Carlisle’s Diary ~ Battle Ground Atlantic

December 20, 2013

Dear Diary:

           Our holiday season will be extra special this year after everything our Watchers went through; especially Rogue. Last time there was an entry in here, it actually came from Hestia herself. Now don’t worry, she didn’t get a hold of my diary. Basically, the Watcher that was guarding her when she woke up read her mind and then transcribed it for Rogue to give to us. Even though this battle wasn’t ours—the Cullen family’s—to begin with, Rogue made sure we knew everything that was going on. For a good week we didn’t hear from Rogue. We had no idea where she was, all we knew was that she was preparing for war. The battle ground being the Atlantic Ocean.

          Finally the day of, she came over early on and we were all waiting. She wore that dress from our first meeting day; we call it her fairy dress. In our backyard were the same 500 Watchers that were there the day she made her first speech regarding Hestia. It finally dawned on me what they all looked like; as before I thought they just looked like celestial beings. They looked like the elves from Lord of the Rings; except they didn’t have the pointy ears and their eyes were different colors. Otherwise, you’d think they’d stepped straight out of those movies.

          The other thing that finally struck my understanding was when I read Hestia’s POV from last entry; she mentioned that Rogue didn’t deserve to be queen. Up until this point we had all thought Rogue was the leader of the Watchers when in reality she was and is their queen. And that explained the headpiece she wore last time and today as well. That was her crown. It wasn’t a traditional crown but once again looked like something an elf would wear. She never told us this because you know Rogue; she’s very down to earth and doesn’t want to be treated like royalty or anything special. That would also explain why Marcus would always bow to her as did all of the other Watchers save for Alexander, Corin, Amy, and Keith.

          Today though she looked every bit of the queen she was; regal, rigid, with her face full of determination. As the others watched her, she stood before the gathered crowd and said simply:

“Today we go to war! Is everyone ready?”
HA OOH!” Came the roaring reply. Whoa, sounded like the marines.

          Without so much as another word she and the others raised their hands above their heads and stared intently at the sky while their eyes flashed white. Michelle, who was staying behind along with Kim and her parents, opened a portal to show us why they were doing what they were doing. We watched intently and in total shock as a massive storm formed over the southern Atlantic Ocean. It looked like a category 5 hurricane! Apparently, Rogue had started this storm earlier on so that the humans could get used to its existence and not just have a massive hurricane pop up without so much as a warning. Now however, this storm was a monster. The strongest on record for sure; it wasn’t moving however like all the other storms, it stayed in place because that’s exactly what Rogue wanted it to do. It had to give a big enough cover for what was about to take place. (All photos are below)

          The Watchers lowered their arms just as Rogue flew into the air and transformed……holy crap! It was just as Alexander had described. She had massive white wings that were longer than those of the largest plane on earth; the A380. And a pterodactyl couldn’t as hell compete! Her outfit looked like a cross between Xena Warrior Princess and the one she wore when she fought off the children of the moon earlier this year. She had multiple swords strapped to her body just in case it came to hand to hand combat. However the one in her hand was hard to explain; again just how Alexander described it. It looked like a combination between a hammer and a sword and was literally twice the size of her body. It was “ginormous” as Jacob stuttered out.

“Here we go again.” I heard Alexander mumble. She smiled at him, made that sword thing disappear and her eyes as well as those of the others returned to their original colors. At that point the Watchers, who were not staying behind, levitated into the air and with one last look at us, flew higher and were gone. Michelle kept the portal open so we got front row seats to this battle. We were transfixed as we felt like we were flying with them. Finally they reached the storm and battle ground.

          Rogue looked around and the Watchers—including Alexander, who gave his wife a kiss—vanished. But when Michelle brought the portal in for a closer viewing, we saw that they hadn’t gone anywhere at all but were strategically positioned in a circle on the outskirts of the storm; basically they just became invisible. Rogue looked around just as the storm really started to ramp up with lightening and strong wind. She smiled and narrowed her eyes as her enemy approached. It didn’t take long for Hestia to enter the ring looking both shocked and angry at the same. Rogue looked at Hestia with eyes of ancient wisdom but she had her by now famous poker face on so not one iota of what she had up her sleeves was given away. Rogue spoke first; her voice frighteningly low but quiet.

