Alice’s Diary — Trickery

Dear Diary,

We’re just waiting on Carlisle to get home from work (37 more minutes to go) and then we’re off to the cabin!

With holiday madness approaching, there will be fewer opportunities to get up there, so we’ve all cleared our schedules … okay, Carlisle’s the only one with a schedule, but you know … and agreed to go this week. Then we probably won’t be able to come back until after the New Year; at least, I can’t see any visits happening until then.

The jetskis are loaded up, I’ve packed everyone’s bags, and everything is ready to go. So until Carlisle gets here …

“Jazz?” I whispered, pressing myself against his shoulder as he lay reading the instructions to the water cannon. Jasper looked down at me fondly and tossed the pamphlet aside.

“Yes, Miz Alice?” he murmured, setting his cheek against my hair.

I paused, then sighed heavily, allowing the thought of Renesmee’s ballet recital being thwarted to take over my mind. Renesmee would love to be prima ballerina … it wasn’t right for someone to get in the way … I imagined her little face, her chin trembling as some invisible person told her “No.”

That seemed to do the trick. Jasper jerked his head up, startled. Okay, so I don’t usually curl up next to him in bed and immediately become sad.

“What’s wrong?” he worried, turning his head at an awkward angle to try to see my face. Oops. He was worrying that he had done something wrong.

As the kids say, LOL! That could never happen. I was quick to reassure him, though. “It’s nothing – nothing you’ve done …” Once again, the thought of somebody standing in the way of the recital filled me with emotion. Only this time, it was anger.

“Well now, who has made the colossal mistake of getting in your way?” Jasper wondered, sounding faintly amused as he absorbed my feelings.

“Oh … it’s nothing,” I replied sadly, trying not to let his sweet scent distract me. “Nothing that has happened yet, at least.”

“Why don’t you tell me?” Jazz suggested gently, not prying, just offering himself to me with open arms.

God, how I love him. “It’s just … I think Renesmee wants to have a ballet recital and do Swan Lake for all of us but somebody doesn’t want to let it happen,” I wailed, catching myself off guard with the depth of my emotion. I was genuinely upset; who could deny our little girl what she wanted? Was it so much to ask? No!

“What?” Jazz sounded taken aback. Then his tone hardened. “You mean some person is going to tell Renesmee she can’t have her dance show?” The steel in his voice reminded me of the battles we’d been through – the battles we’d won – and I shivered. It was a damn good thing he stood by my side, because I wouldn’t want to oppose him in a fight.

Ha, crazy thought. Anyway … “That’s what it looks like,” I confirmed sorrowfully.

“Who would do such a thing?” he growled, sounding ferocious and strong. His fist tensed on his stomach, and I reached to put my hand over his.

“We’ll find out soon enough … and take care of it,” I promised him grimly. He met my eyes and nodded, promising me back.

“Anything I can do,” he swore fervently. I perked right up!

Anything?” I asked sweetly, gazing into his eyes.

Jazz looked determined and distracted, but he managed to respond, “Anything, of course, Alice.”

“Well,” I chirped happily, “there is something you could do!”

Jasper took in my suddenly changed mood and his mouth began to twitch in one corner as he stared back at me. As his eyes narrowed, I grinned unrepentantly at him.

“You love Renesmee, don’t you?” I reminded him. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Why do I have this feeling I’m going to regret saying yes?” he chuckled, shaking his head. He sighed and told me, “Of course I do. And I love you. And anything you want …” His voice trailed off as he gazed apprehensively at me.

“So then you’ll help us with the recital?” I asked excitedly, sitting up on the bed.

“Well, yes,” he agreed, confused. “Didn’t I already say that I would?”

“So you’ll be our male lead?” I squealed, beginning to bounce on the mattress. Jasper’s mouth dropped open in a comical expression that had me giggling straight away.

“I – what?” Jazz gasped, sounding horrified. He groaned and threw his arm over his eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” I chanted madly, tugging at his arm. “Yes! Jazz, it’s going to be amazing! You’ll be great! And Nessie is going to love it!”

With one final groan, Jasper sat up slowly and met my eyes, with a wry twist to his mouth. “You tricked me, Mary Alice,” he declared dramatically, heaving a great sigh.

I smiled innocently into his sweet face, knowing his answer already, of course. But I let him say the words anyway.

“All right, all right,” he said, flopping back down onto the pillows with a resigned sigh. “I’ll do it for you and for Renesmee. Gosh, it’s a good thing I love you, you terrifying little monster,” he grumbled in mock anger, grabbing me by the shoulders and yanking me down to him.

I giggled and flashed my sparkling teeth at him in response. “As I love you, Jasper,” I sing-songed, batting my eyelashes at him in the picture of innocence.

Yay – Carlisle is home! And Jasper’s on board! Now all I have to do is find out who is blocking my vision, and I can enjoy this week at the cabin!

I will, of course, write soon to tell about our vacation,

XOXO Aiice