Breaking Dawn Quotes

Personally, I didn’t get it. But then, I was just proud I could distinguish between the symbols for Toyota, Ford, and Chevy. This car was glossy black, sleek, and pretty, but it was still just a car to me.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.5)

I miss my truck.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.7)

The friendship that had sprung up between Edward and Seth was something that still boggled my mind. It was proof, though, that things didn’t have to be this way. That vampires and werewolves could get along just fine, thank you very much, if they were of a mind to.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.12)

For just an instant, listening to the absolute confidence in his voice, I experienced a rare moment of insight. I could see, fleetingly, the way the world looked to him.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.15)

The ultimate doom: telling Renée. Early marriage was higher up on her blacklist than boiling live puppies.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.17)

No one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 1, p.20)

Go to your happy place, Bella. It won’t take long.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 1, p.21)

-For several years, my biggest personality trait was going to be thirsty. It would take some time before I could be me again. And even when I was in control of myself, I would never feel exactly the way I felt now. Human… and passionately in love. I wanted the complete experience before I traded in my warm, breakable, pheromone-riddled body for something beautiful, strong… and unknown. I wanted a real honeymoon with Edward. And, despite the danger he feared this would put me in, he’d agreed to try.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 1, p.22)

Sometimes it was so easy to forget that I was kissing a vampire.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 2, p.23)

Bachelor parties are designed for those who are sad to see the passing of their single days. I couldn’t be more eager to have mine behind me. So there’s really no point.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 2, p.24)

Edward, we’ve been through this and through this. I know it will be hard, but this is what I want. I want you, and I want you forever. One lifetime is simply not enough for me.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 2, p.27)

I’ve been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 2, p.28)

If you don’t send Edward out, we’re coming in after him!
-Emmett Cullen (Chapter 2, p.29)

Jasper? What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You’re not taking him to a strip club, are you?
-Bella Swan (Chapter 2, p.30)

My last night as Isabella Swan. Tomorrow night, I would be Bella Cullen. Though the whole marriage ordeal was a thorn in my side, I had to admit that I liked the sound of that.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 2, p.30)

You’ll be my sister officially in ten short hours… it’s about time you get over this aversion to new clothes.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 3, p.40)

No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 3, p.42)

Focus, Bella. Edward is waiting for you down there.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 3, p.47)

Bells, we’re up to bat.
-Charlie Swan (Chapter 3, p.47)

Don’t let me fall, Dad.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 3, p.48)

All I really saw was Edward’s face; it filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind. His eyes were a buttery, burning gold; his perfect face was almost severe with the depth of his emotion. And then, as he met my awed gaze, he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 3, p.48)

In that moment, as the minister said his part, my world, which had been upside down for so long now, seemed to settle into its proper position. I saw just how silly I’d been for fearing this – as if it were an unwanted birthday gift or an embarrassing exhibition, like the prom. I looked into Edward’s shining, triumphant eyes and knew that I was winning, too. Because nothing else mattered but that I could stay with him.
-Bella Swan (Chapter 3, p.49)

I tried to comprehend, through the film of tears blinding me, the surreal fact that this amazing person was mine.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 3, p.50)

Let me introduce you to my wife.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 4, p.54)

We took turns shoving cake in each other’s faces; Edward manfully swallowed his portion as I watched in disbelief. I threw my bouquet with atypical skill, right into Angela’s surprised hands. Emmett and Jasper howled with laughter at my blush while Edward removed my borrowed garter – which I’d shimmied down nearly to my ankle – very carefully with his teeth. With a quick wink at me, he shot it straight into Mike Newton’s face.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.55)

I’m not surprised Mike’s having difficulty with improper thoughts about a married woman. I am disappointed that Alice didn’t make sure you were forced to look in a mirror.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 4, p.56)

Kind is my middle name.
-Jacob Black (Chapter 4, p.58)

Stop blubbering, Bella. You’ll ruin your dress. It’s just me.
-Jacob Black (Chapter 4, p.58)

