Online Diary

Have you been tired of writing your personal accounts in your old note? Well, why not create your diaries online? Be amazed with an online diary. It is a personal diary published on the web. It can be published on a personal site or ask for the help of diary hosting providers. Organize your story now and y start making your online diary.

The existence of online diary took place way back in 1994. These online 404 Not Found

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publications have been exclusively viewed as online journal. But in the present days, these personal stories are referred to as blogs. However, there are also those who put slight distinction by calling them as personal blogs. The coinage of the term blog has stemmed up from the name web log since links are integrated to online diaries.

In an online diary, people write their personal stories such as social commentary, daily experiences, poems, compliant and any other contents that are contained in a traditional diary. Usually, online diarists or bloggers as they are called in the modern days, enable their readers to give some feedbacks to their stories by means of community posting or comments.

At present, there is a new website that has significantly changed the path of online diaries. This is the In this website, the online diarist is capable of coming up with more entries by using their personal computer, smart phones, or tablets. Not only that, the writer is also able to rate how he feels in a day to day basis. This is made possible with the help of a graphical interface which is referred to as the Elevator. The writers can also have the chance of inviting someone to join in personal conversations.

It is believed that the first open diary that comes in a format of an online diary is that of Claudio Pinhanez. This diary was published any time between 1994 and 1996. The diary of Claudio has been followed by early online diary makers including Justin Hall who has begun his 11 years of making online diary since 1994. Additionally, Carolyn Burke has also started publishing her online diary on January 3, 1995. From this time, there have been many online diarists who have published their remarkable works.

Online diaries have been well embraced by the online community at large. As such, it has caught the attention of media. This has primary made possible upon the publication of the 24 hours in Cyberspace which has captured personal accounts of some people who were adept with the early web page.

By 1998, Simon Frith has described in the salon magazine the numbers of online diary writers who abandoned the original form during that time. As such, he suggested that online diarists have been tired and disillusioned thus they adhere to some new forms in order to make remarkable works. As such, he also points out recognition to new literary forms with the purpose of eliciting new and substantial development in writing online diary.


Some of the early journals and diaries featured wide varying internet technologies. This includes message forums, RealAudio, RealVideo and online stores. These features are particular with the literary website for bloggers which is the Aside from the said stuffs, there are also notify lists, webcams as well as self-photographs in a day to day basis. At present, online journals and diaries come with high end features including trackbacks, podcasts, blogrolls, permalinks and other cutting edge features.


The creation of diary hosting sites has led to the significant production of online journals as well as diaries. At present, there are interactive online journals and diaries, personal and group blogs that are correlated with the day to day experiences of various diarists such as teens as well as college students. It also opens an avenue for the commination among friends who play out online. Aside from that, there are also fights posted in online diaries. In an online diary, hobbies and experiences are every common. Blogs also give the chance for people to share their own views about a particular subject to target mass audience.

In 2006, One day History Project has been held by History Matters campaign. In this project, the people of UK were requested to come up with their diaries of their activities on the seventeenth day of October 2006. Later on, these diaries have been stored at British Library.

Non-English online diaries

Non-English diaries have an alternating history from that of English. Particularly, online journals and diaries which are written in Japanese language are referred as Web Nikki which means Hyper Diary. Since Japanese people adhere to the culture of their country, it is not a surprise that they consider online diaries as very important parts of their websites. The first online diary that was written in Japanese was the “daily life”. This diary has been published in April 26, 1994 courtesy of Naozumi Takenaka.

Online diaries have undergone an extensive development in the past. In spite of this, online diarists should have a thorough understating that these stuffs serve as platforms to share useful and relevant information about a certain thing. Although there is no stringent limitation in writing the content of these journals and diaries, a responsible online diarist or blogger should always be vigilant to stay to reputable contents and break off from denting posts.

The benefit of online diaries comes in wide array. But in the end, online diary and journal writers should be aware that contents can make or break a person.