Alice’s Diary – Miss Me?

December 20, 2013

*Note to readers: Hey everybody! My name is Rachel and I am the new Alice’s Diary writer! I am a huge fan of the series and am very excited to be writing for you. I hope you enjoy my writing! 


Dear Diary,

                Wow, it sure has been a while since I wrote in you. So much has happened since I wrote in here two years ago. And guess what? It’s almost Christmas again! Now, before I get into my party plans (which Edward is rolling his eyes at as usual, the scrooge), I have to give you the update on my fabulous life!

                First of all, I can now see the wolves! After hours upon hours of torture (or research, as Edward and Carlisle refer to it) I finally was able to break my mental wall, much to my relief. And to Edward and Carlisle’s excitement, I was finally able to see Jasper and Jacob standing on the cliff watching me through the window. I was relieved to no end, while Carlisle and Edward uttered theories in the corner. To tune them out I just counted the seconds until Jazz returned to me.

                I also got to plan another wedding for Rose. We had it be aquarium themed. Of course, we had to construct the tank and fetch the dolphins from the ocean ourselves, but it was beautiful. Rose had a cerulean blue Ralph Lauren dress with a train that was designed to look like a mermaid tail and was made from the softest, smoothest silk that complimented Rose’s skin perfectly. Emmett was SUPPOSED to be wearing a Gucci tux that I custom ordered in the same color, but at the last minute he changed into a freaking dolphin suit! Imagine my irritation that he did this when I had planned everything so perfectly! Regardless, the wedding was beautiful and the happy couple jetted off to Dublin, Ireland (first class, of course).

                So now on to my Christmas plans. Of course, there will be a party. But I have split it into a human-friendly version and a vampire/werewolf/Renesmee-friendly version. The human-friendly version will include a huge dinner with all of the traditional fixings. Of course the wolves will help with this. Then following the four Baked Alaska’s (yes 4) there will be carolling in the living room, then Charlie and Sue will head home. I then plan to use the ice skating rink to put a message saying “Have a Merry Christmas” in the ice and then leading my family there to sing “Jingle Bell Rock” to them. Of course it will be perfect. Nothing planned by me will be any less. Oops Edward is coming. Gotta go! Will write soon!



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