Jacob Black Remix – “Someone Like You”

Twenty First Records just posted a new Twilight themed song, performed to the tune of Adele’s “Someone Like You”.  The lyrics are sung from Jacob’s perspective. Unfortunately they’ve made it so we can’t embed, so just click the image below to go watch/listen on YouTube.

Was kinda sad!



Two new ‘New Moon’ Movie stills!

Here are two new ‘New Moon’ movie stills. Enjoy Twi-Hards! :)

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New Moon Trailer Stills…

Jacob & Bella almost Kiss (above)

Jane From the Volturi (above)

Bella In The Water After Jumping (above)

So, as you all probably know by now – the French version of the official New Moon trailer that will be released before the movie Bandslam was all over the internet. However, out of respect for Summit Entertainment (who brings us these movies that we love so much), I wont be posting it here. To be honest, it was blurry and hard to see anyway – not to mention in French so a lot of people wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. You’re really better off not spoiling it for yourself, and seeing it in the theater before Bandslam!

Link: Buy tickets to Bandslam and get a sneak peek of an exclusive new trailer for New Moon, which can only be seen in theaters.

However, what I will post are two pretty cool stills (above) taken from the blurry trailer – just to whet your appetite! Enjoy!




Dear Diary (Drama: Vampire Style)

I should have mentioned it to them… all of them. I didn’t want Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper or Baylor to become angry with me, so I didn’t tell them of my plans to let Charlie know about what I’ve become.

Alice, Esme, Edward and, of course, Carlisle were the only ones I told.

After Edward called Carlisle to come help with Charlie and his fainting episode, Carlisle then called Esme at the Cullen house to let her know he would be late. He briefly explained what had happened to Charlie. Esme was on the home office phone thinking no one could hear her when she asked Carlisle, “Does Charlie know about Bella now?” Followed up by, “He fainted after she showed him her skin? Is he okay?”
Rosalie overheard the entire thing.


My return to the Cullen house after that was less welcoming than the very first time I had ever visited, as a human. As soon as Edward, Nessie and I walked through the door, I heard a low heinous growl. Alice glided over to us and whispered the words I was afraid of: “They know.”

I didn’t have a second to ask Alice any questions before Rosalie was face-to-face with me, her lips pulled over her perfect teeth. Edward and Alice crouched in front of me, Edward letting out a deep, threatening growl. It’s odd how they’re all so quick to forget that I’m technically stronger than any of them, because I am a newborn. No matter what, though, Edward will eternally feel protective of me.

Rosalie didn’t give me a second to explain before she started to interrogate me.
“What will you do when the Volturi find out, Bella?”
“Did you even think to run this past the rest if us?”

Then the last question, and this one hurt. “How could you risk your own daughters’ life like that?”

Edward’s voice echoed off the white walls as he lashed back at Rosalie. Somehow, this turned into a brawl between just the two of them. But I couldn’t let it be this way. This was my fault. I began a feeble attempt to explain myself, but Edward’s voice drowned mine out and Rosalie wouldn’t even look at me, anyway.

Jasper, Emmett and Baylor were completely siding with Rosalie, and even questioned my commitment to the family. Esme and Carlisle swiftly leaped down the stairs at this point, and Carlisle asked that we discuss this in a more “respectable manner.”

Rosalie kept going with the jabs and questions, though. She was unrelenting, to say the least. “Why should we respect Bella when she can’t follow a simple rule?” she hissed, her eyes refusing to leave my face as she spoke.

I tried and tried to reassure them all that Charlie wouldn’t tell a soul. I tried to explain how hard it was to have a living human family member who I had to lie to every single day; how hard it was to no longer be able to spend much time with Charlie, and to have no explanation for him when he simply asks me why.

I could see Emmett was beginning to moderately understand my points. He placed his arm around Rosalie, who was still giving me that cadaverous glare. Jasper was clearly enraged, too. Lucky for me, though, Alice was quick to rebuttal anything he said, in my defense. Alice was great at seeing both sides of everything.

Edward was half–arguing with people’s thoughts, and half arguing their actual spoken words, which got confusing.

At one point everyone was growling over each other, no one listening to one another, when Nessie slowly walked towards Rosalie and placed one hand on her cheek.
Rosalie’s face slowly relaxed, her eyes seeming less lethal, less threatening. Edward had already read Rosalie’s thoughts and mumbled three quick words out loud: “Nessie is scared.”

In what seemed like a fraction of a moment, Baylor hurried upstairs, Alice and Jasper went and sat in front of the television, Emmett and Rosalie stormed off into the garage, and Carlisle and Esme took Nessie into the backyard and called Jacob to come be with her.

