Carlisle’s Diary ~ Formulate A Plan

January 22, 2014

Dear Diary:


          So here’s what we had; Jessica was in our living room under the watch of well pretty much everyone and Mike was tied up with barbed wire in Alaska guarded by the Denali’s with Kate’s zapper on max. Mike was now a vampire turned by some mysterious woman who wouldn’t give him her name but knew about Alice’s gift somehow as well as our very existence. After racking our brain for 24 hours about whom she could possibly be, we’ve come up with nothing. Nevertheless, we needed to formulate a plan of action. Obviously someone was trying to get to us. We just didn’t know the who, what, when, where, how, or why. Talk about being left in the dark. Finally I stood up; we had to start somewhere and with someone. That someone was Mike.

“Alright well sitting around will not give us anything. We need to figure out what’s going on and for that we need to travel to Alaska and speak with Mike.” I said.
“What about her?” Rose nodded toward Jessica who was still sitting in the chair we originally put her in.
“No, Jessica will stay here. This means we will have to split up and we’ll need Rogue and the others.”

At the mention of her name; Rogue, Amy, and Corin materialized in our living room, making Jessica nearly fall off her chair. We were by now used to their sudden appearances and the fact that they did appear so suddenly meant they were either nearby just in case or just read our thoughts from their cabins and houses. Lord knows, their telepathic capabilities way outstretched even Edward’s mind reading as far as distance was concerned. Before I continued with my idea, Edward looked at me—having read my mind already—and nodded.

“I like your plan, Carlisle.” He said. I smiled while the rest of the family just waited patiently for me to explain what was going through my head. The three Watchers in our living room also had read my mind but didn’t say a word. Maybe Charlie was right, having so many mind readers in one place was in fact kind of creepy and this wasn’t even all of them. Rogue after reading that part smiled and winked at me as I shook my head to clear it and continue.

“So here’s what I’m thinking of doing. Clearly there are a lot of holes in this story and not just the ones in Alice’s vision; through no fault of her own of course. We need to do a few things. For starters, I will need Edward, Bella, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice to come with me to Alaska as well as Rogue and Amy in a non-corporeal state if possible as a backup just in case something out of our physical control happens. Are the rest of you alright with staying behind and watching Jessica?” I said with my eyebrows coming together as I flew through my plan in my head before laying it on my family so they would actually understand.

“Yes we’re more than fine staying behind to watch Jessica. Besides, we have Corin, the rest of the Watchers, plus Peter, Seth, and Leah.” Esme said confidently. They were beyond covered here.
“And what am I, chopped liver?” Jacob said as he came through the front door. Nessie was still in the woods with Leah and Seth as well as Alexander and the others. Bella shook her head.
“No Jake of course not. But we need you to take care of Nessie while we’re gone. I highly doubt any fighting will happen here but in case there is, you are more than prepared.”
“What about her? What if she tries to escape?” Jacob nodded at Jessica with a scowl on his face.

“I doubt she will but on the off chance she would, we’ll just have Leah and Seth stationed outside. Just please, when you do phase, all three of you; can you please not do it in my living room? I really love the furniture.” Esme said with an almost painful expression on her face. We all had to smile at that. Jacob walked over and hugged Esme.

“Don’t worry, all phasing will be done outside.” He said with a small smile.
“Um…..who-who’s Nessie?” Jessica asked in almost a whisper.
“None of your damn business!” Rose spoke up for the first time. Jessica shrank back.
“Sorry Jessica, but you already know way more than you should and for your own safety as well as ours, you can’t know anymore.” Edward said.
“Wait…what about Charlie?” Bella asked and Jacob catching on to what she getting at in mere seconds added:
“And Sam, the rest of the pack, and everyone in La Push?”
“What about them?” I asked. But Bella was already pacing back and forth; she’s one sharp cookie that daughter-in-law of mine.

“Well here’s the thing; whoever it is that is trying to get to us, turned Mike right? That means they knew about the humans we associated with in Forks. If they turned him, who’s to say they won’t come after someone else? Plus my father should know at least a bit of what’s going on now that he’s in on the whole secret, don’t you think?” The question was directed at me. She was absolutely right of course.

          I nodded and reached for the phone. I called Charlie and asked him how the search for Mike was doing. He said not well but then grew silent before asking me what we knew of what was going on. I hesitated and then Rogue suddenly asked for the phone. I gave it to her.

“Hey Charlie, it’s Rogue. How are you?”
“Fine, what hell is going on? I figured it was something supernatural when he vanished without a trace. Kind of reminded me of that kid Riley Biers from a few years back; I’m sure Carlisle and the others remember him. Please tell me it’s not the same thing.”

