New Kristen Stewart Still plus The Runaways event!

RunawaysFilm Tweeted this info, including a new still of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett today. The Runaways opens nationwide this Friday, so please go here to add yourself to the ‘attending’ list & invite your pals!

P.S. Tomorrow is someone (*cough* Kristen Stewart’s *cough*) Birthday!



Meet Leah Clearwater: Julia Jones Eclipse Interview!!!

clevverTV sat down with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Julia Jones to discuss her upcoming role of “Leah Clearwater” in the film and working with Chaske Spencer for his United Global Shift PSA!

She seems so sweet – I already like her! Can’t wait to see her in Eclipse :)



New Eclipse Stills From Summit!

New Eclipse Movie stills thanks to Summit (meaning legal) via  Lexicon!

Eclipse Movie Eclipse Movie Eclipse Movie



New Robert Pattinson GMTV Interview!

Robert Pattinson chatted with GMTV after the Remember Me premiere!



Twilight New Moon Premieres on DIRECTV Cinema! Includes Bonus Footage not Available on Cable!

I just got sent this press release regarding the Midnight premiere of New Moon on March 20th on DirectTV, which includes behind-the-scenes footage and an inside look at director Chris Weitz. Here is the press release:

“Twi-hards” who have DIRECTV won’t even have to leave the comfort of their own living rooms to be one of the first to see last fall’s box office phenomenon, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In conjunction with the highly anticipated DVD release of the movie by Summit Entertainment, DIRECTV will offer a midnight premiere of the movie on Saturday, March 20 on DIRECTV Cinema.  In addition, customers who purchase the Pay Per View movie, will also receive behind-the-scenes bonus features about the film – not available on cable. In addition to being able to see teen heartthrobs Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) in crystal-clear 1080p HD, DIRECTV customers will also have access to the bonus featurette The Subtle Details, which offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at New Moon’s production design, costuming and more.  DIRECTV customers will also receive Chris Weitz Takes the Helm, a feature that documents the transition from Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight, to New Moon director Chris Weitz, and his vision of the future of the series.  

“DIRECTV Cinema’s goal is to provide customers with the ultimate in- home movie experience they can’t find anywhere else,” said Sarah Lyons, vice president, Upgrade Marketing, DIRECTV.  “We are thrilled to not only offer The Twilight Saga: New Moon in 1080p HD but to also give our customers a deeper look at what went into to making the film.”  Twilight Saga: New Moon will premiere on DIRECTV Cinema and DIRECTV on Demand at midnight, Saturday, March 20.  The movie will be available in 1080p HD (same as Blu-ray) for $5.99 or standard-definition (SD) for $4.99. In addition, Summit Entertainment’s Twilight In Forks, which is a documentary that explores the Pacific Northwest town that inspired the Twilight phenomenon, will also be available in 1080p HD for $5.99 or for $4.99 (SD). For more information on the movies available on DIRECTV Cinema please visit



Screen Captions of the new “The Runaways” TV Spot!

Here are some screen captions I made for you of the new The Runaways TV spot. Enjoy!




Anna Kendrick At The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Anna Kendrick does it again with another great interview! She is so fun to watch and her hair looked adorable in this interview. :)



Tom Sturridge calls RPattz his ‘Best Friend.’

At around 2:59 Tom Sturridge talks about Robert Pattinson and how he considers him his ‘best friend.’! Also, here is part 2 of the interview. I got really into this and listened to both parts as I blogged – he is really interesting. I could listen to someone with a British accent talk all day! I love it.

♥Thanks for emailing the link Rose!



New Moon’s Kellan Lutz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1 & 2!!

I am happy that Robert is Edward, and Kellan is Emmett. It just works – Kellan is goofy and definitely more athletic – looking like Emmett! Rob makes a lovely Edward, too :)



Kellan Lutz Photos – Audi Celebrates ‘The Art of Progress’ World Premiere of the New Audi A8

Kellan Lutz looks absolutely dazzling here at ‘The Art Of Progress’ World Premiere Of  the new Audi A8!


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