Christian Serratos Arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of “American Horror Story”

We haven’t seen a lot of Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) lately, but here are some pics of her at the premiere if ‘American Horror Story’ last night!

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Christian Serratos in ’96 Minutes’ Trailer!

Breaking Dawn movie‘s Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) stars in the film ’96 Minutes’ and below you can catch her in the official trailer!

“The story of 4 lives slammed together in a shocking moment. Intercutting between a carjacking and the separate stories of the 4 kids, we watch as they hurtle toward a life-changing end.

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New Outtake Of Kiowa Gordon & Christian Serratos From Zooey Magazine!

Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry Call) and Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) are looking awesome in the new outtakes from their photoshoot with Zooey Magazine below:

Kiowa Gordon


Zooey Magazine via Diario Twilight



Christian Serratos at The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

We all know and love her as Bella’s somewhat geeky friend Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga movies, but Christian Serratos dazzled at the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Awards on October 1st.




Christian Serratos Outtakes For MF Magazine!

Here are some gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous new outtakes of Christian Serratos (who plays Bella’s human friend Angela Weber) from MF Magazine! So fierce!

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New Stills of Angela and Eric!

Here you go, some new stills of New Moon humans Angela and Eric!




Christian Serratos (and her new hair) at NYLON Magazine November Issue Launch Party in LA!

Here is Christian Serratos, who plays Bella Swan‘s friend Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga, at the NYLON Mag’ November Issue Launch party in LA! She looks sooo different with her new hair. Always pretty, just more ‘grown up’ looking.




Christian Serratos (Angela Weber) shows off her lighter locks in Beverly Hills November 4th.

"Christian Serratos goes blond" "Christian Serratos goes blond"

"Christian Serratos goes blond"

New Moon‘s Christian Serratos, who plays Bella Swan‘s friend Angela Weber, got pampered in Valerie Salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon (November 4).What do you think of her new hair color? Personally, I liked her much, much more with the dark brown hair. She could be planning on going a lot blonder, though. I know for brunettes there’s that in-between color you have to go first so you don’t damage your hair. Still, I think she’s too olive toned for blond. She’s always pretty no matter what, though.

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Christian Serratos Speaks Out for Seals with PETA!

What seal hunters do is absolutely disgusting! I am soooo thankful that celebrities like Christian Serratos (who plays Bella’s friend Angela) are using their names to help animals! Thing like this have a munch larger impact coming from a celeb’ – so thank you sooo much Christian for all you do!



Christian Serratos shops at her local Target

Christian Serratos shopping at Target

Christian Serratos was snapped shopping at her local Target and it looks like she’s getting some pots and pans. This reminds me that I desperately need to get some new pots and pans too. She looks happy to be shopping!

Thanks Just Jared Jr. BauerGriffin & Gabriel Suarez Photography!

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