We all shuddered at that. Of course we did. We even told Charlie about Riley and the newborns over the course of the next few months after he and Sue were here last. We asked Riley’s parents to be told that he was on his way home and the car he was in exploded. Charlie was to say that he was so burned that even viewing was impossible and that he literally became ash. The grief stricken parents took the ashes which were actually from the fire used to destroy him and Victoria and they buried them. They thanked Charlie for his tireless efforts and that they had some closure. They could mourn now. We of course felt for them but we also knew what Riley really had become and that was a cold blooded killer thanks to Victoria. Now, Charlie was asking us if Mike was another Riley. Rogue looked at us all as we replayed that scenario in our minds, then she answered Charlie.

“To be perfectly honest, that’s what it started out to be we figure. On top of everything else, his girlfriend showed up at the Cullen’s front door threatening to expose them to the world. Mike unlike Riley had still some sense of a conscious left because he came to her and told her the whole story as well as some secrets that no one outside of close family members and other coven members of the Cullen’s are supposed to know.” She took a breath knowing Charlie had to process what he was hearing; sure enough he said:

“Jesus! Why can’t the world just be normal? No offense to you all of course.” He was quick to add to which we all including Rogue smiled.
“I’m gathering there’s more, so let’s have it so at least I know what I’m dealing with or may have to deal with.”

“Alright, well the family including us Watchers is splitting up because we have to go to Alaska. Mike, now being a vampire, broke into the house of and attacked the Cullen’s extended family, the Denali’s. After a short skirmish, they captured him and he is currently held under some serious electrical current, shall we say. Basically one wrong move and he’ll be like extremely burned toast. The woman, who changed him, didn’t tell him her name or why she changed him or who else is involved. So we need to get to the bottom of it; there are a lot of unknowns at this point. Meanwhile, we need you to keep his parents calm. Tell them everything is being done to find their son. I promise we’ll have him back to them in one piece once this is all over.”

          When Rogue said that, we all frowned. How will that be possible exactly? The one piece part we get but bringing him back as a vampire to his human parents? I also saw Amy’s reaction to Rogue’s statement; her eyes were slightly wide and she was shaking her head no. Edward also was shaking his head no meaning he couldn’t read their thoughts. When it came to the Watchers, they almost never let him read their thoughts. I sometimes wonder why he even bothers. Clearly something in what Rogue said made Amy uncomfortable. But that would have to wait until later. Right now we had to set Charlie up to know what was going on, which I’m sure he’ll relay to both Billy and Sue. It was really helpful in times like these to have Charlie aware of what was going on.

In the meantime, Jacob was on his cellphone with Sam in La Push pretty much relaying the same thing except for the part where the wolves would have to phase again and run patrol not only around La Push, but the greater Forks area, and Charlie’s house just in case. No one was taking any chances. Bella was right; who’s to say whoever it was wasn’t going to go after other Forks residents we’d had contact with including Charlie. Since there hadn’t been vampires in the neighborhood in a while; Amy decided that on her way to Alaska, she would drop Peter off in La Push and that should trigger the phasing. Plus having another immortal entity there wouldn’t hurt. The wolves haven’t met Peter yet but they’ve heard about him. They had absolutely no problem with having him on their land. In fact, after the matter was discussed, Charlie volunteered for Peter to stay at his house for the sake of change of clothes and such. The wolves would smell Peter so they wouldn’t confuse him with whomever it was that may or may not cross Forks. So that part of the plan was set.

          We gathered clothing as Amy flew Peter cross country. That would take all of 5-7 minutes to do especially since Amy turned on hyper speed. She was back before we finished getting ready; talk about faster than a speeding bullet. She and Rogue also got some clothing then before they became non-corporeal they had a Watcher meeting. That looked basically like all the Watchers standing together in a circle and communicating telepathically. Edward didn’t even bother trying to read their minds as he knew that would be useless. After they were done they all hugged each other and hugged us. We were ready for our trip. We decided to run across the country to Alaska as it would take us only about 4 hours as opposed to like 6 or 7 via plane. Amy and Rogue stayed with us the whole time. They could have easily just flown there and waited for us but they didn’t want to give away their appearance to Mike or to whoever could possibly be watching the house.

          When we finally reached the Denali house, we slowed down and fanned out to double check there was no one in the near proximity of the house. Rogue and Amy flew higher and did a more areal inspection. When the cost was clear, we all knocked on the door. Rogue and Amy had already told the Denali’s telepathically that they were going to be there in non-corporeal form just in case. Reason for doing that was if something happened, Mike wouldn’t tip off his mystery woman and whoever she was working with of the Watchers very existence. Besides we felt that between Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, and Kate with their respective gifts we could handle whoever it was. Tanya opened the door and invited us in. We exchanged quick pleasantries before she ushered us into the room where Mike was being kept.

