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October 25, 2013

Dear Diary:

          I’ve been hiding out in the hospital to avoid the unfolding soap opera in my house. Last I wrote, Nessie and Nahuel had gotten particularly……erm……close. When they got back from there walk, both were blushing. It was obvious something had happened between the two and Nessie was wearing a new bracelet she didn’t have before. We wanted to keep as much of it a secret as possible but somehow through our immortal grapevine, Seth found out and called Jacob. That was a scream heard around the world!

          Jacob couldn’t leave his father right away as his plane ticket was purchased for the following day, but he was deciding to just ditch the ticket, phase, and run cross country. Which he ended up doing. His father had sent him on his way as he had gotten better and he had Sue and Charlie to take care of him. I don’t think Jacob had ever run faster in his life. I felt bad for him but knew this love triangle was to be figured out between him, Nessie, and Nahuel. The only thing we had to stop from happening was any outright fighting.

          Bella and Edward had sat Nessie down after that to talk to her. They wanted to know what her thought process was. No one wanted to blame her because after all, even though she loved Jacob and was his imprint, she was allowed to find other men attractive and even kiss them. Edward wasn’t a huge fan of the kissing part but there was not much he could do. As previously explained, Jacob didn’t own Nessie. She could still choose to be with someone else. She didn’t want to hurt Jacob but she wanted to be able to choose the right way not because she was pressured to do so. Both Bella and Edward weren’t having it any other way. This was going to be Nessie’s choice and hers alone.

          By the time Jacob arrived in our backyard, Nahuel and Nessie were talking and sitting very close together. When they saw Jacob, they both jumped up. Nahuel looked uncomfortable but composed, while Nessie was nervous. Jacob though, was livid. He growled menacingly and took a few steps toward Nahuel, who—I had to hand it to him—stood his ground and didn’t back away. The rest of us were by then outside and were ready to intervene if Jacob did anything stupid. It was Nessie though who got between the two of them with her arms outstretched.

“Ok, now stop it you two!” She said sternly. Jacob growled again. Nahuel didn’t say a word but looked pretty fierce himself.
“Jake why don’t you go and phase back so we can actually talk! Not all of us speak wolf.” Nessie said looking pointedly at Jake who after a split hesitation flew into the woods only to immerge a few moments later:

What the hell do you think you’re doing??? I leave for one week and someone comes and tries to steal my imprint from me??” Jacob yelled at Nahuel; they were only inches apart as Nessie fought to get between them.
“I’m not trying to steal anyone from you, Jacob. I have feelings for Nessie and clearly she has feelings for me too.” Nahuel said calmly.
“She’s MINE! Do you even understand what imprinting means? Do you give a shit? And what the hell is that on her wrist??” Jacob screeched.
“Whoa, Jake…..back up. You don’t own me. No one does. I make my own decisions. And that includes who I want to date, kiss, etc. And that’s a bracelet Nahuel made for me.” Nessie said crossing her arms over her chest; Jacob’s eyes meanwhile were all but bugging out of his head.
“Y-You mean…….you are actually…….con-considering being with this….this….hybrid?????” Jacob was so stunned and livid that he started to stutter.
“Hey, I’m a hybrid too remember?” Nessie said.
“Yeah, and there’s nothing wrong with being a hybrid.” Nahuel added.

          As Jacob yelled and started shaking, both Nessie and Nahuel took a step back knowing full well that he didn’t have any control of himself and could phase without warning. Everyone remembered what happened to Emily when Sam had done the same and no one needed Nessie or Nahuel that badly injured. Edward stood in front of Nessie to shield her while Seth took a position in front of Jacob. Both Seth and Edward looked at each other shaking their heads. ‘One Life to Live’ paled in comparison to our own soap opera in the backyard. Finally, when Jacob was stable enough in the head to stop shaking both Seth and Edward stepped away in order for the three to face off again.

I’m no longer good enough, is that it?” Jacob said with a cringe.
“Don’t you dare start with that. I need some time to think and you need to calm down.” Nessie said her eyebrows coming together.
“I….I…..need to leave.” Nessie said her voice cracking.
“Leave? To where Nessie?” Bella asked her daughter worriedly. They knew it was going to be bad but not this bad. Jacob had gone off the deep end.
“No Nessie, please don’t go. I’ll leave. I don’t belong here anyways. This isn’t my home.” Nahuel said sadly as Nessie shook her head.
“Yeah! Go home! And never come back!” Jacob said vehemently.
“No, no. You stay with Zafrina and the others. It’s my choice and so help me God I will make up my mind without any influences. But I need to think.”

