Shiloh Fernandez Talks Missing Out on Playing Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight’

A while back Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight Director) revealed that Shiloh Fernandez was a finalist to play the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight, before the role was ultimately given to Robert Pattinson. In his new interview with VMAN, Shiloh (now starring in Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Red Riding Hood’) talked about the missed opportunity:

On missing out on the role of Edward Cullen: “No one had any idea what Twilight would become. At the time, it was just another audition. I didn’t realize I was missing out on stardom and giant paychecks. Now, looking back on it, I certainly wouldn’t have been mentally stable enough to deal with all that. Lucky for me, not getting that part led to other work that was a much better fit for me.”

On his experience working on Red Riding Hood: “To be given this great part with this very complicated backstory is such a learning experience. And [director Catherine Hardwicke] has created this world that’s so detailed and so beautiful. I loved being a part of it.”

On his ultimate aspirations: “I want to work and I want to become the best actor that I can be. But I also want to be a happy, interesting person. It’s hard to be an interesting person if you spend all your time on a set. That isn’t the real world. You’ve got to have a good life outside of all that. You’ve got to spend time in places where there’s not always someone on standby to bring you a glass of water.”

I’m still super excited to see Shiloh in ‘Red Riding Hood.’ Here are a couple more pics of the ‘almost–Edward.’ You can also see the article (above) bigger by clicking the thumb below:

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Trailer #2 To Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Red Riding Hood’

As most of you know, Catherine Hardwicke is the director behind the first Twilight movie. Now, she is the name behind the movie ‘Red Riding Hood.’ We showed you the first trailer in November here and now we have the second one below. Enjoy!

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MTV Asks: Is ‘Red Riding Hood’ Just ‘Twilight’ With A Cape?

Catherine Hardwicke is the amazing director behind the first Twilight movie (I know there are differing opinions regarding the ‘amazing’ part, but I LOVED Catherine’s work, personally). And now she’s taken another fantasy to film with ‘Red Riding Hood.’ (You can see the official Trailer here). MTV has pointed out some similarities between Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, and Catherine’s ‘Red Riding Hood.’ Check it out:

I think they have a similar feel so far as Catherine is the master of working with outdoor scenes and creating that cold, but warm feel (if that makes sense).

You can read more over at MTV—>

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Official ‘Red Riding Hood’ Trailer (Directed By Catherine Hardwicke)

We showed you the first stills of Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Red Riding Hood’ movie the other day here, and now we have the first official trailer. Billy Burke – who plays Bella Swan’s Dad in the Twilight Saga, Charlie Swan – is also in ‘Red Riding Hood.’ We showed you pics of him on the set a while back here.

This movie looks sooo amazing!! And has so many things in common with Twilight: Director (Catherine Hardwicke), Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), Shiloh Fernandez (who plays Peter in Red Riding Hood) was a finalist to play the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie, which was obviously eventually given to Robert Pattinson.

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Scan: First Look At Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Red Riding Hood’

Catherine Hardwicke is the director behind the first Twilight, and now she’s taken on a new fictional fantasy with Red Riding Hood. Below is a scan of the first pics from the film, and I have to say, I cannot wait to see this!! Amanda Seyfried gorgeous too!

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Melissa Rosenberg & Catherine Hardwicke at ELLE’s 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute

Last night Breaking Dawn screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg & Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke attended ELLE’s 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute at The Four Seasons Hotel on October 18, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. We haven’t forgotten about you, Catherine! You did bring us the very first Twilight movie, after all.

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Lexicon Interview with Catherine Hardwicke (May 2010)

Twilight Lexicon had the opportunity to interview Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour in Vancouver (May 2010). Here is the fun interview:



New/Old Fan Video of RObert & Kristen in Rome (From October 30th 2008)

This is a great fan video of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Catherine Hardwicke in Rome from October 30th 2008.

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E! News Video: Catherine outs Robsten (kinda)

Whoops. Maybe she though since there were pictures  of Rob and Kristen half holding hands that she was safe to say that?



Catherine Hardwicke at the 16th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute!

"Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke" "Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke" "16th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute" "Catherine Hardwicke at the 16th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute"

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke attended the 16th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Tribute on October 19th in Beverly Hills. She looked absolutely dazzling, too!


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