“Hello Hestia. Long time has it been.”
“Long time??? You imprisoned me for 3,000 years!!” Hestia sputtered indigently.
“You were out of control and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. What other choice did I have?”
What other choice?? How about giving up your standing as the queen of Watchers to me? It was never your right?! It was mine! Always mine!” Hestia screamed.
“Right? No my dear it was never your right as it was not my choice to be chosen. If you weren’t chosen there must have been a reason as we now know to be your insatiable lust for murder.” Rogue was still calm.
“You know something?! I’m sick to death of your self-righteous bullshit! It will be my absolute pleasure to wipe that smirk off your ugly ass face!!”
“Come and get me.” Rogue’s eyes narrowed and were downright evil. Uh oh.

          We knew it was about to begin. With a wild scream, Hestia flew like a bolt of lightning at Rogue who at the very last possible second, produced the sword/hammer thing that she swung and slammed it into Hestia with enough force to drive her down in the ocean. The ocean started to bubble and the waves grew in both size and ferocity. Out from the deep pits of hell, a massive 3 headed dragon rose out of the water with Hestia riding on its back laughing manically! I know my eyes were probably somewhere a foot away from my face as were those of my family.

          The 3 headed monster lunged at Rogue and knocked that hammer out of her arm as well as sending her plunging out of the air into the sea as we all gasped! It was incomprehensible to have Rogue beaten back by anyone. Hestia, meanwhile, was laughing hysterically:

So bitch how does that feel? I’m going to turn you into dragon food! You have no idea who you’re messing with! Watchers are weak and now you see what a real God looks like! Feast your eyes upon the future!” As she was yelling this, two more dragons of equal ugliness appeared from the depths of the storm tossed seas. Even though the other Watchers were invisible, the two dragons Hestia unleashed seemed to know where to aim and started to try to pick them off one right after the other. One of her dragons even shot out blue fire! She just kept laughing and shouting about how powerful and magnificent she was. Rogue, though hadn’t yet resurfaced, and that scared us more than we were willing to let on!

          Lightening began to strike more frequently and from every which direction; at first it had no purpose but just lightening from the storm and then it started to take aim. The first bolt struck the lizard looking dragon with enough force to send it flying 50 miles north. Suddenly, two waterspouts appeared and started circling around the 3 headed dragon and Hestia who was still sitting atop of it looking a bit confused. The waterspouts kept going faster and faster until the 3 headed dragon was looking a little green around the gills so to speak. Hestia, screamed something but whatever it was, was drowned out by the shear veracity of the storm.

          Then it happened. The ocean began to glow! A white glow came from beneath the sea and the water started to bubble yet again; as it did so another dragon appeared from underneath the sea, then another, and a third which also had wings and Rogue was sitting atop of it! I guess two could play at this game; who would have thought about dragon warfare in this day and age? Rogue’s eyes were glowing that white with her pupils and irises totally invisible. She then flew off her dragon and trying to grasp the sheer size of them was very hard for they totally dwarfed Hestia’s dragons not only by size but by intelligence. Rogue’s dragons were regimented and you could even tell that they understood every movement she made. They were quick learners. She had a black and blue dragon that quickly took on Hestia’s blue fire one. They were locked in a battle to the death.

          The second one of Rogue’s which actually resembled your run of the mill giant dragon, dove back into the water and went after the one the lightening bolt sent flying up north which was still trying to get its bearings. As for the one with the wings, we were fully expecting it to take on the 3 headed one that Hestia set atop of as if it were horse. Rogue by this time had made the waterspouts dissipate so it was two warriors and two dragons against each other. It seemed like a fair match except for the part that Hestia’s dragon had 3 heads.

          Then without warning, the 3 headed dragon threw Hestia off of it! It rose to its maximum height and it was massively huge; I’m sure it could have covered a small island or country. Then all of its 3 heads looked at Rogue, moved closer to her, and bowed as Hestia—who by now had flown out of the water she’d been tossed in—and the rest of us watched in disbelief! It was all a trick! A set up! The 3 headed dragon or the Hydra as it’s called, was never summoned by Hestia but instead by Rogue. And though it did live in the fiery pits of hell, it fought for the Watchers and not against them.

