Happy Birthday Billy Burke! @billy_burke

Charlie Swan has always been, and always will be one of my top favorite Twilight characters! Today is Billy Burke’s Birthday (the actor who portrays Charlie… and does an AMAZING job at it) so head over to his Twitter here and wish him a Happy Birthday!



Billy Burke for Fault Magazine

Here is a new photo shoot that Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) did for Fault Magazine! Looking good! He looks like a vampire in the pic below:

See all the new pics HERE!

By: Christopher Beyer

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Billy Burke Releases New Music Video!

Here is Billy Burke’s (aka Charlie Swan) NEW music video! You can visit to  purchase this song and/or the album!

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Billy Burke ‘Drive Angry 3D’ Interviews

Here are three great new interviews with Billy Burke chatting about his new movie, “Drive Angry 3D.” He also gets asked about Breaking Dawn, too! He tells MTV that he does not find out his daughter is a vampire in the first movie, and he also has not seen Bella’s wedding dress yet.

HitFix | Via Twilight Guide



Billy Burke Talks Poker

Here is a new video of Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) at the World Celebrity Poker Tournament in L.A. February 19th. He doesn’t talk Twilight at all in this one, but he does talk about poker and he’s always fun to listen to, regardless of what he’s talking about. ;)




Billy Burke At The 2011 World Poker Celebrity Tour

Here are some pics of Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) at the World Poker Celebrity Tour of February 19th.

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Billy Burke ‘Drive Angry 3D’ Interview!

Here is a new interview Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) discussing his new film Drive Angry 3D.

He’s got his Charlie mustache here!

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Billy Burke On The Red Carpet For Opening Night Of “Hair”

Here are some new pics of Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) on the red carpet at the opening night of “HAIR” at the Pantages Theatre on January 6, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

You can view all the pics here!



Reader Submitted Holiday Pics: Charlie Swan

Well, I took to the blog yesterday and whined about wanting to see some Charlie Swan Holiday graphics/wallpapers and I got two lovely ones sent in. The first one was made by Anne and the second one was made by Lauren. Thank you both so so so so much for taking the time to make these and send them in! We’re extremely festive here at, and appreciate it more than you know! XO

Full size below (click to enlarge)



Happy Birthday Peter Facinelli!!! @PeterFacinelli

Happy Birthday to our favorite onscreen doctor, Peter Facinelli. I’ve also added a Happy Birthday graphic for Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) as his Birthday was yesterday and I was super short on time and missed it. So Happy Birthday Peter Facinelli, and Happy Belated to Billy Burke! The two Twilight Dads. ;)

♥Papa Cullen

♥Papa Swan

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