          He was indeed seated in a chair tied with barbed wire that was electrically charged. On top of that Kate stood not a mere few feet away from him ready at a moment’s notice to zap his ass into oblivion. Garrett and Marcus stood near him. When we entered the room the others were glad to see us. Mike? Not so much. Emmett took a spot near Garrett. Mike though a newborn, was still highly intimidated by Emmett. Carmen and Eleazer were seated on the sofa but got up when we entered. The two of them had just gone hunting but none of the other four had hunted since this whole mess began and needed to go badly. We were glad to relieve them so that they could go. Even without Kate’s zapper, there was still the barbed wire fence thing and Jasper’s ability to make him feel very guilty or sad to control his anger. Plus we had two Watchers circling overhead. Mike looked up at us when we entered and screeched:

“Where’s Jessica? What have you done to her?” Emmett slammed him across the face so hard that he nearly tipped over in that chair of his. Jasper and Edward kept that from happening.
“Jessica is back at our house. She’s fine. We haven’t done anything to her. Same can’t be said for you, now can it Mike?” I said.
“What do you mean?” He looked confused. At that moment, Bella entered the room as Mike looked at her in shock.
“What he means is why the hell did you have to drag her into this? She’s human! You could have hurt her and probably your whole mess and that of your mysterious girlfriend probably still can!” Bella said through clenched teeth and was in his face in under a second.
“You’re a vampire too?” Mike said shocked looking at Bella who rolled her eyes. Just then Edward growled menacingly at Mike who looked at him a bit fearfully.
“Don’t even think about it, Newton! You being a vampire don’t grow your chances! Think with your actual brain for a change!”
“Edward, what are you talking about?” Bella asked.
“This punk was just thinking that now that you both are vampires, he has a chance of being with you.” Edward said darkly.

“How about FUCK NO! Get it through your pinhead, Mike! I WILL NEVER BE WITH YOU! I don’t care if you’re a human, a vampire, or a witch! You don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, you got that???” Bella exploded making all of us jump. I guess she finally got that off her chest.

“Ok we are really getting off track.” Jasper said quietly. We nodded and looked at Mike again only this time with condensation more than anything else.
“Mike, why did you attack the Denali’s? Who put you up to this? And don’t tell me you don’t know because that’s bullshit.” I said.
“The woman who changed me told me to attack them. She told me if I could take them out, we would all have an easier time getting to you. You would be less protected. She never told me about what’s her name with the electric shock therapy. She figured as a newborn I could take them out easy.”

“What is her name? Jessica said you didn’t know her name but we know you do now.” Edward said.
“Alyssa. Her name is Alyssa. She has blond hair and big blue eyes and she’s maybe a little shorter than Jessica.” Mike said with a dejected sigh.
“How many ‘friends’ does Alyssa have? That she created, that is?” I pressed. Mike thought for a moment.
Maybe 15 or 20.” He said. We looked at each other but didn’t give away an ounce of emotion. If it was just us and the wolves, that would be a fair match but a challenge. However with the addition of the Watchers, even 100 would be too small of a number.
“I see. Who created Alyssa? She didn’t pop out of nowhere.” I said.
“She did blurt out a ‘they’ at one point but other than that, my guess would be as good as yours at this point.” Mike said.

          Just then my phone rang and it was Peter. Apparently, we made the right call to put him down in La Push so the wolves would phase. He said the town was almost attacked by about 10 vampires. He and the wolves destroyed them all accept one. She seemed to be in charge; in fact as Peter and Sam were about to destroy one of the other vampires together he yelled out “Lieutenant” and looked at her for help. The way he described her, it seemed like the Alyssa Mike just described. We told Peter to hold her and bring her to Alaska. Not wanting to leave the reservation for fear of further attacks, Amy would fly down and transfer her without her even knowing how she got from point A to point B. Peter would also remain on the reservation with the wolves. He said with an amused voice that he and the wolves have become good friends. Ok now we were getting somewhere. Just as I was about to hang up, Peter said:

“By the way, Carlisle before we hang up; I just wanted to let you know there was something a bit strange about these vampires that attacked. It was pretty easy to take them down. They weren’t as fast or as strong as regular vampires; even Sam noticed. All accept that Alyssa one. What could this mean?” Peter asked puzzled. We all looked at each other again.
“I don’t know what that could mean Peter, but as soon as we figure things out on our end, we’ll let you guys know. Thanks for calling and letting us know.” We both hung up at that point.

          Now that was interesting. Not normal vampires? What could they be then? As I was thinking that, Rogue materialized right before our eyes freaking Mike out to the point where he literally fell backwards with his chair. Emmett lifted him back into place. We were shocked by Rogue’s sudden appearance as it wasn’t something we planned. Which meant something else was up. From the fact that Amy wasn’t there with her, we deduced she had gone to La Push to retrieve “Lieutenant” Alyssa. Without saying a word she nodded her head toward the outside. By that time Tanya, Garrett, Marcus, and Kate had returned and were also shocked by what or rather who they saw. As we opened the door and walked outside, there in the Denali driveway stood Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri. Zafrina looked straight at Rogue and said:

We have a major hybrid problem.”

To be continued……

~Carlisle Cullen

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