I’m glad I came. I didn’t think I would be. But it’s good to see you… one more time. Not as sad as I’d thought it would be.
-Jacob Black (Chapter 4, p.59)

I’d never done anything good enough to deserve a friend like Jacob.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.60)

I’m just here to be your friend. Your best friend, one last time.
-Jacob Black (Chapter 4, p.62)

Alice is an unstoppable force of nature.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.63)

You’re not supposed to be the one crying, Bella.
-Jacob Black (Chapter 4, p.63)

My relationship with Jacob used to be so easy. Natural as breathing. But since Edward had come back into my life, it was a constant strain. Because – in Jacob’s eyes – by choosing Edward, I was choosing a fate that was worse than death, or at least equivalent to it.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.64)

I’d been so glad to see Jacob here. I knew the sacrifice it had taken him. And then I’d ruined it, turned his gift into a disaster. I should be quarantined.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.68)

By the way, I love you.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.69)

You’re monopolizing the bride. Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush.
-Emmett Cullen (Chapter 4, p.69)

I’ll tell her where you’re taking her, Edward. So help me, I will.
-Alice Cullen (Chapter 4, p.71)

You’re awfully small to be so hugely irritating.
-Edward Cullen Chapter 4, p.71

I love you forever, Dad. Don’t forget that.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 4, p.73)

Who gives an island as a gift? I frowned. I hadn’t realized Edward’s extreme generosity was a learned behavior.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.78)

I was freaking out because I had no idea how to do this, and I was afraid to walk out of this room and face the unknown. Especially in French lingerie. I knew I wasn’t ready for that yet.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.83)

How did people do this – swallow all their fears and trust someone else so implicitly with every imperfection and fear they had – with less than the absolute commitment that Edward had given me? If it weren’t Edward out there, if I didn’t know in every cell of my body that he loved me as much as I loved him – unconditionally and irrevocably and, to be honest, irrationally – I’d never be able to get up off this floor.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.83)

I wouldn’t use the word beautiful. Not with you standing here in comparison.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 5, p.85)

I would have been happy to lie here forever, to never disturb this moment, but my body had other ideas. I laughed at my impatient stomach. It seemed sort of prosaic to be hungry after all that had passed last night. Like being brought back down to earth from some great height.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.86)

Fire and ice, somehow existing together without destroying each other. More proof that I belonged with him.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.87)

Why am I covered in feathers?
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.89)

I was perfectly happy. Totally and completely blissed out. Now – well, I’m sort of pissed actually.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.91)

That. That right there is why I’m angry. You are killing my buzz, Edward.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.91)

You listen to me, Edward Cullen. I am not pretending anything for your sake, okay? I didn’t even know there was a reason to make you feel better until you started being all miserable. I’ve never been so happy in all my life – I wasn’t this happy when you decided that you loved me more than you wanted to kill me, or the first morning I woke up and you were there waiting for me… Not when I heard your voice in the ballet studio, or when you said ‘I do’ and I realized that, somehow, I get to keep you forever. Those are the happiest memories I have, and this is better than any of it. So just deal with it.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.94)

We’re just lucky it was the pillows and not you.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 5, p.95)

Do I look that hideous?
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 5, p.95)

I will not make love with you until you’ve been changed. I will never hurt you again.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 5, p.98)

He kissed me back, but not in a way that made me think I was winning. It was more like he was being careful not to hurt my feelings; he was completely, maddeningly in control of himself.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 6, p.103)

You are so human, Bella. Ruled by your hormones.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.103)

Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.105)

You seem to be extraordinarily unobservant when your attention is otherwise involved.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.109)

Breakfast time for the human?
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.110)

If I don’t have a better sense of equilibrium in my next life, I’m demanding a refund.
-Bella Cullen (Chapter 6, p.110)

I don’t know… I’ve already mangled the headboard in the other room beyond repair – maybe if we limit the destruction to one area of the house, Esme might invite us back someday.
-Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.115)

Maybe it would be more polite to wait until we’re alone. You may not notice me tearing the furniture apart, but it would probably scare them.

