Alice’s Diary- Gotta Love The Holidays!

December 28, 2013

Dear Diary,

So Christmas was perfect, not that I expected it to be any less. In all seriousness though, I talk a big game with my planning and general craziness, but I do all of it because I want my family to be happy. Even if they do find my methods extreme, they still love the end result.

So it started with Nessie waking up bright and early for hot chocolate and presents. She absolutely adored her iPad and spent the next hour and a half running around playing games on it and taking pictures of everybody (a lot more of Jacob, but hey, as long as she loves it). And of course Jacob appreciated the Santa’s elf outfit. Edward did grit his teeth over that one until I looked at him and thought, Hey, she is old enough, they love each other, just let me have fun. Remember I could have made it A LOT WORSE!

Jacob, I swear on my collection of Gucci handbags, about had a heart attack when I led him outside and he saw the brand new Harley from the magazine waiting for him in the garage. Nessie had to wave her hand in front of his face several times before he snapped out of it and was all over it. Inspecting and admiring it from every angle. Typical man. It wasn’t long before Nessie spied the extra helmet and was begging for a ride. I have a feeling the only reason Edward agreed to that was because of Bella’s motorcycle adventures as a human; he figured his daughter would be just as safe with Jacob, and he was pleased that I had thought to get an extra helmet. Either way, it was cold so they were only gone for about ten minutes before they returned. Jacob, a grin to rival the Cheshire Cat on his face and Nessie, rosy cheeked and happy as can be.

Jasper was absolutely thrilled with his book and sat on the couch reading it while wearing his new jacket. He did get irritated at some of the minor inaccuracies, but other than that he loved it, which of course made my heart (frozen as it is) swell with joy.

Edward and Bella loved their gifts from me as well. Bella even seemed to be happy with her mini skirt and tank top. Maybe it’s because they were tame for my usual standards for her. Her gasp of delight had everyone looking up as she opened her limited edition Othello. I seriously underestimated that girls love for books. Edward enjoyed his clothes as I didn’t go too extreme on him either. I mean, I would have liked to, but this day wasn’t about making me happy it was about them. And I was right, Bella did love the color blue I had picked out for his shirt. He did a little smirk and eye roll at the mind readers joke book but seemed genuinely pleased at the piano sheet music book as he went straight to the piano to play around with the music.

Emmet and Rosalie were also thrilled. Emmet was the first to comment that his sweater was perfect for his biceps to show off and let out a laugh that shook the windows at his muscle book. Rose was just happy with the simple amethyst earrings I had gotten her. (I had to get them at the last minute because they were so hard to find).

Esme and Carlisle were extremely happy as well. They both loved their cashmere sweaters and their personalized gifts as well. Esme, with her new knitting kit, had Renesmee, Jacob, and Seth in new sweaters within the hour and Carlisle did the vampire equivalent of crying at his personalized stethoscope which read Creator, Father, Husband. Whatever form you take, we love you.

Charlie and Sue then arrived and they and the wolves were ready to eat the feast that Esme and Bella had spent all night preparing. This consisted of 4 roast beefs, 4 hams, 30 pounds of mashed potatoes, beef and chicken gravy, dinner rolls, green bean casserole, and a chocolate fountain with an assortment of dippable goodies for dessert.

Charlie got Renesmee a bracelet that said Grandpa Charlie Loves You and got Edward and Bella a rented cabin in Anchorage, Alaska. Seems he had been saving for a while. Funny, I hadn’t even thought of watching what Charlie was planning for Christmas gifts, but hey it all worked out.

Once they left, I dragged my family out to the ice rink. They all gasped in shock as I twirled around singing Jingle Bell Rock writing out  my message in the coolest dance moves I could think of. By the time the song had ended, I had skated the words Merry Christmas, I love you into the ice, and all of my family had smiles of pure exultation on their faces. I honestly do not think I could have planned this any more perfectly to make my family so very happy on Christmas.

Hey guys gotta go. It’s time for me to show Jasper my naughty soldier outfit (and to model it as long as it remains on). Will tell you about my New Years plans next entry.



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