Booboo Stewart at a Beach in LA May 18th!

Check out Booboo Stewart’s beach body in these new pics of him frolicking on the beach May 18th!

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Booboo Stewart Inside The Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere!

Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart appear at around the :50 mark in this video. They’re both so adorable with their impersonation!




Booboo Stewart at the Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”

Here are some great pics of Booboo Stewart at premiere of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” held at Disneyland on May 7th in Anaheim, California. Proceeds from the world premiere of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.




Video: Booboo Stewart Talks Abby’s Dream Walk

Terrell Sandefur & Breaking Dawn movie’s Booboo Stewart talk about Abby’s Dream Walk sponsored by the Twilight Moms of Middle Georgia. I’ve said this so many times, but I’m blown away by how helpful Booboo Stewart is and how much of his time he gives to good causes!

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Booboo Stewart At “Los Angeles Mission Easter for the Homeless”

Booboo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) and his sister, Fivel Stewart, volunteered their time at the ‘Los Angeles Mission Easter for the Homeless.’ I love these two so much. Such a sweet family!

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Booboo Stewart Needs Your Vote!

Booboo Stewart, along with his Twilight Saga co-stars, are nominated for the PopStar Awards! You can click here to get voting for your favs, but check out the video of Booboo below asking you to vote:

You can also vote as often as you like using the ballot found in MAY11′s issue of POPSTAR!

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New Booboo Stewart Interview With

Booboo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) recently did a new interview with where he chatted about his part in R.L Stine’s  ‘The Haunting Hour.’ He also talks a tiny bit about Breaking Dawn. I’ve also posted a clip of Booboo from the episode he’s in: Tell us a little bit about your episode of The Haunting Hour. What’s the premise?

Booboo: It’s all about the legend – I play Kai. And it’s about a legend where a boy sees a shark…and there’s been sightings of this shark in this pool and he doesn’t know why. We find out that it’s actually him. It was really fun to do, I had a great time. I swam so much! (laughs) I never swam so much in my life. My hands were so pruny afterward but it was so much fun. Did you have to train extra hard to do all that swimming?

Booboo: I already knew how to swim. You know what’s a funny thing, actually, I didn’t know how to dive. I had never done that before. So the scuba divers that were there with the shark, they taught me how to dive for one scene and it was cool. We need to ask you about Breaking Dawn. Who did you become closest with while filming this time around?

Booboo: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I think I’m just becoming closer with everyone because we’ve all been together a lot right now and we’re just joking around with everybody. I don’t really choose one person to hang out all the time with. Are we going to see the Cullens and the wolf pack interact a lot more?

Booboo: Ahhh, that’s a really good question (laughs) – you’ll have to watch the movie on November 18! I wish I could say more.

Read the rest of this interview at!

Clip of Booboo Stewart in The Haunting Hour:

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Booboo Stewart in ‘LA Teen Festival’ Magazine

Booboo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) and his sister, Fivel, are featured in ‘LA Teen Festival’ Magazine’s newest issue! Check out the scans with new pics and a new interview below:

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Booboo Stewart Lets Fans Know His Real Account Screen Names

Booboo Stewart took some time out to make this video for his fans who were wondering which Twitter, Facebook etc.. accounts of his are real. Below he lists all of his real/official accounts so you don’t wind up following a fake. :)

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Boo Boo Stewart Jamming With Savannah Phillips!

Savannah Phillips jams with Breaking Dawn movie’s Boo Boo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) at Magic 2011 in Vegas.

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