Carlisle’s Diary ~ I Shall Rise (Hestia’s POV)

December 9, 2013

Dear Diary:

            “What age is it? How long have I slept? Oh stretching feels so good. My underwater tomb can no longer keep me. I shall view upon the world. And what world is this?” These were all thoughts going through my mind as I flew out of my makeshift prison of sorts. Something had passed between earth into fire and I was awoken. I flew into the air and nearly had my head cut off by some sort of strange machine. It looked like a bird but it wasn’t one. It made a very loud noise and it flew faster than any bird could. What strange world have I awoken to?

            That is when I realized I was being watched. I took a gander at who could possibly see me and it was a watcher! I knew it was! How many of them could there be now? Last I knew there was amy, corin, alexander, and her! But that was when? I made myself invisible and flew down to some unfamiliar island. I didn’t land but just flew overhead as I saw people walking about in a leisurely manner. I saw a small child sitting on the ground playing; perhaps he could tell me what I needed to know. I touched down behind a building where I knew no one could see me and became corporeal. I saw a piece of string blowing in the wind and used it to tie my hair up so that my white hair wouldn’t frighten the child. Then I slowly walked over to the child, who looked up at me curiously.

“Good morrow sweet child.” I said in my native greek; for it’s the only language I knew.
“Who are you? And what does good morrow mean?” He asked curiously. I was surprised. Didn’t they teach children simple things like this?
“I’m just passing through; and good morrow is something you say to be polite in the first light of day.” I explained.
“oh you mean good morning. Ok good morning to you too.” He said.
“oh that’s how you say it now? Alright, good morning sweet child. Can you please tell me what year it is?”
“don’t you have a calendar?” he said inquisitively.

Now I was getting frustrated; I hardly had time for such nonsense. Wasn’t I supposed to be the one asking the questions? Then I remembered that children are normally curious about things. I told myself to calm down. I wouldn’t hurt this innocent child. i remembered briefly upon a time when I was so blinded by rage that I had not only hurt but killed plenty of children just as innocent as this little boy. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be this being! I shook my head to clear it and get back to the focus at hand.

“no I am sorry but I do not have one.” I looked as contrite as I could.
“oh ok, well it’s 2013 and it’s December, so it’s almost Christmas time.” The child said excitedly.
“Christmas time?” I looked puzzled; what was Christmas?
“oh you don’t celebrate Christmas? It’s a holiday where you get lots of presents and you put up a tree. There’s this whole story written in the bible but it’s boring to me. I just like the presents part.” The boy said gleefully.
“I see.” When in fact I didn’t see anything at all.

How long was I asleep for? This boy couldn’t tell me, he was too young. I had to put the pieces together with someone older. I said goodbye to the boy and walked back to where I had previously was when I saw a very kindly looking old man, sitting watching me. I walked over and bowed slightly. He looked at me as if I had two heads. I then looked down and realized that his clothes and mine looked nothing alike. I didn’t care what I wore, I just wanted to know. So I asked the one thing that all Grecians should know.

“Good morro-morning sir. I’m a little lost and I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions.”
“A little lost? I’d say you were a lot lost with that getup you have on.” Again I looked at my clothing not understanding.
“I will not take much of your time. “ I said earnestly. Now I was getting desperate. I felt like I had awoken onto a different planet let alone a different time.
“Alright let’s have it, I don’t have all day.” He said grumpily; but he looked more nervous than grumpy.
“Sir, what year did mount Thera erupt?” I asked cautiously, not at all sure I wanted the answer.
“So you’re asking me history questions now? Alright, now let’s see. Thera erupted in 1500BC or there abouts.”
“1500BC…..yes that seems correct. How long ago would you say that was from this year?”
“that would be around 3,000 years ago or so I’d say. Why? Are you studying volcanology?”