Nessie looked around as if looking for something or someone. On cue as always, Rogue appeared beside Nessie and smiled as she surveyed the scene. She wasn’t surprised and that’s when I remembered the day she and Alice were talking telepathically with each other and then Rogue’s cryptic talk regarding not interfering with something someone had to work through. This is what she meant. That is why it was all done telepathically because had anyone known this was going to go down, Jacob wouldn’t have left and lord knows what would have happened. But that was life; you had to go through challenges and grow from them once you figured out what you wanted. Which is exactly what Nessie had to do now.

“Ready whenever you are, Nessie.” She said to everyone’s surprise. Nessie nodded just as Rogue wrapped her arms around her and flew into the air. They were gone before anyone could say another word.
“Now what?” Seth mumbled.
“Now the two fellows on the grass have to calm down because we will not be having any fighting. Do what you need to do but you are not coming into this house pissed off.” I said sternly looking at Jacob primarily. Nahuel was very quiet the whole time.

          Jacob glared at Nahuel one last time and ran back towards the woods to phase; we knew he had to run all of his energy out. Leah and Seth went after him with Leah promising Bella she’d talk some sense into him so he would quit acting like a “jealous idiot” (Leah’s words) before he lost the most important person in his life.

          Meanwhile, on a mountain top not too far away; Nessie was pacing back and forth just trying to weigh the pros and cons of her decision as Rogue listened to her patiently. Finally when Nessie started talking in circles, Rogue cut her off and asked:

“Nessie, who can’t you live without?”

There was a slight pause.

Jake…….I can’t live without Jake. I’ve known him all my life. And I do really love him. I think with Nahuel it’s more of an attraction. But I don’t love him.” Nessie said thoughtfully as Rogue smiled.
“Precisely. Whether that will change in the future remains to be seen.”
“Why must growing up be so hard?” Nessie asked.
“I don’t have the answer to that one kiddo. I think it’s because we’re supposed to grow from our decisions into better people. But that’s just my personal view on the matter.” Rogue answered.
“And I’ve only started. I hope this hybrid thing helps me skip through some of the tough stuff.”
“We’ll see. Are you to get back and let the boys know your decision?”
“Yes, I think I am. I don’t want them to hate each other forever. I want them to be friends.”
“I agree.” Rogue said and with that she wrapped her arms around Nessie and home they flew.

          I had just gotten home myself from the hospital as they were gone for a few hours and I had a short shift to work. I frankly didn’t want to be home for all of the theatrics. It was way too much for me to handle. I was officially allergic to drama after the whole Carrie thing; speaking of which she was being executed next week. The execution is set for Halloween which is also Rogue’s birthday and we have all been invited to a Halloween party at the hospital. It’s a pretty big deal every year and so people have been running around trying to figure out what they want to be.

          But I digress. So Rogue and Nessie touched down just as I pulled in. Great. Had I known they weren’t home yet, I would have stayed a bit longer at the hospital. Rogue read my thoughts and winked at me as I shook my head. Time to sort this mess out once and for all. All interested parties gathered once again on the lawn. Jacob had been waiting for Nessie looking very sheepish. I think his sense of self and morals came back. No matter what Nessie decided, he wanted her to be happy. That was his first and foremost concern. How he would live with it, if she chose another, remained to be seen. Nessie took a deep breath and said:

“I’m not going to go in circles but get straight to the point. I choose Jake and I’ll tell you why; not just because I’m his imprint but because he’s been my best friend since the very first thought I had. I think I even remember him when I was in mommy’s stomach. Nahuel, you’re awesome and I will admit there’s an attraction but it’s not the same. I would really love for us to remain friends. And I want you and Jacob to be friends too.” Nessie finished.

“Of course, Nessie. I understand. I have nothing against Jacob.” Nahuel said sadly.

I knew I wasn’t the only who felt bad for him but Nessie made her choice and in my eyes she made the right one. Jacob looked like he was about to jump out of his skin from happiness. Finally when she turned to him, he grabbed her around the waist and spun her around in circles. After that was over, he squared his shoulders, walked up to Nahuel and extended his hand which Nahuel shook without hesitation. We were all very proud of Jacob. He really had gotten a lot more mature as the time progressed. Throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits would only get you so far and he knew this was not the time or the place for one as the consequences for him would have been dire. I don’t know many wolves that could live without their imprints.

Jacob kissed Nessie and she looked very happy. I for one was glad this soap opera had a happy ending. Nahuel and Zafrina were ready leave us. Rogue and Zafrina had agreed that they would give a warning to the misbehaving hybrids and if they failed to comply, then Zafrina had the go ahead to take them out. They were still not going to tell Nahuel until the coast was clear and everyone was living in harmony.

I, meanwhile, just wanted some peace and quiet and after saying farewell to Zafrina and Nahuel, walked into the house, grabbed a glass of wine and my beautiful wife and walked to our master suite where our lavender bubbles were waiting. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend without any drama.

~Carlisle Cullen

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