Today is a very special day for Twilight fans: It’s Bella’s birthday (her human birthday)! Below I posted some beautiful Edward and Bella fan-made videos for you all to enjoy for the occasion. Careful, these are really going to make you miss the saga and everything tied to it.

Happy birthday, Bella!



“Eclipse” Coming Back To Canadian Theaters for Bella’s Birthday!

Bella Cullen’s Birthday is approaching and what better way to celebrate than to head out to see Eclipse with all your Twi-Friends? Well, if you live in certain areas of Canada you’ll have the chance. Here is the statement:

“VANCOUVER — We’re guessing that only the most dedicated Twihards are aware that Bella Swan’s birthday falls on Sept. 13, but eOne entertainment is making sure everyone celebrates the momentous occasion: they’re re-releasing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse into theatres.

Yes, beginning Sept. 10, the Cullens won’t be the only ones throwing Bella a party – you, too, can wish her a happy birthday by going to see Eclipse for the umpteenth time.
That is, if you live in the right places.

The film will be returning to Toronto, Vancouver and nine other locations in Canada. See if YOUR location will be bringing Eclipse back by visiting the Vancouver Sun here—->

I’m happen to fall into one of these locations – and am sooo seeing it again on the big screen!

[Thanks Twilightish]