            The thoughts were whirling around in my head as I managed to mutter out a thank you and run away with him looking after me with a puzzled expression. I ran until I reached a coastal area, where no one could see me. 3,000 years? I’ve been entombed by her for 3,000 years???? A great roar came out of me as the full force of that truth hit me. I flew into the air and lunged at the watcher that was observing me. She dodged out of the way. That’s when I realized, she wasn’t alone. There were 15 of them in the air. I wanted to kill them all!

            But most importantly, I wanted to kill her! Even though I knew I technically couldn’t. but from the deepest part of tarteras, I would get my revenge on that self-righteous bitch! Was it so hard to renounce her leadership as a watcher? I wanted it, so badly! I knew what watchers were before she even had a clue! She didn’t deserve to be queen! That was my birthright! Why was she chosen? I screamed at the watchers in the air. Why???!!! What did she have that I didn’t?

            She got everything; The perfect life, the most amazing husband! Why couldn’t alexander look at me that way? He looked at her like she could walk on water! So what if I was 10 or 15 years younger? Age doesn’t matter! I wanted it all! What did she have that I didn’t? I would have been a better queen! I would have ruled the watchers like an empire, while she let them run free! She should have remained human! I hate her guts!

“What the fuck did she have that I didn’t?” I screamed at the watchers surrounding me as I shook uncontrollably.
“a soul.” One of them said. 

That made me stop. As I took in what was said, my whole body started to shake and with a loud screech, I flew at the island where I just left and was determined to topple that island into the water like I did our homeland! Selfish humans, selfish watchers! No one deserves to live! That little boy came to mind briefly but then I thought he would grow up into grumpy old man like the one who looked at me like I was some abomination as he answered my questions! No they didn’t deserve to live any longer!

The ground on the island started to shake, a little bit at first then stronger as I heard people screaming and saw them running for cover. As they screamed I relished with delight at the horrific sounds I had helped produce; they flowed like sweet fire through my veins. This was my right! I could be a god too! All of a sudden the earthquake stopped. I didn’t stop it but then I heard a male voice above me:


            I looked up and to my absolute astonishment, I saw alexander! The man himself; no lie, no hallucination, no figment of my tormented dreams. It was really him! He looked upon me with fire in his eyes. I didn’t care if he was enraged, just to have him look at me was enough. I flew closer to him and he moved away. That made me frown, would he never acknowledge my feelings for him?

“what your feelings are, I do not care for, never did and never will. Rogue is my wife, my life, my existence, my everything. Nothing will ever change that. Even if god himself called her home and left me to continue to walk this earth alone for eternity, I would never choose another woman least of all you!”

            The tone of his voice and the venom in his words, were enough to send my already panicked and fragile mind into a tailspin. I let out a shriek that would have blown anyone and anything backwards. I noticed one of the watchers disappear; seems my little tantrum had nearly flung one those strange flying machines out of the sky, I watched her stabilize it. I wish it had crashed down, that would have been a sight to see. My eyes refocused on alexander.

“I don’t care what you say; I deserved to be a watcher! It was my birthright! I want her! This is a score to be settled between her and I, once and for all.” I spit out each word through clenched teeth.
“you will get your chance to show your insanity a week from now, in the Atlantic ocean. Don’t worry; you’ll know exactly how to get there. Just follow her call. Oh and by the way, it wouldn’t hurt to get a calendar.” Alexander said evenly with a small smirk.
“you dare insult me? I don’t care if you’re a watcher! You will see, I shall rise victorious as your precious rogue crumbles into ashes!” I laughed.

            Alexander didn’t say anything but the smirk or glint never left his eyes. At that moment without a second glance he vanished. The other watchers around me backed up giving me a wide berth. They wouldn’t harm me; no they wouldn’t dare. Scared little rats they are, that’s all it’s ever been. A big show of power when in reality there is none! I will not delude myself into thinking this battle next week will be an easy one. But I know I will win. I have power and darkness on my side. Good vs. evil. Well I am good and she is evil. But she will see.

I shall rise…..i shall rise….and she will fall.

-The Goddess Hestia

~Carlisle Cullen

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