Alice’s Diary – Presents!

December 21, 2013

Dear Diary,

I have decided that Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! Aside from the excuse to shop (which is a present to me into and of itself ), I just love to see the looks on everybody’s faces when they open my gifts! And if they REALLY love it I just love the little thrill of smugness I am able to direct towards Edward. I bet he regrets rolling his eyes so far up his head they disappear every time. I know people think I am extravagant, but I feel I am just right. I mean, I always throw the best parties and give the best gifts, now don’t I?

Remember that designer pad Edward gave me last year? Well instead of buying everyone’s clothes portion of their present this year, I designed them myself! I figured I could add my own personal flair to what clothing item I want to give everybody. Then, of course, there is the other part to everybody’s present, the part that is just a tad more difficult to figure out every year, but I managed to get it done, as usual!

So my Christmas list is as follows:


Forest green died denim jacket with purple stitching (it will compliment his gorgeous hair amazingly.)

A book on the Texas Calvary


Dark purple suede mini skirt with black cotton tank top (she looks amazing in purple)

A limited edition copy of Shakespeare’s Othello


Silk blue dress shirt and khaki pants (Bella loves him in blue)

Mind Reading Tricks joke book (on a more serious note I got him a book of piano sheet music from the 1930′s)


Green cotton sweater (stretchy enough he can roll up the sleeves)

Muscle Builders Guide To a Perfect Body (he will laugh so hard, I’ve seen it)


Santa’s elf velvet dress with matching hat.

iPad with all of the top apps already bought and downloaded on to it


Pair of red spandex/cotton shorts for easy changing when phasing

A new Harley motorcycle I saw him drooling over in a magazine (plus two helmets; he’s going to want to take Nessie for a ride right after he opens it)


A simple purple cashmere sweater

Knitting for beginners kit (I could see she had been longing for a new hobby and she is going to love this and produce 3 sweaters within the hour of getting it)


A blue cashmere sweater to match fabric wise to Esme

A customized stethoscope

And for me, I designed a naughty soldier outfit. Well, it’s really more for Jasper than me, but I can totally see that he is going to love it.

Well, I am off to finalize my Christmas party plans! I will tell you all about it next time!




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