Catherine Hardwicke Talks Robert Pattinson!

Catherine Hardwicke attended the New Jersey Twilight Convention today and shared some fun info’ about Robert Pattinson & Twilight. Some of the things on her list:

- At teen choice Rob told Catherine that he borrowed Marcus fosters shirt that Marcus wore the night before b/c rob had no clean clothes

- Rob recorded let me sign while watching the cut of the scene and pegged the song to what he was seeing on screen emotionally

- At Robs audition he still had Dali hair, a stained tee shirt and wasn’t toned. Studio said are you sure you can make this guy look good

- Rob originally saw that fans hated him as a casting choice and Catherine told him hang in there and trust me and said stay offline. Rob said my mother sent it to me. Catherine said stop opening emails from your mother

- She had Rob put extensions in his hair and he hated them.

- Says she would have filmed some dream sequences if there had been money.

- She is happy that cast was relatively unknown so they could be the character.

Sources: TwiFans & Pellexicon



New Moon / Twilight Cast On Stage (Including Catherine Hardwicke)

More photos of the New Moon cast, this time including Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke at the Teen Choice Awards!


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