‘Eclipse’ Cast in German BRAVO magazine (Scans)

Here are some scans of the Eclipse cast in German Bravo Mag’! There is also a translated interview with Kellan Lutz (see below for excerpt):

You can also click the thumbnails (below) to see HQ (large) version of the scans

Here is an excerpt of the roughly translated interview:

BRAVO: Hey Kellan, did you know what your last name Lutz actually is a German prename?
Kellan: For sure! That’s because I’ve ancestors in Germany!

BRAVO: Really?!
Kellan: Cool, isn’t it? I’m sort of a German Hollywood-Star [laughs]! I were born in the USA – in Dickinson/North Dakota. But my grandparents are from Munich. That’s why I was there often as a little child. But I was pretty little and can’t remember much.

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