Dear Diary (No More Lies)

I have to tell him.

At some point, I know he will find out anyway. And, after seeing Jacob literally burst into wolf form right before his eyes, I don’t think it should surprise him – too much.

Charlie needs to know.

He needs to know the whole story, he needs to know what I am. I can’t keep coming up with excuses about my appearance, Nessie’s extremely fast mental and physical growth rate, and my cold, stone body. I can’t keep coming up with excuses as to why I can never be out in public on the rare sunny day we have here in Forks. Most importantly, even though he’s asked to remain uninformed, I can’ keep lying to Charlie.

Edward said he would come with me. I know I’ll need support on this one. I’m going to bring Renesmee, too. He needs to understand what she is.
I never thought the day would come, where I’d have to sit my Father down and explain to him that I’m his vampire daughter. The worst part, though, will be explaining how I ended up like this. I can’t say how Charlie will react to the fact that Edward was the one who turned me, under necessairy circumstances, of course.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny during the afternoon. I plan to tell Charlie then. I want to bring him into the backyard and step into the sun, so he can understand fully what I am. It was important for me to wait until his heart was fully recovered before I told him. And now he’s “healthy as a horse,” as he likes to say. Although, after tomorrow, I’m not so sure how good his heart will be. I will definitely have to make sure he’s sitting down… and that he’s had a few Rainier beers into him, too.

I will write again soon and let you know how he took it. I’m hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

Write again soon.

-Bella Cullen