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October 23, 2013

Dear Diary:

          So we’ve had Zafrina and Nahuel here for the last 4 days and boy has it been interesting. Zafrina has been spending most of her time with Bella expanding her shield and getting to know the Watchers especially Rogue. Nahuel meanwhile, has been getting to know Nessie and vice versa. I’ve been working steadily and the only piece of good news from the human world is that Charlotte gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she and Ben named Hope Elizabeth Palmer. We were all very happy for them and I saw the baby. She was very beautiful and looked just like Charlotte with those blue eyes.

But I digress. Nessie and Nahuel have gone on a few nature walks together. We trust Nessie but Nahuel is still a bit of a stranger so we asked for Amy to shadow them. Edward especially was worried. But Rogue’s last message of ‘do not interfere’ has kept him from doing anything about it, though you could tell he’s itching to all but lock her in her room. So according to Amy, this is how their walk went:

          As they were passing a brook or a stream about 3 miles away from our house, Nahuel asked Nessie if she would just sit with him by it. She agreed; they sat like that just looking out over the water for a few minutes before Nahuel spoke finally.

“I’m very glad I came here. I was very nervous to tell you the truth.” He said blushing.
“Really? Why?” Nessie asked puzzled.
“Well last time I was here, things were a little different. A lot more tense. And now everyone is very relaxed. Plus the addition of the Watchers. I still can’t understand how they exist.”
“They’re something else, aren’t they? You should of seen how they kicked the Volturi’s butt! Michelle is my best friend and if I ever have a problem where I can’t talk to anyone including Michelle about, I have a one on one with Rogue. Last time we had a talk, she flew me to the top of a mountain. Now that was cool.”
“Is or rather was she even ever human?” Nahuel asked regarding Rogue.
“Funny you mention that, grandpa Carlisle also wonders the same. She doesn’t really look like one, does she? But apparently she was. She promised that they will tell us their story one of these days when there’s some quiet time and no drama. We can’t really live without drama as supernatural beings.” Nessie said.
“That’s true.” Nahuel said thoughtfully then he remembered something and reached into his pocket and pulled out a bracelet made from wood and a stone that Nessie had never seen before.
“I made this for you before I left. You can make it, bigger or smaller. And I remember your eye color so I thought it would really bring out your eyes.” He said handing Nessie the bracelet as her eyes grew wide.
“Oh wow, Nahuel……it’s stunning! You didn’t have to do this.” She whispered.
“I know I didn’t but I wanted to. You’re a very beautiful young lady and I couldn’t just come empty handed. Besides, getting to know you these past four days…..I feel like I’ve known you forever. And it’s so cool that I’m actually not related to you.” He finished with a laugh. Nessie giggled at that last part as well.

          That was true. Nahuel’s father the great and powerful (in his own head) Joham, had decided he wanted to create a new race with hybrids that could assimilate easier in society and still could kill humans at the speed of regular vampires. What most people didn’t know was that when the Volturi had found out about him that first time they came to visit us, they had in fact paid Joham a visit but instead of killing him like they told us they would, they made a pact with him to create as many of these hybrids as possible but so they could join the Volturi when and if needed.

          Unfortunately for them and everyone involved, the Watchers had been present during that meeting and Rogue gave the signal to have Joham destroyed. She did not want innocent women being impregnated and murdered by this freak of nature just to create a different kind of army. Joham didn’t get very far. Rogue had let the Volturi go back to Volterra before she destroyed Joham because the Volturi couldn’t know that Joham was no more as she had foreseen the future and knew they’d come after us again. She had all of this preplanned ahead of time for quite some time. Unlike Alice who could only see the future once decisions were made, Rogue could see the future in its entirety. And though she didn’t use that power often if at all, in this case it was mandatory to keep both us as well as the human race safe from this modern version of Dr. Frankenstein.

          Nahuel’s siblings, who by now ranged in the double digits, were given an option by Rogue and Zafrina who had actually been present during this time. So Rogue and Zafrina had met previously, she just pretended to be surprised when she came with Nahuel this time by the existence of the Watchers. Nahuel was being kept in the dark until the appropriate time as he didn’t know just how many siblings he now had. He only knew of the 3 sisters that he was close with. The fact that he had 7 more sisters and 5 brothers; he didn’t know that much…..yet. So the hybrids that were taught to be ravenous, monsters were given the options of living in peace and/or becoming vegetarians or being destroyed. Seeing just how powerful the Watchers were, they understood they were no match for them. That and they didn’t want to be destroyed so they opted for peace.

