Carlisle’s Diary ~ The Proposal (Charlie’s POV)

December 27, 2013

Dear Diary:

          I wish there was some sort of manual on how to do this. I mean when was younger and asked Renee for her hand in marriage, I was just a young kid; what the hell did I know? Now I’m in my 40s and who would ever believe it that I’m in love again. But it’s not the same as with Renee. Sue Clearwater is like a breath of fresh air. There isn’t any pretense with her; what you see is what you get. We didn’t have any kids to raise; as they were all grown and had their own lives as weird as they were. Who would have thought that both Sue and I would be the parents and me now the grandfather to wolves, vampires, and a hybrid? Where on planet earth does that even make any sense?

          Sometimes I miss my old world where I was oblivious to all of this; that’s on the one hand. On the other, I would have had to give up Bella and perhaps even Sue eventually as she was well aware of this whole business; and that’s just not good enough. So now I get to have my daughter and granddaughter—I feel so weird being called ‘grandpa’; I’m not that old dammit! How the hell Carlisle handles it when he looks like he’s 30 something is beyond me!—and Sue remains in my life.

          Now for the real reason I wrote in this girly book; I want to spend the rest of my life—the better half of it—with Sue. So that of course means I have to do the whole getting down on one knee with a ring and actually saying the words. I already have the ring; the fact that I’m the mayor of Forks gave me a bigger salary and I have been saving up a bit over the last few months so I could buy the ring I spotted in a store in Port Angeles. I didn’t want to buy a ring in Forks because considering how small the town was, rumors would fly. I didn’t want her finding out before I got a chance to ask her. All photos are below.

          So I got the ring and picked the perfect day; Christmas Eve. I had preplanned spending it with her at La Push and thankfully the Gods were smiling on us that day as it was crystal clear and sunny though freezing. I got the run of the mill presents ready as well and early that morning went over to her place. I knocked on the door and she opened with a smile.

“Good morning Charlie! My you’re looking rather dapper today? What’s the occasion?” She said looking at my duds.

          I had decided there was no way in hell I was going to propose looking like a bum or a lumberjack so I actually dusted off a suit from the very back of my closet and put it on and what do you know, it still fits. Smelled a bit like mothballs so I used a bit of the cologne Bella and Edward sent me for my birthday; Nautical or Nautica something or other. Whatever. It smelled good and I figured it was better than smelling like fish or moth. Hey, I know how to put myself together!

“Eh it’s nothing special. Merry Christmas!” I tried to sound as nonchalant as I could.
“Merry Christmas to you too and come on in! Food is ready!” She gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.
“Good I’m starving.” Like that was new. I walked into her living room and put the presents under the tree I helped her set up a few days before.
“I wonder if Billy will stop by.” She said thoughtfully as she piled food onto my plate.
“He uh, said he was going to be having his daughter and son in law over. I always get them confused; Rebecca or Rachel. He said he may pop over later though; I dropped his gift off yesterday.” I said trying to make sense of what I was saying.

          Well I wasn’t lying, entirely. Billy was actually being visited by his kids but they weren’t staying long and Billy would have popped over if I hadn’t sworn him to secrecy on my plan. So we made this excuse up in order for me to do what I planned and planned and planned again for months now. It had to work or well I may have a stroke! I’ve been worrying so much about her answer. She nodded her head and joined me at the table to eat. We sat there in comfortable silence for a while. I was doing everything in my power to keep my best poker cop face on. Meanwhile, my heart was sprinting a marathon out of my chest and I hadn’t even gotten to the big cahoona yet! Lord have mercy.

          Man was I glad we didn’t have any mind readers in the area anymore! That would have made all this so much harder! Ok enough of that…think about something else……She is a fabulous cook I will tell you that. Now I can understand why there was always a turnstile of giant teenagers in and out of her house. She should open up her own restaurant! Delicious!

