Renesmee’s Diary~The Awakening

December 27, 2013

Dear Diary,

It was my 6th day of pain so far and the pain was finally dissipating.  It was odd, I didn’t feel any different. But…I kind of felt stronger somehow. More vampire. Jacob returned not long after he had left, and he hasn’t left again, save to use the bathroom.

Grandpa was talking to Dad earlier this morning, saying how my heart was slowing down and I wasn’t screaming as much, which meant it must be close to over. Amelia was getting antsy, too. She hadn’t expected me to survive this. Ha, if she thought I was going down without a fight, she had another thing coming!

AGHHHHH! Oh, God. The pain just got a thousand times worse. Jacob sat up quickly and called for the others. I heard everyone come and a dragging noise too. They were bringing Amelia in here. I wonder why.

“Jacob, what’s going on?” Grandpa said, hurrying over. Jacob stepped aside.

“I think its almost over. She hasn’t screamed like this yet,” Jacob choked out. He was right, it was ending. All the painful fire licking at my insides rushed toward my heart. I could feel my fingers again but I was focused on the growing heat in my chest. I shrieked again. Jacobs blood was holding back the venom and I knew my heart could only last a few more minutes of this before it gave up.

My heart was beating slower and slower, and—————


Jacob’s POV:

“What the hell?! Noooo!” I screamed pushing Carlisle aside. Her heart had stopped. I laid my head on her chest and listened for it. Nothing; I yelled out in pain. She was cold…dead. Oh, God no. I laid my head on her chest and sobbed.

Amelia began laughing hysterically. I slowly raised my head and glared at her. She realized I was looking at her and she smiled mockingly at me. I stood and walked slowly to her.

“This is your fault, you loathsome, lifeless bit of existence,” I growled. Then, I slapped her. Her head whipped back and popped right back up.

“This was supposed to happen. She doesn’t deserve to live. Neither do you, you mangy mutt. My work here is done.” She grunted, smiling. Her face was so smug I nearly slapped her again.

Glugh-Glugh. Glugh-Glugh.

I froze.

Amelia’s face got this dumbstruck look on it and she snapped her head in Renesmee’s direction. She snarled. Bella gasped. I turned around and Renesmee was sitting up, glaring at Amelia.

“He’s not a mutt, you bitch,” she said, snarling, then she jumped down and was next to Amelia in two seconds, ripping her arm off. Amelia screamed, staring at her arm on the floor.

“Get her out of here!” Carlisle screamed. Alice and Emmett pulled Amelia from the room. I turned toward Renesmee and sighed in relief. She didn’t look any different. I crushed her to my chest. She was a regular temperature now. Warm but not as warm as she was before.

“Oh, Nessie. I thought I’d lost you” I whispered, as I kissed her head.

All right, back to my POV:

“I’m fine. I feel a little funny but I’m…OOPH.” I grunted as Mom, Dad, Gran, and the rest of them crushed me in a giant hug. In that tight hug, I could smell something I never had before. A musky, woodsy scent. It was delicious. Not in a ‘I want to eat you’ way, but in a candle or a walk in the woods kind of way. My nose was crushed to Jacob’s chest so I guessed it was him. Grandpa stood off to the side just smiling.

“Nessie, my sweet granddaughter, we have to examine you,” he said, gesturing towards the bed I had been lying on. I disentangled myself from everyone, giving Jacob and my mom a kiss on the cheek before sitting back on the bed.

Grandpa started with my chest and used a stethoscope to hear my heart. It was beating normally, just a lot slower. While he finished examining the rest of me, I started thinking about Jacob and how much I missed him. I wanted to just get up and go hug him.

All of a sudden, Jacob gasped. Grandpa stepped back. I looked at Jacob to find he was staring at me with his mouth agape. He walked over to me and pulled me into his arms again. 

“Did you do that?” he said.

Dad walked over to us, his brows pulled together in thought.

“Do what?” I said, confused.

“Nessie, I think you have a new ability. You just showed Jacob all the times that you’ve hugged him. And how happy you were when you woke up and saw him,” Dad explained.

I looked from him to Jacob and back again.

“I did what? I can only do that through touch!” I said.

“Apparently, a lot of your senses have been heightened. It only took you two seconds to get to Amelia from all the way on the bed. You ripped her arm off, much as I’m sure Jacob wanted to. Jacob was just thinking a minute ago about how much sweeter you smell, but in a good way. And you’re showing images to people from all the way across the room. You still have a heartbeat, sweetheart, but you have vampire abilities now. It’s very strange,” Dad explained, a puzzled expression on his face.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to be happy about this or not. It didn’t look like a bad thing. I guess we would find out eventually. If there was a problem it would make itself known sooner or later.

Then, I heard a rustling of leaves outside the window and I paused. I walked to the window. Nothing there.

“Just a rabbit or something, Renesmee. Everything is fine,” Rosalie laughed.

A crash of glass and Emmett yelled from somewhere in the house.

Someone was in the house…


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