Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Our Leah’s Diary Writer, Annee!


I can’t believe it’s been a year already! One year ago today Annee began her journey writing for Leah’s Diary. I stumbled across a true gem when I plucked her out of the email pile. She’s not only a very talented writer (and at such a young age!), but she’s also brilliant, compassionate, and so very kind.

Thank you for being a part of the Bella’s Diary family for the past year, Annee! I’m so lucky to have you (the family wouldn’t be complete without you!), and to get to read your brilliant work. I know all the other writers feel the same way. You’re one of a kind—never change. 

If you’re a fan of fan-fiction and have not yet read Leah’s Diary, I implore that you do. Annee has brought Leah to life, given her so much depth, and she sticks very true to her character (as Stephenie  wrote her). 

Happy 1 year ANNEE-iversary (sorry, I had to). 




HUGE Happy 16th Birthday to Our Leah’s Diary Writer, Annee!

Today (August 4th) is a very special day! It’s the birthday of our Leah’s Diary writer, Annee! She turns 16 today, so please go to her Facebook page (click here to do so!) and give her loads of warm birthday wishes!

We all hope you have a wonderful day, Annee!



Welcome Leah’s Diary Writer, Annee!

Hey everyone! So I’ve been going through diary submissions trying to find some new volunteer fan-fiction writers for the site and stumbled across this gem. Her name is Annee, and she is going to be writing Leah’s Diary!

She is such a talented young writer, as you will see!

Her very first entry is up here! There is now a link for Leah on the side bar with the other diaries for easy access.

Please go ahead and give Annee a warm welcome. Here are her social network accounts so you can get to know her and say ‘Hi!’

Pinterest here.

Facebook here.

Facebook page for her and her mom’s adorable hairbow business here.

Welcome to the Bella’s Diary team, Annee! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Leah!