The reason Zafrina had come here was for two reasons. 1) Nahuel wanted to visit Nessie and didn’t want to go alone and Huilen couldn’t join him as she was visiting someone somewhere. 2) She needed to have a one on one with Rogue regarding Nahuel’s siblings as some of them were breaking their promise of peace. She wanted Rogue’s advice on what to do with them; give them a warning or just take them out with the help of Senna and Kachiri. That was the main reason Nahuel wasn’t told about his other siblings because had he known about them and they needed to be destroyed, no one knows how that would affect him and no one wanted to lose Nahuel. So to keep him and his sisters—who have come to live with him—safe, they were purposely being kept in the dark until Rogue gave the all clear.

The rest of us were also brought up to speed with this latest development and backstory as Rogue didn’t like…..ok wrong choice of words…..didn’t want to keep this secret from us. We all knew she loved keeping secrets from us and scare the crap out of us with them sometimes. She definitely had a masochistic streak though not a malicious one. Yes she was well known for giving us heart attacks but usually that was for our own well-being or just to play tricks on us. And I thought Bill Connolly from the hospital was bad! He has nothing on Rogue…..she can run circles around him when it comes to scaring us half to death!

          Meanwhile, Nahuel who still had no idea about any of this was busy talking to Nessie by that stream as she was very carefully looking at the now new bracelet on her wrist (picture is below). It was definitely something she had never seen before and was in awe of it. Nahuel was very pleased with himself for making it for her. Amy was still shadowing them and was staying non-corporeal high above the trees. Finally, Nahuel got up the courage to ask a very important question.

“So um….Nessie…..I was wondering…….do you have a boyfriend?” He all but whispered that last part. Nessie hesitated.
“Yes and no. That’s a hard one.” She said thoughtfully.
“What do you mean ‘yes and no’? Isn’t it yes or no?” He asked confused.
“Well you know the whole imprinting thing right? Like Seth and Corin and Leah and Keith? My dad explained it to you two days ago when the wolves were telling of their legends.”
“Yes, so?”
“Well I’m an imprint or an imprintee should I say.” Nessie said looking him straight in the eyes.
“Can you explain a bit, I’m confused.” Nahuel said and he looked it.
“Well I’m the imprint of Jacob who is currently back in Washington state visiting his father. He imprinted on me when I was only a few hours old. That’s why when you met me the first time I was sitting on top of a wolf. That was him.”
“Oh I see. So does that mean you’re promised to each other for life or something?”
“No not at all. I mean that’s what it means to the wolf but we imprints can actually choose otherwise though I have yet to hear of someone doing that as most imprints fall in love with their wolves. I mean look at Corin and Keith. Seth and Leah were complete strangers and have only been here for 9 months and already Keith and Leah are engaged. It’s very magnetic. I can’t explain. I guess you have to be a wolf to understand it.” She finished with a giggle.
“Well I’m not turning into one of those anytime soon.” Nahuel said.
“That’s ok, you don’t have to. I like you just the way you are.” Nessie said with a wink.
“Do you really?” Nahuel asked unsure.
“Of course, I do! And not just because of the beautiful bracelet. You’re funny, nice, very sweet, and caring and……..” Nessie’s voice trailed off.
“And?” He asked waiting for her to finish…..she took a big gulp of air before continuing.
“And kind of cute.” This time it was her turn to blush.

          Nahuel looked a little shocked by that revelation and then did something that had Amy close her eyes and shake her head in exasperation as she relayed the picture of what was happening telepathically back to Rogue, who in turn giggled a bit under her breath. Nahuel reached over and kissed Nessie right on the lips! Nessie forgot to breathe. The kiss was not a short one either as Nessie got very much into it much to both of their surprise. As they kissed, Nessie’s phone went off…..she glanced at it. It was Jacob.

But……..she let it ring.

~Carlisle Cullen

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Bracelet Nahuel Made Nessie

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