Edward Cullen (Chapter 6, p.116)

We seemed to exist outside of time here, just drifting along in a perfect state.

—Bella Cullen ( Chapter 7, p.119)

The phone kept ringing. I wished Edward would answer it – I was having a moment. Possibly the biggest of my life.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 7, p.127

I’m a little worried about Edward… Can vampires go into shock?

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 7, p.129

I would wait somewhere else for his mood to pass. I couldn’t talk to this icy, focused Edward who honestly frightened me a little.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 7, p.131

From that first little touch, the whole world had shifted. Where before there was just one thing I could not live without, now there were two. There was no division – my love was not split between them now; it wasn’t like that. It was more like my heart had grown, swollen up to twice its size in that moment. All that extra space, already filled. The increase was almost dizzying.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 7, p.132

As if I could discount something because it was a legend. My life was circled by legend on every side. They were all true.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 7, p.137

Back in the day, you could count on Paul for a fight pretty much whenever. You didn’t have to hit him then – any mild insult would do. It didn’t take a lot to flip him out of control. Now, of course, when I really wanted a good snarling, ripping, break-the-trees-down match, he had to be all mellow.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 8, p.147

Bella was either coming back one of them, or not coming back. Either way, a human life had been lost. And that meant game on.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 8, p.150

Sometimes I thought it might be fun to enter a race – you know, like the Olympic trials or something. It would be cool to watch the expressions on those star athlete’s faces when I blew by them. Only I was pretty sure the testing they did to make sure you weren’t on steroids would probably turn up some really freaky crap in my blood.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 8, p.156

I hated it when Sam laid down the law like that. I hated the feeling of having no choice. Of having to obey.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 8, p.157

They were all here, all together, but that was not what froze me where I stood and had my jaw dropping to the floor. It was Edward. It was the expression on his face. I’d seen him angry, and I’d seen him arrogant, and once I’d seen him in pain. But this – this was beyond agony. His eyes were half-crazed. He didn’t look up to glare at me. He stared down at the couch beside him with an expression like someone had lit him on fire. His hands were rigid claws at his side.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.170

For a second I was just a kid – a kid who had lived all of his life in the same tiny town. Just a child. Because I knew I would have to live a lot more, suffer a lot more, to ever understand the searing agony in Edward’s eyes.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.176

Did you ever notice that she’s exactly as strong as a normal hundred-and-ten-pound human girl? How stupid are you vamps? Hold her down and knock her out with drugs.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.178

You know her, Jacob. You connect to her on a level that I don’t even understand. You are part of her, and she is part of you.

 Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.180

I couldn’t think about what he was suggesting. It was too much. Impossible. Wrong. Sick. Borrowing Bella for the weekends and then returning her Monday morning like a rental movie? SO messed up. So tempting.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.181

He was right – she was beating herself up about hurting his feelings. The girl was a classic martyr. She’d totally been born in the wrong century. She should have lived back when she could have gotten herself fed to some lions for a good cause.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.187

I’m not saying things will work out easily, Jake. But how could I have lived through all that I’ve lived through and not believe in magic by this point?

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.189

Emergency vampirization.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.191

Oh, I hadn’t heard the great news. A bouncing baby boy, huh? Shoulda brought some blue balloons.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.192

Shut up, Bella. You can spout this crap to your bloodsucker, but you’re not fooling me.

Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.193

There isn’t much you wouldn’t do for me, either, is there? I really don’t know why you bother. I don’t deserve either of you.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.196

I almost went back. I almost turned around and fell down on my knees and started begging again. But I knew that I had to quit Bella, quit her cold turkey, before she killed me, like she was going to kill him.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 10, p.197

No one could dispute the Alpha’s decision – except for me. I hadn’t earned anything. But there were things that had been born in me, things that I’d left unclaimed. I’d never wanted to lead the pack. I didn’t want to do it now. I didn’t want the responsibility for all our fates resting on my shoulders. Sam was better at that than I would ever be. But he was wrong tonight. And I had not been born to kneel to him. The bonds fell off my body the second that I embraced my birthright.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 11, p.209

How did everything get messed up and twisted so that I was here now, all alone, an unwilling Alpha, cut off from my brothers, choosing vampires over them?

