Special Treat From Chris Weitz!

From his own personal photo book, director Chris Weitz presents a very special inside look for fans into one of the key scenes from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. The images were taken during Chris’ first scouting trip to Italy, before Montepulciano was selected for the shoot. Enjoy!

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In case you didn’t know…

Our beloved New Moon Movie director was in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith! One of our readers, Maggie, was watching the movie then Chris popped up as the character Martin Coleman. So, not only can Chris write, produce and direct… but he can act, too! Above is a pic of Chris in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. (You know, the movie that started Brad and Angelina).

Thanks for sending this in Maggie!♥



‘New Moon’ Director Chris Weitz Reveals DVD Details!

So what can we expect from the “New Moon” DVD? Recently, we caught up with director Chris Weitz and got the scoop on the disc you’ll soon want sitting next to “Twilight” on your shelf.

“There will be a commentary track,” Weitz revealed, saying that he’ll soon head into the recording booth with his three big stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. “It’ll just be us riffing off each other in our intimate way,” he grinned. “We kind of like each other, so that should be fun.”

In addition, fans can look forward to picking up a copy of “Twilight in Forks,” the independently made documentary that teased fans with brief glimpses of its exploration into the real-life town that inspired Stephenie Meyer, only to be snatched up by Summit in September. An insider told MTV recently that the film will not be re-edited but will hit DVD alongside “New Moon” with all-new packaging and artwork.

Judging by the insatiable appetite of Twilighters, they’ll be filling DVD stores in the first quarter of 2010, eager to glimpse the deleted scenes Weitz plans to unveil for the first time.

“There will be probably about 20 minutes of deleted material,” he explained, promising some meaty footage. “It really is good stuff and a bonus for the fans.”

Among this bonus footage could be several moments MTV knows were shot but did not make the final “New Moon” cut, including:

» A scene with Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria driving to Forks in a car, snacking on a dead human. It was one of the final moments the actress filmed as the nomadic vampire.

» A scene with the human characters eating Burger King.

» Another scene with the humans, this time with Justin Chon and Michael Welch expressing jealousy over Edward’s car.

» More scenes with the Volturi in Italy.

» An extended cut of the scene where Mike Newton quotes Shakespeare to Bella in the Forks High parking lot; in it, he does a Marlon Brando impersonation.

» Scenes alluding to the ongoing breakup between Newton and Anna Kendrick’s Jessica.

“When I made the film, I wanted it to arrive at a certain kind of flow and cadence,” Weitz said of why he had to leave so many scenes on the cutting-room floor but hopes to restore many for the DVD. “[They would have affected] how the movie worked, and they didn’t completely fit. But there’ll be some groovy stuff in [the DVD].”



New HQ New Moon Behind The Scenes Photo!

new moon movie

Here is a new HQ New Moon behind the scenes photo! After seeing New Moon, I have to say – I LOVE that Chris Weitz has a goofy side. It really showed. :)




Robert, Taylor Chris Moviefone Unscripted Interview!

I love this. I Remember Rob and Kristen’s last year, and it was amazing. The best part, though, is that Rob hasn’t changed!

Thanks Sarah!♥



Pressekonferenz New Moon Fan Event München Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner, Weitz

Here is the Munich press conference with the New Moon cast and director! Enjoy.



New Moon’s Madrid Photocall (Smokin’)

Here are some photos from the Madrid photocall with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

See more here!



VIDEO: Madrid Conference!

They all are dressed so sharp ;)




Photos of Rob, Taylor and Kristen on the red carpet in London!

Here are some photos form the red carpet in London! Loving Kristen’s dress. It adds such a nice splash of color to everything. And Chris’ pants…

See even more from the red carpet in London here.



Videos Of Rob, Kristen, Taylor in Paris!

These aren’t the best quality, but still fun to watch!

Please credit mayfrayn if reposted.


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