Is Amanda Seyfriend Annoyed By ‘Twilight’ Comparisons?

Amanda Seyfriend is the star of Catherine Hardwicke’s new fantasy film, ‘Red Riding Hood,’ and as many of you know, Catherine Hardwicke also directed the first Twilight movie. But that’s not the only thing Red Riding Hood and Twilight have in common: The ‘forbidden fruit’ storyline, Billy Burke (who plays Charlie Swan in the Twilight Saga), Shiloh Fernandez (who was almost cast to play Edward in Twilight), etc. What does Amanda Seyfriend think of people comparing the two films? Check out what she had to say in a new interview from Music Rooms:

“She’s [Kristen Stewart] uncomfortable with it, but also, it’s like, she’s only noticed for that and she’s been working for so long. There’s hype but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit annoyed at the Twilight comparisons,” she told Marie Claire magazine.

The stunning star says she doesn’t worry about being in Kristen’s position. She hopes the film will rival the Twilight saga’s success, but if it does, it would be for “different” reasons.

“I don’t think that will happen to me. I don’t think about it. What if it doesn’t do well? Then I won’t have to deal with it,” she added when asked how she would handle Kristen’s level of fame. “If it does do well? It’s different from Twilight.”

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Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Twilight’ vs. ‘Red Riding Hood’

In a new interview that Amanda Seyfried did for Interview Magazine she is asked about the comparison’s between Twilight and her film, Red Riding Hood. This is a celebrity-on-celebrity interview and Justin Timberlake is asking the questions:

TIMBERLAKE: It seems like a lot of people are comparing Red Riding Hood to the Twilight series. How does that make you feel?

SEYFRIED: I think it’s hard not to compare Red Riding Hood because Catherine [Hardwicke] directed the first Twilight. But Red Riding Hood is a very different film. I mean, yeah, there’s a love triangle, and people can easily compare the relationship between Kristen Stewart and those two guys in Twilight to the Valerie, Henry, and Peter characters in this movie, but we have so many elements that make it completely different. Nobody knows who the wolf is in our movie. And we’ve modernized the story and added so many levels to it and created our own story around the iconic center, which is the girl in the woods who talks to the wolf, and has a great relationship with her grandmother, and all those symbols. But we obviously had to take the story to a whole other level in order to make it a full-length film, so that’s what we did.

TIMBERLAKE: But I would imagine that it’s hard to do something like a Little Red Riding Hood adaptation because that story could be interpreted in so many different ways.

SEYFRIED: I know, and what we’ve done is just one way. We’re just telling a story—our version of the story. It’s not everybody’s version of the story, but it’s the way we wanted to make it, and therefore, there it is. If you don’t like it, then tough. [laughs] Plus, Twilight doesn’t have Gary Oldman, now does it?

You can read this entire interview here!

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