“Wha…..what is going on here?” Hestia sputtered.

The Hydra which had all this time been telepathically receiving commands from Rogue, lunged at Hestia and all 3 heads roared at her! She was once again flung out of the air and into the water; the Hydra followed her as Rogue and the other Watchers who had by that time become corporeal again, watched. There was a cat and mouse game played underwater. Only in this case the mouse was microscopic compared to the cat. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, she resurfaced again and flew into the air just before one of Hydra’s jaws could snap at her.

Her eyes went wide by just the sheer number of Watchers totally surrounding her. She kept turning around in circles as the Hydra was circling around underneath, waiting for a chance to grab her. Rogue waved it off and it disappeared beneath the water but was still watchful. Both of Rogue’s other dragons returned having destroyed their evil counterparts. 4 dragons now waited patiently for Rogue’s orders. Meanwhile, Hestia kept turning this way and that trying to count the number of Watchers. Rogue, who read her thoughts, answered:

“No point in counting. This is but a tiny portion of how many of us are on this earth. There are 1 million total Watchers so even if for whatever reason you were allowed to survive today, there would be no way in hell you’d be able to fight that number. It would have done you more good to keep in your slumber as opposed to awaken and cause havoc. Now I have no choice but to end your existence for good.”

“End my existence? I’m invincible!” Hestia screamed.

“No you’re really not.” Rogue said nodding toward Hestia’s arm, which when she looked down was horrified to realize was covered in blood. She had bashed it against the bottom of the sea bed the first time Rogue sent her flying. If you are able to bleed and not heal instantly, you’re not invincible. Even I knew that and I wasn’t a Watcher. It was at that point, that it dawned on her finally that she wasn’t going to get out of this one alive.  She glared at Rogue and issued a challenge:

“In order to kill me, you have to catch me first!” And she bolted out of there at high speed heading for the edge of the storm.
“As you wish.” Rogue replied but didn’t move. What was she waiting for?

          Everyone else then and instantly gave Rogue a very wide berth and even Hestia noticed this, stopped, turned around, and looked at Rogue with a confused face. She noticed Rogue wasn’t following her.

“Sometimes people deserve to die as they ask.” Rogue said simply before bringing her palms together and a very bright light appeared in them that took on a shape of a glowing crystal ball. We’ve never seen that before. The crystal ball wasn’t big at all; perhaps the size of a large marble. What could something small do? Before I could even finish that thought process, Rogue launched that marble sized crystal ball at Hestia who didn’t even have time to turn to run.

          It enveloped her entire being and as all except Rogue including us—it was really that bright—shielded their eyes, an explosion came unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. It felt like an atomic bomb had gone off because there was a shock wave that radiated out to the edges of the storm from point of origin. When the light faded, absolutely nothing was left of Hestia except a small shred of her clothing that floated down to sea.

          Rogue stared at it for a brief moment before thanking, petting, and releasing the ancient dragons to go back to wherever they came from. Her eyes returned to their normal color and she then thanked the 500 Watchers who were there for back up just in case and they were allowed to return to their own homes on this planet. Her plan had worked without a hitch. We later learned that that crystal ball thing was the most powerful weapon in her arsenal and that she could make it big or small depending on what she needed to destroy. Amy explained that a crystal ball the size of a beach ball could annihilate a country down to the organisms in the soil! Damn….now’s that powerful!

Then our own remaining Watchers left the storm and while it dissipated, flew back home to us. All touched down at the same time just as Michelle closed the portal that was our viewpoint to the whole battle. Rogue continued to fly around with those massive wings of hers. Finally she landed and as we watched her, she smiled and with a flash of light, her battle armor was gone, including the wings. She was back to just Rogue wearing jeans and a sweater. The other Watchers followed suit. The only thing that remained on her was her headpiece. As she approached us, we all bowed dramatically while she rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Is there anything I could get for you, my lady?” Alexander said walking over to her and kissing her hand as he bowed.

“Yes! Wine and lots of it!” She said as we all laughed. And with that we walked into our house for some much needed wine and closed the door without a second look.

~Carlisle Cullen

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