More New Moon Trading Cards with NEW Images!

These are incredible! I love all the new images – and Charlie!!!

You can see MANY more over at lovingrob



Ahhh! *New* HQ New Moon Movie Stills!!!!

Ahh, this is awesome! I’m loving the one of Papa Charlie giving Bella her present!!!!

source (And Thank You Nicole for the tip)



Because I love Charlie Swan so much…

Charlie Swan, Eclipse Set

I found this great solo photo of Charlie from the Eclipse set yesterday at Lainey Gossip! I honestly don’t think they could have possible cast anyone better for this role. Billy Burke is an incredible Chief Swan ;)



Eclipse set photos from the Forks police station set!!!!

Edward and Bella Eclipse Movie set, Eclipse

Edward Cullen's Volvo, Edward and Bella, Eclipse Movie

eclipse movie set

eclipse, chief swan, charlie swan

EDIT: Here are a few more different angles

edward's volvo, bella swan, edward cullen

Here are some new photos from the Eclipse set of Bella, Edward and Charlie! This scene was being filmed on the set of the Forks Police Station!

See more photos at Twilight-Gossip!

Also thanks to the Vancouver Sun and lunanuevameyer




Billy Burke & Sarah Clarke plus ‘Eclipse’ filming update

Eclipse Movie, Renée Dwyer, Sarah Clarke, Billy Burke, Eclipse Cast, Charlie Swan, Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie, Renée Dwyer, Sarah Clarke, Billy Burke, Eclipse Cast, Charlie Swan, Twilight Saga

Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) & Sarah Clarke (Renée Dwyer) were spotted in Vancouver. Sarah Clarke was leaving Vancouver, while Billy Burke was going for a stroll with his family. As far as ‘Eclipse’ shooting goes, Lainey Gossip has this to say:

“My sources tell me exclusively that scenes include: “Bella” reading “Jacob’s” letter, Bella and Jacob and their angsty discussions, “Edward” telling Bella he’ll always love her and that she will always be “his” (ew), and Bella hanging out with “Angela” (played by Christian Serratos) and they talk about boys and Bella’s Edward/Jacob love triangle.”



Dear Diary (Closure)

Renee seems different. She’s always been a ‘different’ person in general – eccentric – but she seems to have deviated from the person she used to be. Her eyes no longer hold that curious, vibrant spark they once did. She’s unusually calm, too. Renee is suffering, and it hurts to watch. I can already tell that her split from Phil is going to have a larger impact on her than she knows. Alice had some visions already, too, and one of them came true when Renee came back for another visit – in an attempt to escape her imperfect home life.

Charlie braced himself for another couple of days of having to endure the flames that burst their way up through his throat – the raw, scorching temptation. Renee didn’t seem quite as blown away by Charlie’s newly polished exterior this time, though. She didn’t really seem interested in anything, actually.

Although my human life is very blurry to me, vague, I still somehow remember the hole that formed in my chest when my entire life walked away from me, and promised I would never see him again. I wish everyday that those memories would have died in the fire that burned through my body as I was being turned, becoming a vampire. They didn’t, though, and I guess it’s a good thing in a way, because now I can understand what Renee is going through. Why the life in her eyes is fogged over with an obvious sadness. Her divorce from Phil won’t be anything like when my entire life, Edward, left me  – to protect me – because Renee gets over things easier than I do. But it will be hard.

Sue decided to make a surprise visit while Renee was visiting. Charlie was sitting at the small dinner table pretending to eat something Renee had made for him when we all heard the soft knock at he door. Edward knew it was Sue and shot me a sharp glance to warn me. The door was opening and Charlie was welcoming Sue in before anyone had the chance to say anything.


It got even better when Renee introduced herself as, “Renee . . .  Charlie’s ex-wife. As in Bella’s Mother.” Her voice was somewhat pretentious. Sue smiled and told Renee she was a friend of Charlie’s, then asked to speak to him, alone.

Of course when Sue and charlie went outside, Renee drilled Edward and I with questions. She has a bit of a jealous streak, but Edward and I did a good job of  ensuring her that Sue was just a friend. The longer Charlie took outside, though, the more Renee questioned that. I couldn’t take the suspense anymore so I asked to speak with Edward alone, upstairs. I needed some clarity, to know what Renee, Charlie and Sue were thinking. Not being able to read minds is a frustrating thing sometimes.

Edward confirmed Renee’s jealousy. It wouldn’t have taken a genius, or a mind reader, to figure that out. What I wanted to know was why Sue came to visit, and why she was talking to Charlie for such a long time. Edward answered that, too. “Sue misses Charlie, a lot. She wanted to know if he was more adapted to his new lifestyle.” Edward paused and quickly ran his long fingers through his hair. “Last time they spoke, she told him she would stay away until he was more adjusted to what he is now. She explained that she has feelings for him that are on a level far beyond friendship. She asked about Renee, too. It seems as though Charlie really cares for Sue.”

I bit my lip, worried about Renee; how this would make her feel. I thought about how it made Charlie feel when Renee started dating Phil. He wasn’t thrilled – but this is all part of life. You separate, then you eventually find someone new.

“I think we should stay out of this, love,” Edward began. “Let their lives fall where they’re supposed to.” He half smiled, though it didn’t touch his eyes. I realized he was right. This has nothing to do with me, and although I don’t want to see Renee hurt, I do want to see Charlie happy, based on his own decisions.

