Stephenie Meyer BIO


Stephenie Meyer grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was one of six children. She met her husband, Pancho (his real name is Christian, but no one calls him that) when she was just four, but they hardly even exchanged words until sixteen years later. Stephenie and Pancho got married about nine months after finally talking and getting to know each other. She doesn’t refer to herself and Pancho as childhood sweethearts because although they would see each other a lot, they never really spoke or anything. They have been married for ten and a half years now, and have three boys. Their names are Gabe, Seth, and Eli. Stephenie is Mormon.

The unusual spelling of Stephenie’s name came from her father, Stephen (+ ie). Stephenie went to high school in Scottsdale, Arizona where she was awarded a National Merit Scholarship, and used it to pay her way to Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. Stephenie majored in English.

Twilight is Stephenie Meyer’s very first novel. New Moon is the second book in the series, Eclipse the third, and Breaking Dawn is the fourth. All four novels are set to be made into films.

Stephenie Meyer also released a novel called “The Host” which was turned into a movie.

Some of Stephenie’s influences/inspiration in life are: Orson Scott Card, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Maeve Binchy, Charlotte Bronte, Daphne DuMaurier, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Eva Ibbotson, William Goldman, Douglas Adams, Janet Evanovich

Some of Stephenie Meyer’s favorite music (which she uses for inspiration) is: Muse, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Coldplay, The All American Rejects, Travis, The Strokes, Brand New, U2, Kasabian, Jimmy Eat World, and Weezer.

To visit Stephenie Meyer‘s official website and read her official and unofficial biography Click Here. Her website was designed for her by her brother, Seth.