with a “don’t worry about it” from Alice. With a shrug, he then went back to what he was doing which was showing Seth and Corin his Civil War sword collection. Seth has gotten interested in swords recently which gave him and Jasper more common ground as Jasper was already teaching Seth how to play chess. Jasper has been more integrated with the family ever since the Watchers came along than ever before; I’m quite pleased with that fact.

          I watched all of it with a sense of peace and calm; yet still with immense curiosity as to what Rogue and Alice were talking about. They had been standing still for well over 10 minutes. When I looked at Edward who was sitting on the grass watching Bella and Leah put yet another massive jig saw puzzle together, he shook his head at me; which meant Rogue had blocked out her own as well as Alice’s thoughts during the conversation. What could be so private that we couldn’t know about it? Esme, who was up to her elbows in dirt, tending to her garden, just smiled and shook her head at me. I knew that look all too well. It was her “mind your own business” look. I sighed and continued to write. It was then that I overheard snippets of Jasper, Seth, and Corin’s conversation.  

“So wait, you guys were here during the Civil War already right?” Seth asked Corin waving his hand around the backyard where all of the Watchers were in attendance doing various things. Corin nodded.
“Yes we were, and though we didn’t get involved for the obvious reasons, we picked our side fairly early on. We were all pro-North. Sorry Jasper.” She said with a giggle.
“Naw……that’s alright and understandable given how things turned out.” Jasper said with his crooked grin.
“Where did you live?” Seth asked curiously.
“Hmmmm……I think we were either in North Dakota or Maine at the time; somewhere away from all the fighting. We still had to deal with that whole mess in the south which I think Jasper told you about before; newborn armies and such. The Volturi did step in and cleaned house but we were still watchful. As you understood when you met us, we didn’t trust the Volturi worth a damn.” Corin said with a frown.
“I find that so peculiar, that you were there the whole time and we didn’t even know about your existence.” Jasper said thoughtfully as Corin smiled at him.
“As Rogue mentioned, there was a purpose for us keeping ourselves a mystery. And you now know what that purpose is or rather was.” Amy, who wasn’t too far away, spoke up. The others nodded.

          It made me wonder what the world would have been like had we, the non-Volturi vampires had known of the Watchers existence hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Would our lives be any different? Probably not, considering how good they were at hiding in plain sight. All they had to do was become invisible and block any thought process and that would be that. Which is precisely how we had lived all of these years before the Volturi decided to take us out in that final battle. What ended up being their greatest mistake was our biggest blessing. That made me smile as well as Alexander and Keith who were nearby and read my thoughts. They both nodded toward me and I nodded back.

          Finally after what seemed like an eternity and a half, Rogue and Alice broke from their telepathic trance and walked toward the rest of us who by now were looking at them with a range of emotions on our faces. Alice was smiling and Rogue was shaking her head with a small smile as well so whatever it was, definitely wasn’t bad because neither would be smiling. Before anyone could even get a word out, Alice spoke up:

“Don’t worry guys; nothing bad is going to happen. No one is coming to attack us or anything of that nature.”
“Then why the secrets and the telepathy?” Jasper asked.
“Because no matter what happens; we can’t interfere. Let the future events lay themselves out and the people involved work them out for themselves.” Rogue said with a smile.
“Could you be anymore vague?” Amy said sarcastically while we all laughed. Rogue was definitely the queen of the cryptic talk.
“You’ll see soon enough.” She said with a wink and nodded her head toward the edge of our backyard.
“We have company.” Alice said.

          As we all stood up, two figures appeared from the forest edge of our backyard. They looked very familiar. It was Bella and Nessie who recognized them first and with a small shout both took off in that direction. Standing in our backyard were Zafrina and Nahuel. They were the picture of contradiction. Zafrina had a smile from ear to ear while Nahuel looked very tense and very uncertain. As Bella and Nessie reached Zafrina, they all but knocked her over trying to hug her. Everyone laughed. By that time we had all migrated toward them. Once Bella and Nessie were done squeezing the life out of a laughing Zafrina it was the rest of ours turn to do practically the same.

          As Nahuel stood watching the reunion shyly, his gaze landed upon Nessie who no longer looked like an 8 year old child as she did when he last saw her. She looked like a teenager and lord knows acted like one. When she caught him staring at her, he looked down very quickly and blushed. She squared her shoulders and walked up to him first.

“Hi Nahuel. How are you? Welcome to our home!” Nessie said extending her hand which Nahuel shook with surprise. Everyone usually was surprised by how straight forward, polite, and welcoming Nessie is.

          The rest of us then walked up to him and shook hands with him. He was in absolute awe of Rogue and the other Watchers as he’d only heard about them from Zafrina and Carmen and Eleazer when they came to visit. Zafrina herself was mystified by our Watcher leader. No matter what she did, said, or wore, she always looked like a spirit or a God. There was nothing earthly about her whatsoever until she opened her mouth and started making you laugh. Still amazed me that she was once mortal; to that thought I got a wink from Alexander who then smiled at me.

          Just then I heard a small growl come out of Edward. When I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, he was staring at Nahuel who in turn was staring at Nessie. So whatever Nahuel was thinking of, must have not sat well with Edward. Just then to Edward’s and everyone else’s surprise except perhaps Zafrina, Nessie, and Nahuel who didn’t hear the voice in their heads, Rogue said clear as day:

Do not interfere.”

~Carlisle Cullen

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