When we came back downstairs, Renee was engrossed in what seemed to be some vampire TV show. The actors sported fangs, but otherwise looked quite normal, human. Renee noticed us out of the corner of her eye and jumped a little. “Hey Bella . . . Edward, check this out,” she said, half laughing. “These guys are vampires, and there’s a big love triangle going on.” She pointed to the screen at the actors with the ridiculous looking fangs and continued, excitement filling her eyes. “The blonde girl used to be a human, but she became a vampire so she could live forever with that really good-looking vampire on the right.”

Edward laughed under his breath and looked at me, his hypnotic eyes almost making me forget about the awkward conversation we were having. Thankfully Charlie and Sue walked in the door just then. Charlie’s eyes were a bright crimson red and he bolted up the stairs, obviously aware of the fact that his contacts had dissolved. Sue must have told him.

“Well, I have to get going now. It was nice to meet you Renee. See you soon Bella . . .  Edward.” Sue smiled and didn’t seem to care that Renee completely ignored her. “Bye, Charlie. I’ll see you again soon!” Sue yelled up the stairs before opening the door to slip outside. But Charlie was back down the stairs so fast it would have looked like a blur to any human. I gave him a look that said, “Can you at least try to be a little less obvious in front of Renee!”

His eyes were brown again. “Let me walk you to your car, Sue.” Charlie’s face was serious, as if he was offended that she was going to go without a proper goodbye. Renee’s head spun back to look at them, and it almost looked painful for her to hold her head in that position. Sue welcomed the invite to have Charlie walk her to her car and they stepped out together, again.

Renee turned the TV off and thudded up the stairs to what used to be my bedroom. Suddenly it felt like I was her Mother. I felt like I should have been consoling her, but I didn’t. She needs time, and I know it’s hard for her, but Charlie doesn’t owe Renee anything. Besides, her scent is too much for Charlie to handle. Her entire visit has been torture for him. I can see the scorching iron burning him, turning his throat to ashes. Sue doesn’t smell good to Charlie, at all, but that might be a good thing. Easier.

Alice was right, Renee did get hurt, but Charlie didn’t do anything intentionally. He had felt his share of hurt from their relationship already, and can’t undo the damage. I know Renee will be fine, and I know Charlie will find happiness, too. For now, I think Charlie got the closure he needed after all these years. And he might not be human, and he might not completely remember the pain he felt from his human life when Renee left, but he still craved closure.

After Renee left to go back to Phoenix and close the sale on her and Phil’s house, Charlie finally took down their wedding photo. I didn’t say anything to Charlie about it, but Edward, of course read his mind. He took it down because he finally realized what happened years ago between Renee and him wasn’t his fault. He kept the photo up out of guilt and unwillingness to fail at something. He thought he failed with Renee, but he didn’t. He knows that now, thankfully. And I’m sure Sue will do a great job at reminding him just how great he really is.

I’m sure Renee won’t want to come back to visit again anytime soon after that, so before school starts we’re going to get everything together and move. I’m scared, but I’m excited, too. We’re keeping  Charlie’s house and the huge white Cullen house in Forks, and of course we’re keeping the cottage in the woods. At least I’ll still feel like I have a home in Forks. If we ever want to come back, we can do so discreetly.

I decided to post another entry from Edward’s diary next time. You’re probably getting a little sick of me now anyway. I know you all love getting to see life through his eyes sometimes, too. For now, I’m going to go play baseball in the clearing one last time before we leave Forks. It’s thundering. Perfect.


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Kristen Stewart has her Bella hair back & films graduation scene!

Kristen Stewart was back on set to film scenes for Eclipse, the graduation scene to be exact. She was accompanied on set by her on screen father, Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke! Yesterday Billy Burke tweeted about filming these scenes, as we posted earlier.

They did an incredible job at bringing Bella’s hair back. I bet Kristen is relieved to get rid of her mullet, too!

Thanks to Just Jared Jr. & RobPattzNews!



Billy Burke tweets… hints at filming Bella’s graduation scenes tomorrow!!!!!!!

Billy Burke just tweeted the above message and gave away that they will be filming Bella’s graduation scenes tomorrow! Soooo exciting!!!!!!! I want New Moon, but now my Eclipse craving is getting intense, too!



Billy Burke to hit up the ‘Couve’ next week…

Looks like Billy Burke, who plays Bella Swan’s father Charlie, is set to start shooting next week in Vancouver! Throughout the entire New Moon filming process I don’t believe I saw one picture of him! He sure knows  how to keep it low key.

via Billy’s Twitter



Twitter Roundup: 100 Monkeys play the Couve & Billy starts Eclipse!

If you’re in the Vancouver area to stalk your favorite vampire crew, you might as well check out Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys play at the Rickshaw Theatre September 12th 2009. Get tickets HERE! Due to all the Eclipse filming commotion, I bet this show is going to be off the hook! And, wouldn’t it be cool if Jackson’s castmates came out for support? I’m sure they’d have to remain in hiding, but it would be cool nonetheless.

Billy Burke took to his official Twitter to tell us that he is starting his part in Eclipse shortly! I love how nonchalant he is!


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