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 11, p.212

Wouldn’t it be just peachy if I couldn’t take care of Seth for one freaking night? What if something happened to him on my watch? Leah would shred me into kibble.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 11, p.219

Wanna race, O fearless leader?

Leah ClearwaterBreaking Dawn, Chapter 12, p.225

I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome. Her heart is working too hard now; if it should fail . . .there won’t be anything for me to do.

Carlisle CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 12, p.235

Edward stayed, holding Bella’s hand. His face was dead again. He didn’t seem to have the energy to keep up even that little hint of hope he’d had before. They stared into each other’s eyes, but not in a gooey way. It was like they were having a conversation. Kind of reminded me of Sam and Emily.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 13, p.244

You’re scared of Leah, but you’re best buds with the psychopath blonde?

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 13, p.247

You say that like it’s possible.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 13, p.247

Does this screw my total? Or do we start counting after I’m a vampire?

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 13, p.250

I took the clothes gingerly between my teeth – ugh – and carried them back to the trees. Just in case this was some joke by the blond psychopath and I had a bunch of girls’ stuff here. Bet she’d love to see the look on my human face as I stood there naked, holding a sundress.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 14, p.268

What was with her? For crying out loud, she was married! Happily married, too – there was no question that she was in love with her vampire past the boundaries of sanity. And hugely pregnant, to top it off. So why did she have to be so damn thrilled to see me? Like I’d made her who freakin’ day by walking through the door. If she would just not care… Or more than that – really not want me around. It would be so much easier to stay away.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 14, p.270

You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie? Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 14, p.271

I snorted. Vampire mother hen – bizarre.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 14, p.272

And, just like before, Bella’s face lit up like a kid’s on Christmas morning. Like I’d brought her the greatest gift ever. It was so unfair.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 15, p.292

For a minute I tried to look at her from a distance, to separate myself from the pull. I knew it wasn’t my imagination that my need for her was stronger than ever. Why was that? Because she was dying? Or knowing that even if she didn’t, still – best case scenario – she’d be changing into something else that I wouldn’t know or understand?

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 15, p.296

No. It’s not better. But I’m not going to force her to do anything that makes her unhappy now. Whatever happens, this makes her feel better. I’ll deal with the rest afterward.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 15, p.299

I’m not going to forget this, dog.

Rosalie HaleBreaking Dawn, Chapter 15, p.304

I’m happier now, as a part of your pack, than I have been in years.

Leah ClearwaterBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.312

At least Sam is happy. At least he’s alive and well. I love him enough that I want that. I want him to have what’s best for him. I just don’t want to stick around to watch.

Leah ClearwaterBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.316

I understand why your blond vampire is so cold – in the figurative sense. She’s focused. She’s got her eye on the prize, right? Because you always want the very most what you can never, ever have.

Leah ClearwaterBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.319

I’d been planning to take off and get some Z’s, but the chance to ruin Rosalie’s morning seemed too good to pass up.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.323

Ew. Someone put the dog out.

Rosalie HaleBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.323

It… the baby likes the sound of your voice.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.325

In that moment, I knew that I was alone. All alone. I wanted to kick myself when I realized how much I’d been counting on that loathsome vampire. How stupid – as if you could ever trust a leech! Of course he would betray me in the end.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.327

In a sick way, it was my lucky day. If by lucky you meant taking a well-traveled highway at two hundred without so much as seeing one cop, even in the thirty-mile-an-hour speed-trap towns. What a letdown. A little chase action might have been nice, not to mention that the license plate info would bring the heat down on the leech. Sure, he’d buy his way out of it, but it might have been just a little inconvenient for him.

—Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.330

So how do you look for a random soul mate in a crowd? Well, first, I needed a crowd. So I tooled around, looking for a likely spot. I passed a couple of malls, which probably would’ve been pretty good places to find girls my age, but I couldn’t make myself stop. Did I want to imprint on some girl who hung out in a mall all day?

—Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.331

Maybe I was what Leah thought she was. Some kind of dead end that shouldn’t be passed on to another generation. Or maybe it was just that my life was a big, cruel joke, and there was no escape from the punch line.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.333

Nice girl who knew cars. Wow. I stared at her face harder, wishing I knew how to make it work. C’mon, Jake – imprint already.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.334

I wasn’t in that healthier place where Leah was headed. I wasn’t going to be able to fall in love like a normal person. Not when I was bleeding over someone else. Maybe – if it was ten years from now and Bella’s heart was long dead and I’d hauled myself through the whole grieving process and come out in one piece again – maybe then I could offer Lizzie a ride in a fast car and talk makes and models and get to know something about her and see if I liked her as a person. But that wasn’t going to happen now. Magic wasn’t going to save me. I was just going to have to take the torture like a man. Suck it up.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.334

I’m not going to pretend that I understand why Bella is unable to let go of you, but I do know that she does not behave this way to hurt you. She suffers a great deal over the pain she’s inflicting on you, and on me, by asking you to stay.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.338

I stared at Edward, feeling sort of like my eyes might pop out of their sockets. Underneath that disbelief, I could see right away that this was the critical factor. This was what had changed Edward – that the monster had convinced him of this love. He couldn’t hate what loved Bella. It was probably why he couldn’t hate me, either. There was a big difference, though. I wasn’t killing her.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.339

I want your permission to deviate from what we agreed to in our treaty with Ephraim. I want you to grant us an exception. I want your permission to save her life. You know I’ll do it anyway, but I don’t want to break faith with you if there is any way to avoid it. We never intended to go back on our word, and we don’t do it lightly now. I want your understanding, Jacob, because you know exactly why we do this. I want the alliance between our families to survive when this is over.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.342

Crazy how easy it was, walking through the dark with a vampire right beside me. It didn’t feel unsafe, or even uncomfortable, really. It felt like walking next to anybody. Well, anybody who smelled bad.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.343

You can talk when you’re not being stupid.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.345

Tomorrow, she’d be someone else. But hopefully alive, and that was what counted, right? She’d look at me with the same eyes, sort of. Smile with the same lips, almost. She’d still know me better than anyone who didn’t have full access to the inside of my head. Leah might be an interesting companion, maybe even a true friend – someone who would stand up for me. But she wasn’t my best friend the way that Bella was. Aside from the impossible love I felt for Bella, there was also that other bond, and it ran bone deep. Tomorrow, she’d be my enemy. Or she’d be my ally. And, apparently, the distinction was up to me.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 17, p.345

This was it, then. The ocean of pain. The other shore so far away across the boiling water that I couldn’t imagine it, much less see it. I felt empty again, now that I’d lost my purpose. Saving Bella had been my fight for so long now. And she wouldn’t be saved.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 18, p.356

Everything inside me came undone as I stared at the tiny porcelain face of the half-vampire, half-human baby. All the lines that held me to my life were sliced apart in swift cuts, like clipping the strings to a bunch of balloons. Everything that made me who I was – my love for the dead girl upstairs, my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, the love for my other brothers, my hatred for my enemies, my home, my name, my self – disconnected from me in that second – snip, snip, snip – and floated up into space. I was not left drifting. A new string held me where I was.

