Jackson Rathbone Talks Bella’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Makeup: “I Felt Really Bad”

E! Online caught up with Jackson Rathbone at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party where he chatted about Bella’s pregnancy makeup on the Breaking Dawn movie set:

“There was one time when I got to set and she had some kind of makeup on to make her look…really tired,” Jackson Rathbone told us at Teen Vogue‘s Young Hollywood party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. “I felt really bad. I was like, ‘What happened to her? Is she alright?’ She was like, ‘Dude, come on. It’s makeup.’ I was like, ‘OK cool, because I was really worried.’ Honestly, I was like, she must have had three weekends in Vegas.”

Fortunately, the look didn’t carry over to the big wedding scene with Edward Cullen.

“We had to keep telling ourselves it was fake,” Rathbone said . “We’ve been watching this relationship develop and even though we’re playing the parts and at the end of the day we wash off that white face makeup and peel back the wigs that we’re wearing, when we were there at the wedding scene, all of us felt it. She just walked out, everybody was quiet. Your heart would skip a beat, you get kind of teary-eyed.”

Here’s a video with a short clip of Jackson at the start talking about why it’s good to be young in Hollywood. I love his honesty!

Source: E! Online



Beautiful Edward & Bella Fan Video!

I just stumbled across this beautiful new Edward and Bella fan video and completely fell in love with it! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, too. Awesome job Irinka17!



New Eclipse Stills From Eclipse DVD Trading Cards!

Yesterday I posted some new Eclipse trading cards here, and now we have a few more new ones to show you!

[TwilightPassion via LeKinkyTwilighters]



Kristen Stewart on Regis & Kelly!

Here’s a pic of Kristen Stewart’s  appearance on the show with Regis & Kelly!

[Thanks KStewartFans]



Beyond Amazing Edward/Bella/Jake Fan Videos!

I love fan videos that have a way of taking you back to what this saga is really about in a few quick minutes, leaving you wanting to go re-read the books again. These videos are beyond amazing!

[Via Lion_Lamb]



New/Old Behind The Scenes Pic of Rob & Kristen on the set of ‘Twilight’

New/old pic of Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson on the set of Twilight.

[KFPattz Via BrandHeroin]



Edward Cullen’s Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Twilight Parody)

Here is a parody to Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ song with Edward Cullen & Bella Swan!

Thank you Kylie :)



‘Eclipse’ Leg Hitch Scene!!

Here is the famous Eclipse movie leg hitch scene! I can’t wait to see more (MUCH more) of this in Breaking Dawn!

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Beautiful ‘Eclipse’ Fan Video (Bella Swan: Mistakes)

Here is a beautiful Eclipse fan video that I completely fell in love with. It’s done to Jessica’s graduation speech and done so well it gave me goosebumps (and maybe a tear, too).

[Thanks to :) Twilight Saga <3 on Facebook!]



Amazing Edward, Bella & Jacob Fan Video! “The Thing About The Sun”

Every so often a fan made video is edited and done so well that it gives me goosebumps, chills. This video did a really good job at that, so I thought I’d post it for you!


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