‘Breaking Dawn’ Set Fan Report!

One of our awesome readers, Laci M., had the chance to visit Baton Rouge recently and met some of the Breaking Dawn cast including: Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Caius), Michael Sheen (aka Aro) and Sarah Clarke (aka Renee, Bella’s Mom). How lucky, right? Well she was so kind and generous to send us in some photos to share! Check them out:


From Laci:

“Recently, my friends and I went down to Baton Rouge from Oklahoma. Met a few cast members. Even got on set of Breaking Dawn!! We met Jamie Campbell Bower, Sarah Clarke, & Michael Sheen. Got a pic of Bill Condon, also. Not to mention the people we saw, but didn’t get to meet. We also got pics of the wardrobe.”

♥ Thanks so much for sending these in Laci!



Happy Birthday Michael Sheen (aka Aro)

Today (February 5th) is Michael Sheen’s Birthday. You all know him best as Aro of the Volturi in the Twilight Saga movies. Happy Birthday Michael, from all of us at Bella’s Diary!



Happy Birthday Michael Sheen (Aro)!!

Michael Sheen, who plays Aro, turns 41 today! Happy Birthday to you Michael and we are hoping that you have the perfect day :)





Michael Sheen Interviews Ashley Greene for Interview Magazine + Pics!

Sorry I bleeped out her nipple in the first one – but I know some of you probably browse while at work, and some of you are REALLY young. To see the uncensored version, click  here!

Michael Sheen (Aro), Ashley Greene’s New Moon co-star , recently caught up with the actress and got to ask her a bunch of questions for her February 2010 feature in Interview Magazine!

SHEEN: You do get described as pixie-like a lot. In my younger days, I used to get described as sort of elf-like. I think it’s probably a lot easier to deal with that if you’re a pretty girl, rather than a sort of average-looking boy.

GREENE: I’m sorry about your adolescence.

SHEEN: Thank you. Well, look, let’s take a second and go back to the beginning, Ashley Greene. You grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Is that correct?

GREENE: That is correct.

SHEEN: Now tell me about Jacksonville. What’s it like? And could you please sprinkle it with some alligator stories?

GREENE: I’ve only eaten fried alligator tail once.

SHEEN: How was it growing up there? Was school good? Or was it a bit of a trial?

GREENE: It was great. I mean, it was great until I realized that there was more out there. I went to a public high school with a magnet program for law and psychology. But right before my junior year, I decided that I wanted to leave and become an actress, so I graduated early and moved out to L.A. Now that I’m here, I can’t imagine living there.

SHEEN: What happened? You were doing law and psychology?

GREENE: Yeah. And I loved the classes. Everything was kind of set up to go on this course, which my parents absolutely loved; they were like, “Our daughter’s going to go to law school or become a psychologist!” And then out of nowhere, I pulled the acting card on them.

SHEEN: Was it out of nowhere? What was it that started you thinking along those lines?

GREENE: I just, for lack of a better term, fell into it—which I’m sure everyone’s going to hate me for saying.

This is a great interview – so CLICK HERE to go read all of it!



New Moon: Behind the scenes with the Volturi with NEW parts!

The Volturi are so bad ass. I love this! This is different form the one we’ve all already seen by the way – it starts out the same, but there are new parts!




Michael Sheen (Aro) at the Variety screening of The Damned United

Here are some new pictures of Michael Sheen, who plays Aro from the Volturi in New Moon, at the Variety screening of The Damned United!

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HQ New Moon Promo Pics

Bella Swan Edward Cullen alice cullen new moon movie aro volturi Marcus Volturi Caius Volturi Alec Volturi

I think we’ve seen scans of these before, but here are the HQ versions. Enjoy.

Via Lion & Lamb Love



More Incredible Volturi Manips to quench your thirst…

Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie

And just because I love Jamie Campbell Bower so much…

Volturi, Caius, New Moon, Volterra, Aro, Marcus, Alice Cullen, Jane, Edward Cullen, New Moon Movie

Aren’t these awesome!?!? Head over to Twilight Novel Novice to see even more and to save your favorites as desktop wallpapers!

Thanks to TwiCrackAddict!



Fan Made New moon Volturi Poster! Soooo good!

I absolutely love this fan made Volturi poster made by FilmFanaticFrances! So perfect, right?




Official New Moon Aro Promo Picture!

This is the official first released picture of Aro from the Volturi! This is pretty impressive.


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