Video: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Film Kissing Scene!

Hotness. Pure hotness. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filmed a kissing scene for Breaking Dawn at Lapa and here is some footage. There is a huge collection of on set videos here, so go check ‘em out!

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‘Breaking Dawn’ director Bill Condon talks to NBC’s PopCornBiz!

NBC’s popcornbiz had the chance to chat with  Breaking Dawn Movie director Bill Condon about his progress with the final film so far:

“I’m not even in Twilight-land yet,” the director told PopcornBiz.

Instead, the Oscar-winning director is kept up at night by fixating on his HBO pilot “Tilda” starring Diane Keaton and Ellen Page. “That’s all I’m thinking about right now,” he said.

After he’s done with that, Condon will start thinking about the “Breaking Dawn” and the series’ conclusion. The thought of the seemingly daunting task before him only gets Condon pumped up. He even said he’s “excited” to shoot Bella’s extreme birth scene.

“I’m just so turned on by this book,” Condon said. “It’s everything you hope could happen in a book, plus the strangest things you could ever imagine.”

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Breaking Dawn Movie to be released November 18th 2011!

Reputable source has reported that the Breaking Dawn Movie‘s release date is set for November 18th, 2011! Here is what they wrote:

Save the date, Twi-hards: November 18th, 2011. The studio still has no official word on whether it’s be 2 films or one — but Deadline sources still say it’ll be 2 pics and Bill Condon will direct both.

*Keeping fingers crossed for two films!*

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