Edward and I stood in the front lobby of the house, stunned, staring at each other. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t take it back. Charlie already knew.

In one instantaneous move, Edward placed his arm around me, holding me in his tight, protective grip. I placed my head on his shoulder and let him into my mind. I needed him to see how truly horrible I felt for any danger I’ve caused Cullen’s, and how regretful I was for posing any danger on our beautiful little Nessie. Our angel.

I just wish they could have seen and placed as much trust in Charlie as I did. I’d been back to Charlie’s house, and gave him the long version of our story – once he was sitting down, of course.

He wont tell a soul. I know he wont.

Another thing, too, is that Charlie’s line of work has required him to keep numerous secrets from the towns’ people on many occasions. He’s used to keeping secrets. Besides, he knows we could all get destroyed if word got out; Charlie would never do anything to cause that to happen. I’m his daughter, he wants to protect me.

Before I could finish my train of thought, Baylor almost silently flew down the stairs with the one small khaki colored bag he had brought with him, walked past Edward and I – without even glancing at us – and flew out the door.

Alice daintily walked back into the lobby from the T.V. room, her eyes focused, her body graceful, yet tense. I swiftly glanced at Edward, who was giving Alice a knowing stare. Alice was having a vision and I knew it wasn’t good.

Alice and Edward took me outside, where no one could hear us, and told me that Baylor was going to the Volturi.

To Be Continued…




Dear Diary (Moody)

Emmett and Rosalie enjoyed their hunt with Baylor today. They all seem to get along great. Emmett loves the early spring, when the bears are coming out of hibernation and are more irritable than ever. Though not a challenge for him, Emmett likes to hunt grizzly when they’re more vicious, moody.

Once they were finished hunting, they all came back to the Cullen house, where I was, along with Renesmee, Edward and Jacob. I was a little hesitant about Baylor meeting Jacob, but – aside from one small ‘bloodsucker’ comment under his breath – Jacob was relatively welcoming. Well, as welcoming as Jacob could be after finding out there was yet one more vampire residing in Forks now.

To my surprise, Baylor was extremely comfortable around Jacob, aside from his nose crinkling once or twice. We can’t help being repulsed by the smell of werewolves; similar to how the werewolves find our smell pungent.

Although at first Jacob was unnecessarily protective of Nessie around Baylor, he did become more relaxed as they conversed. It was nice to see everyone getting along, though.
I have to admit, at first, I thought things would be really different with Baylor here, but really, it feels the same. He is almost like Edward’s replacement. Emmett likes to goof around with him a lot – they act like brothers already. The only issue between Emmett and Baylor is that Baylor loves grizzly, too. This could get competitive. Good thing Emmett likes a challenge.

Alice has already seen great things for Baylor. She had a vision of him finding love, even. For some reason this thought scares me – the thought of him potentially falling in love with a human. I wont worry about the future, though. For now, I want to enjoy each moment as it comes.I’ll leave the future to Alice to worry about.

Edward is a little bit moody today. Though he is trying to understand Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship, it’s still hard for him to watch Nessie grow closer and closer with Jacob. She is growing closer to Jacob than she is to Edward now, and naturally, this is making Edward become slightly unhinged. We’re both aware of the fact that the unavoidable is going to happen, eventually. Jacob will – one day soon – become Renesmee’s husband.

The funny thing is, I don’t think Edward would choose any other person in the world to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. It’s not Jacob that gets Edward upset. It’s just that he feels as though his daughter is slipping away, faster-and-faster as the days go on. Neither of us expected for her to grow up so fast. Her intelligence is astounding, her growth rate is shocking and her presence in our lives has been a blessing. Her presence will always be here, she will just be forever bonded with Jacob. Like Edward, I cannot think of another person who I would rather see my beautiful little angel with. I know Jacob will always keep her safe, keep her happy.

In order to ease Edward’s tension, I often remind him of the fact that Charlie had to watch me slip away from him and into Edward’s arms, indefinitely. Then, he had to deal with my suspicious, rather alarming appearance change.

“I know, Bella. You’re right. It’s just a different feeling from anything I’ve felt before. I’ve never been… a Dad. It takes some getting used to.” Edward leaned in towards me, his breath dancing on my lips, and softly pressed those perfectly sculpted lips of his to mine. Though cold, I felt like I was on fire, as I always do around Edward. He has a way of igniting a flame inside of me; different, of course, from the scorching flame in my throat that flames up when I’m near human blood.

For now I’m going to go spend time with Nessie, Jacob and my love, Edward.

Will write again soon.