Jacob BlackBreaking Dawn, Chapter 18, p.360

Non-reality was black, and it didn’t hurt so much. Reality was red, and it felt like I was being sawed in half, hit by a bus, punched by a prize fighter, trampled by bulls, and submerged in acid, all at the same time. Reality was feeling my body twist and flip when I couldn’t possibly move because of the pain. Reality was knowing there was something so much more important than all this torture, and not being able to remember what it was. Reality had come on so fast.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.369

Her tiny face was so absolutely perfect that it stunned me. She was even more beautiful than her father. Unbelievable. Impossible.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.372

It was sort of the pattern to my life – I’d never been strong enough to deal with the things outside my control, to attack the enemies or outrun them. To avoid the pain. Always human and weak, the only thing I’d ever been able to do was keep going. Endure. Survive. It had been enough up to this point. It would have to be enough today. I would endure this until help came. I knew Edward would be doing everything he could. He would not give up. Neither would I.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.374

I hadn’t guessed that the morphine would have this effect – that it would pin me down and gag me. Hold me paralyzed while I burned. I knew all the stories. I knew that Carlisle had kept quiet enough to avoid discovery while he burned. I knew that, according to Rosalie, it did no good to scream. And I’d hoped that maybe I could be like Carlisle. That I would believe Rosalie’s words and keep my mouth shut. Because I knew that every scream that escaped my lips would torment Edward. Now it seemed like a hideous joke that I was getting my wish fulfilled. If I couldn’t scream, how could I tell them to kill me?

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.377

Though the fire did not decrease one tiny degree – in fact, I began to develop a new capacity for experiencing it, a new sensitivity to appreciate, separately, each blistering tongue of flame that licked through my veins – I discovered that I could think around it. I could remember why I shouldn’t scream. I could remember the reason why I’d committed to enduring this unendurable agony. I could remember that, though it felt impossible now, there was something that might be worth the torture.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.378

She’s going to be dazzling.

Alice CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.383

I didn’t need the air. My lungs weren’t waiting for it. They reacted indifferently to the influx. I did not need the air, but I liked it.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.388

How many times had I stared at Edward and marveled over his beauty? How many hours – days, weeks – of my life had I spent dreaming about what I then deemed to be perfection? I thought I’d known his face better than my own. I’d thought this was the one sure physical thing in my whole world: the flawlessness of Edward’s face. I may as well have been blind. For the first time, with the dimming shadows and limiting weakness of humanity taken off my eyes, I saw his face. I gasped and then struggled with my vocabulary, unable to find the right words. I needed better words.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.390

Now it’s your turn to not break me.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.395

I knew there was nothing left inside me, and I faintly remembered the bloody removal scene, but the physical proof was still hard to process. All I knew was loving my little nudger inside of me. Outside of me, she seemed like something I must have imagined. A fading dream – a dream that was half nightmare.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.399

I stared at the beautiful woman with the terrifying eyes, looking for pieces of me. There was something there in the shape of her lips – if you looked past the dizzying beauty, it was true that her upper lip was slightly out of balance, a bit too full to match the lower. Finding this familiar little flaw made me feel a tiny bit better. Maybe the rest of me was in there, too.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.405

I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.406

And I was very conscious of my family behind me, watching silently. Mostly silently. Emmett had already chuckled under his breath once. One mistake, and he’d be rolling on the floor. Then the jokes about the world’s only clumsy vampire would start.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.408

So Jacob was watching, too? I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking now, or what he was still doing here. I’d envisioned our reunion – if he could ever forgive me – taking place far in the future, when I was more stable, and time had healed the wounds I’d inflicted in his heart.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.411

Follow me . . .  if you can.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.412

You shouldn’t be able to do any of this. You shouldn’t be so… so rational. You shouldn’t be able to stand here discussing this with me calmly and coolly. And, much more than any of that, you should not have been able to break off mid-hunt with the scent of human blood in the air. Even mature vampires have difficulty with that – we’re always careful of where we hunt so as not to put ourselves in the path of temptation. Bella, you’re behaving like you’re decades rather than days old.

Edward CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.420

Such powerful emotions. I’d been prepared for the thirst part, but not this. I’d been so sure it wouldn’t be the same when he touched me. Well, truthfully, it wasn’t the same. It was stronger.

Bella CullenBreaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.420