Jamie Campbell Bower’s NEW MTV Interview: “You Will See My Bum Cheeks”

Jamie Campbell Bower chatted with MTV while on his promotional tour for Camelot (which premieres tonight at 10 on Starz).



New Jamie Campbell Bower Interview With New York Post!

Jamie Campbell Bower is currently promoting his 10 part series, “Camelot.” In the new interview below, he chats with the New York Post (PopWrap) about what drew him to the series, the costumes and more. Camelot premieres TONIGHT at 10 on Starz:

PopWrap: I have to tell you, “Camelot” just might contain the most exciting first five minutes of a series to date.
Jamie Campbell Bower: Totally. And that’s one of the main things that drew everyone to it. The show doesn’t ever stay stagnant for a long period of time, there’s always something going down.

PW: In addition to the pacing, what drew you to this series?
Jamie: I think being British and growing up around the Arthurian legend was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss. To play this iconic figure is just mesmerizing to me.

PW: Is Monty Python right? Is it good to be the king?
Jamie: It is [laughs]! It’s very good to be the king.

PW: But it doesn’t look like Arthur enjoys his new role at first.
Jamie: Throughout the entire series you’ll see a progression of his character. The Arthur you see in episode one is not the Arthur you’ll see in episode ten. He really, really changes – he makes mistakes, does great thing and does terrible things — it’s a boy to man story.

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New Interview With Jamie Campbell Bower

Here is a new interview that Jamie Campbell Bower did to promote his ten- part series, ‘Camelot.’ Jamie plays King Arthur in the series. Camelot makes its series premiere on Friday, April 1 at 10pm on Starz.

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‘AP Live’ Interview With Jamie Campbell Bower !!!!

Here is a live interview that Breaking Dawn hunk Jamie Campbell Bower did with ‘AP Live.’ Gosh damn, he’s beautiful. Anyway, he chats about King Arthur, his name and more!

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Clip of Jamie Campbell Bower in ‘Camelot’

Breaking Dawn star Jamie Campbell Bower learns a family secret in this exclusive-to-MTV clip from Camlot. Jamie plays King Arthur in the Starz Original Series.




Jamie Campbell Bower & ‘Camelot’ in TV Guide!

Breaking Dawn movie vampire Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Caius) portrays King Arthur in the Starz TV series ‘Camelot’ and below is a feature TV Guide did on the series.

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New ‘Camelot’ Behind-The-Scenes Video!

Here is a new behind-the-scenes video for the ‘Camelot’ series starring Breaking Dawn‘s Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur!

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Second ‘Camelot’ Trailer!

Here is the second official Camelot Trailer with Jamie Campbell Bower!

Here is a new pic of Jamie as King Arthur too (handsome much?)

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New Promo Pic Of Jamie Campbell Bower For ‘Camelot’

Here is a new promotional pic of Jamie Campbell Bower for his Starz Original TV Series, ’Camelot.’Jamie Campbell Bower plays Caius of the Volturi in the Twilight films and King Arthur in Camelot.

Edit: And another new preview! They’re giving so many of these… I love it! :)




Two NEW ‘Camelot’ Promos!

Here are two brand new Camelot promo videos featuring Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur. Can’t wait!!! Watch April 1st on Starz!

Did some screen captions for you too!

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