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December 12, 2013

Hey people! My name is Sabrina and I’m the new writer for Renesmee’s Diary! I’m really excited and I hope you all enjoy my writing about Nessie’s experiences! :) Enjoy!


Dear Diary,

Grandpa still hasn’t come out of his study.  After he told us what he believed was wrong with me, he threw himself into research. I’m not worried about me, though. Mom and Dad still haven’t come back. Emmett and Jasper continued their search of the area, and Rosalie went with them. Jacob stayed behind with me and held my hand. Alice put my new wardrobe in my closet and was bringing me some more elk blood since I had already drained four cups. Jacob’s heartbeat, doggish as it smelled, was appetizing to say the least. But I was controlling it. My shock at finding out my parents had gone missing had apparently stunned me into silence and incoherency because I was no longer focused on the burning in my throat.  My parents had never just up and disappeared without a trace. No one in our family had. 

I began to silently cry.

“Oh, Nessie. Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll find them. And we’ll get you better,” Jacob said, soothingly. He would have hugged me, but Grandpa told him to keep his distance. I wanted him to keep his distance. The last thing I need is to hurt my Jacob. I was a monster now.

I heard them coming a mile away, which was extremely odd but then, all of a sudden, the house was an uproar of noise. Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett ran in the house carrying an unconscious figure.
“Renesmee!” a familiar voice called right before she entered the room. My mom, with dad close behind her. They ran to me and hugged me.
I cried out in joy. “I was so worried! Where were you guys? Who is that?” I mumbled, looking at the figure on the floor that Emmett was holding down.

“Hold on and everything will be explained. Carlisle, Esme, Alice!” Dad called. They materialized in front of us. Esme looked startled but Alice didn’t look surprised, nor did Carlisle. Alice must have seen something. 

The figure on the floor began to move. With a screech like a banshee, the figure, which I could now discern was a woman, threw Emmett off her and turned for the door. Rosalie punched her in the face and she went down again. Both Jasper and Emmett jumped on her, holding her down.

“Let me go! You vile, traitorous scum!” she screamed, thrashing.
“Stop fighting or we will kill you, young one,” Carlisle said. He was right about the young part; only a newborn could throw Emmett like that. She slowly began to relax, a murderous gleam in her eye.
“Bella, Edward. If you would, please explain,” Carlisle said calmly. 

Dad stepped forward. “We were on the Quiloutte border when we finally caught up to her. The wolves would have stopped her but their were only two patrolling today and they were on the South and Western Borders. We think she has a gift, something that can mask scents, which is why Emmett and Jasper couldn’t track us. We followed her tracks; she’s a newborn so she left very messy ones. She is the only vampire in the area that we know of. She must be the one who attacked Renesmee. Why, however, we have no idea. We don’t know how but we were able to knock her out with a boulder. Then, we started carrying her and we found Jasper and the others on the way back here,” Dad explained. 

Grandpa nodded and stepped toward the woman kneeling on the ground between Emmett and Jasper. She snarled as he came closer but he didn’t flinch as he knelt down to her level.
“We are going to ask you a few questions and you are going to answer if you know anything. You would live longer if you told the truth. You’ve hurt and possibly infected one of our own. You aren’t really in a prime position to lie to us about anything,” he said with a voice like steel. It scared me to hear Grandpa like that, but I knew it was necessary. 

She growled in response, which we took as a manner of acknowledgment. “What’s your name? Who made you?” Jasper inquired.
The woman took a deep breath and wrinkled her nose, glaring at Jacob but then she looked pointedly at the wall opposite me and began to speak. “My name is Amelia. And the ones who turned me are the Brotherhood. They made me two months ago and sent me here,” she whispered, defeated. She closed her eyes and ducted her head. We all stared at her. 

“The brotherhood? Who are they? What were you sent here for?” Rosalie questioned sharply. 
Amelia raised her head and looked directly at me. “The Brotherhood are the destroyers of all things against vampire existence. I was sent here to kill her. She is an abomination to us and she must be-”

But she was cut-off because my mother had stepped forward and slapped her across the face. 

Jacob had stood up as well. She swished her hair out of her face and glared at my mom. Dad stepped forward and put his hand on mom’s back. This sounded like the Volturi. 

My dad nodded at me and whispered in Grandpa’s ear. Grandpa turned toward her again. “You will not kill her, nor will anyone else. Do you know of the Volturi? Aro, Caius, or Marcus? Jane or Alec, perhaps?” 

Amelia’s eyes sparked with recognition of some sort. She gulped, which was unorthodox for a vampire.  “Alec . . . Alec is my father,” she whispered. 

Esme gasped and the rest of us watched her in shock. 

“He mated with my human mother over a thousand years ago,” Amelia continued,  “and left her with the Brotherhood a couple of years before he became part of the Volturi. The Brotherhood turned my mother after she gave birth to me. She almost didn’t survive.” 

We all were very still, waiting for more information. She continued. “The Brotherhood believe that human-vampire hybrids are abominations, as do their followers such as I. We turn those abominations who are willing and those who fight. I have already bitten her. She will begin the one-week process of hybrids becoming vampires soon. Only 7 have survived the process out of the 30 hybrids they have found in the last 2000 or so years. I am one of the 7. If she survives, she will make 8,” she said, dark laughter in her voice.

All the feeling rushed out of my body in one burst. Jacob was staring at me in shock and pain. So was everyone else. I plastered on a fake smile and cleared my throat, which set it on fire again.
“I’m fine. I’m strong, I come from a strong family. I will survive this,” I said, my voice cracking. Jacob, ignoring Grandpa’s advice, threw himself on me and crushed me to his chest.
“No, God no. Not her, please not her,” he sobbed. My Jacob was crying for me.

I could hear my mom gasping for air, a vampire’s version of crying. Then, I heard Uncle Emmett and Jasper taking Amelia upstairs while Rosalie followed. My parents came to us and put their arms around me. Alice, Gran and Grandpa stood over us. Gran was holding onto Grandpa for support and Aunt Alice was holding her head between her hands, staring at me. She would do all she could to see my future. I didn’t want to know. I pulled away from Jacob and made a move to lift my hand but then realized it was still strapped down. I looked at it then at Jacob. He didn’t hesitate and undid my wrist. I was in complete control. I lifted my unrestrained hand to his face and showed him the last few years I had had with him. All the kisses, the late nights talks, and so many other wonderful memories. . . . I let him see it all through my eyes, and showed him the amount of love I had for him in all the images I showed. I took my hand from his face and he was crying even more now, but silently. He stroked my face with his hand and kissed me with as much enthusiasm as he had the first time but with more desperation. And I was afraid. . . . How could I let him go? My family? I had to be strong for them, but all I wanted to do was break. Then, everything went black.


The pain had begun.


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