          When we were done, I was full to capacity. I was debating on what to do next. Could I even roll let alone walk down to the beach? I felt like a large inflated beach ball! But the ring was all but burning a hole in my pocket so I knew it was now or I’d pass out! While I still had the courage. So as she was cleaning food off of the table and I helped her with that, I asked:

“Hey Sue, do you want to go for a walk on the beach? It’s really nice out. One of the few nice days we have had in a while.”
“Sure! That sounds like a great idea! Let me just get my coat.”
“Ok, I’ll wait outside.” I had to get out and to some fresh so I could formulate my next step of action a little better. She came out about 5 minutes later, wearing a dark coat, dark red hat, and a smile.
“Shall we?” I said sounding like a total dork. She though took my hand and we walked down to where the first beach was.

          We walked for what seemed like hours just talking about our lives, our children, even the supernatural. Sue had made me pretty comfortable with that whole aspect of life even though other than a few phasing wolves every so often, we didn’t have much action anymore since the Cullen clan moved away. The one thing that neither of us could figure out, especially not Sue or the Elders on the council is how they couldn’t have known about the existence of the Watchers. That was a puzzle no one could quite yet put together or figure out. They were something else, I’ll tell ya. The two main ones—Rogue and Alexander—were the most intimidating I’d have to say. Not by their personalities but by their physical characteristics and sheer vastness of their power; Rogue more then anyone else.

          Finally when the sun started to set I knew it was time. We had been sitting on a giant log just talking and commenting on how beautiful the sunset was. Sue hopped up saying we should head back as it was going to get dark soon and it was rather nippy. But as she stood, I remained seated until she looked down at me slightly puzzled.

“You’re not planning on sleeping here tonight, are you Charlie?” She asked with a small laugh as I hadn’t yet budged.
“No, no, I’m not.” I said looking at her.
“Then why………” She never finished her sentence as she noticed me sinking to the ground until I was on one knee. I figured sliding off a log would be easier than doing the whole dropping thing; because I kinda figured if I dropped that way…I may not be able to get back up! Her eyes widened as she took in my new stance. I took a deep breath and looking her straight in the eyes I said:

“Sue, I’m not really good at all this mushy stuff. But I do know that I have never loved anyone the way I love you. You make me feel like I’m alive and I don’t have to be anyone I’m not around you. God rest her soul but I never felt that way with Renee either. So I kind of figured that, you know, the kids have flown the coup and you and I could grow old together. Will you marry me?”

          By then I had produced the ring I had picked out and just held my breath as I waited. I watched as giant tears streamed from her eyes and fell onto her dark coat; she didn’t even try to wipe them away. It took her a while to catch her breath and get her bearings while I tried to not make my mind race a million miles an hour on what would happen if she said no. What if she couldn’t really be with me because she still loved Harry too much? What if I had misinterpreted it all and she really didn’t love me but just liked me very much as a friend? Just as another dreaded thought started to appear in my mind…

“Yes.” She whispered so softly I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly if at all.
“I’m sorry?” I asked.
“Yes! I will marry you!” She said louder and laughed.
“Wait……you said yes?! Oh my God!” I said stunned and I smiled up at her.
“Um…Charlie? You planning on putting that ring on me or are you just going to pretend to be a statue?” She said giggling. Oh crap! Yeah that would be a great idea wouldn’t it?
“Actually I think I may need some help getting up……I’m a little stuck.” I said sheepishly realizing my knee had fallen asleep!

          With that she helped me up as I groaned slightly and then when I reached maximum height, I put that ring on her finger and then without saying another word, I put my hands on both sides of her face and kissed her. We stood that way for a long time, just kissing and hugging. I guess that’s the old fart version of an engagement; please just don’t tell our children about it! I’ll never hear the end of it!

“When should we call the kids?” I asked.
“How about when we get back to the house? Would be a nice extra Christmas present for them, don’t you think?” She answered as I nodded. Absolutely!

          After that we walked hand in hand back to her house while I did a little jig; I let go of her hand at one point and started singing “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!” She was laughing hysterically. Hey as long as I’m an old fart might as well be a ‘cheesy’ one as the kids would say! You only live once. With that I put my arm around her shoulder and as we walked into the house, I smiled as a shooting star went by and I knew it was Harry giving us his blessing. And that’s all there was……for that night anyways.


~Carlisle Cullen

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Charlie's Proposal to Sue

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