Nikki Reed Introducing “Video of the Year” at the MMVA’s (Talks About ‘Breaking Dawn’)

Here’s a video from last night of Nikki Reed introducing ‘Video Of The Year’ at the 2011 MMVA’s in Toronto! She also chats briefly about Breaking Dawn!

twilightbritneyfan via Gossip_Dance



Nikki Reed at 2011 Much Music Video Awards

The Music Music Video Awards took place this evening in Toronto and The Twilight Saga’s Nikki Reed was in attendance with her fiancé Paul McDonald.

You can see all the pics over at Lion & Lamb Love.



Nikki Reed Confirmed To Present at the 2011 Much Music Video Awards!

Nikki Reed is a confirmed presenter at the 2011 Music Music Video Awards here in Toronto, Canada. Vampire Diaries fans, you can look forward to seeing Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev there!

From Much Music:

What’s cooler than a vampire and a genius? Genius-pires!!! Okay, that might not be a real thing (yet), but we’ve got the next best thing to Geniuspires – Twilight’s Nikki Reed and Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki!

It’s hard to tell who I’m more excited to see. Nikki Reed plays the super bad a$$ Rosalie in the Twilight series (my fave movies). Johnny Galecki plays the hottest genius this side of Harvard on Big Bang Theory (my fave show).

Luckily, I don’t have to pick and neither do you! Both Nikki and Johnny will be on hand at the 2011 MMVAs making our stage immortality schmart as presenters. Geniuspires FTW!

Keep updated on who else will be attending the 2011 MMVA’s HERE! (it’s updated all the time)