Hollyscoop Interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Chris Weitz!!

Here are the Hollyscoop interviews with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Chris Weitz!




Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Chris Weitz at LAX!

Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart & Chris Weitz were spotted bolting through the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Sunday November 8th.

You can see even more photos here.




Pictures of Kristen, Taylor, Dakota and Chris from the ‘New Moon’ press conference!

And, I adore this one….

Here are a bunch of photos of Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and New Moon director Chris Weitz. You can see a ton more HERE!



*New* New Moon Movie Stills!

And Bella Swan…

Here are some more great new *New Moon Movie* stills!

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Press Conference With Robert Pattinson & Chris Weitz In Japan!

I love when Chris Weitz calls RPattz out for being shy and tries to embarrass him. Too cute for words.

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Fan Site Fridays: Part 2 Of Chris Weitz Interview!

Hi everyone! Just got the info for Fan Site Friday’s final edition. They’re sharing part 2 of thier on set interview with Chris Weitz! You can  listen to the audio (above) too! Here’s a preview:

There were a lot of quirks in ‘Twilight’ with incorporating the book cover and having Stephenie do the cameo. Do you any plans to put your own spin on that to include it in this movie at all?

Chris Weitz: Well I know that Stephenie didn’t particularly like the tulip on the cover of the book, so we won’t be seeing that. Well I don’t think there are any trick cameos per se but every time I make a movie I definitely want 20 or 30 moments where if you had a DVD and stopped it, you can see things whether it be strange bits of foreshadowing – as though you can see into the futuren certain scenes or whether it be little moments that pass by un noticed or details of the articheture of things- I love doing that sort of stuff-

What was your biggest challenge in making the movie?

Chris Weitz: I think its a challenge to make a movie anyway, especially one that is coming out in November. I think the biggest challenge will be getting it out on time and making sure that every little detail at least in my mind is right. I’m rather obsessive and I tend to be a worry wart about things so.. you know going into this that there is going to be a lot of interest and that people are going to go and see it but to me that’s kind of not enough… I really want to deliver on everything that I promised- so that’s the really tough thing is making sure that you don’t just go and do your job and go home- that every second is an opportunity exploited or wasted to get something right.

Read the entire interview at Twilightersanonymous!




Bliss Magazine has a Chris Weitz Interview!

New Moon Bliss Magazine

The newest issue of Bliss Magazine has a new interview with Chris Weitz about New Moon, the actors and characters!

Setting the scene:
“I’d like to think the vibe on set was relatively calm. I was very careful to try to show the actors diagrams of the sets, so they didn’t turn up without knowing what it was like first. It was fun once we got there, but very, very tiring.”

Body Beautiful:
“It’s impossible to take a bad picture of Rob, even with these motion picture spots all over him! I think the hysteria over him is greater than for any of the other guys because the character he’s playing is unattainable and perfect. Thankfully, Rob has a highly developed sense of the absurd, so he doesn’t suffer as much as he otherwise would. However, when we were in Vancouver, there were days when he would just stay indoors and read or watch movies. If he went to his window, people would scream! He was kind of a hermit, really/ It’s hard for me to judge how he’s changed because I didn’t know him in the last movie.”

Fan Frenzy:
“I tried not to check what fans were saying on the internet until the film finished, as I knew I’d be influenced by them. We had a lot of crazy fans show up during filming, especially in Italy. I mean crazy only in a nice way! More and more fans showed up every day until the entire town was just awash with young people. They didn’t even sneak around – they were just there. I’d say 90% were what you’d think of as typical Twilight fans – young girls – and then there were the parents, the Twilight Mums… even the occasional heterosexual male! The only difficulty is when you have a camera, all the lighting gear and you’re in a little city with small alleyways and there are thousands of fans there, it’s actually hard to move from one place to another. That posed a practical probelem.”

Kristen’s Character:
“Kristen is one of those actors who inhabits the role she’s playing. She was in Joan Jett mode [from filming The Runaways], and then was thrown into promoting New Moon. I think she addresses the questions put to her seriously, and that’s not always what the fans are looking for. They want something fun and cute, but she’s a serious character. Anyone would be uncomfortable in front of 7,000 screaming fans, it’s just a question of how well you hide it.”

Robsten’s Snog Secrets:
“I was surprised at how clever Rob and Kristen are. That’s not to say that I thought they were dummies before, but they had such a strong sense of their own characters and they’re very serious about what they might say at any given moment. In a way, you expect people to coast a bit in the sequel or to think, ‘This is not a realistic situation because I’m playing a girl who’s in love with a vampire, so I have no responsibility to convey realistic emotions.’ But they both want to put some kind of truth into everything, even when the scenes they’re playing are just bizzare.”

Huge thank you to  lion_lamb for transcribing & for the scans!




Fan Site Friday’s Interview With Chris Weitz!

Chris Weitz, New Moon Movie

Hey everyone. It’s Fan Site Friday time again. This time the Fan Site Friday crew is sharing an interview they got the chance to do with New Moon director Chris Weitz! Here’s a snippet:

Was there anything from the first film that you felt you had to change?

Chris: No, I don’t. I think the key things that worked with the first

movie are the relationships and the feelings of the main characters are the [same] things will work about this. Everything else is just bells and whistles. I mean, there are a lot more special effects in this film so the fact that I had a lot of experience in that area kind of helps. But it shouldn’t feel so different. It shouldn’t suddenly as though you are in an action movie or a visual effects movie. It is wrong if it feels that way. It is only right if the visual effects convey the feeling that is in the books in the first place. The world of the book expands naturally, like with the Volturi. Obviously, they weren’t in the first movie at all but that has been an organic development.

Have you talked to Stephenie Meyer- has she given you any tips?

Chris: Oh yeah we speak all the time. We email back and forth all the time. She’s been to visit the set, and I went down to Arizona to hang out with her. Yeah I’m running stuff past her constantly so that the mythology of the series isn’t violated. I don’t want to pull any fast ones or make any mistakes in terms of things that I present which don’t make sense in her universe. You would have to ask her, I don’t want to make any claims, you’d have to ask her to the degree to which she is satisfied. At least she says to me that she feels the film is very beautiful, and that’s not a credit to me that’s more Javier Aguirresarobe the DP who does absolutely beautiful work. And the idea is to try to make as elegant and beautiful a rendering of the book as possible.

Read the rest of the interview over at Twilighters Anonymous! Press PLAY on the audio player below to hear the audio version of the interview, too!



AH! New portraits of New Moon cast at Comic-Con! Beautiful.

A while ago we showed you a few portraits from EW’s photoshoot at Comic-Con! Well, more beautiful portraits of the New Moon cast have surfaced… and WHOA! Looks at Rob’s eyes in the first one. All of them are great!

Thanks to TwiFans!



New Moon Soundtrack To Hit Stores October 13th!

Wooooooo! Looks like the New Moon Movie soundtrack will hit stores in approximately 3 short months! (October 13th to be exact)! The Official New Moon Movie Soundtrack blog was recently updates with the following:

“We are happy to announce that the New Moon soundtrack will be in stores on October 13th! That will give you all plenty of time to get to know the music before the movie is in theaters on November 20th. As Chris Weitz has mentioned, artists such as Thom Yorke, Bon Iver, Muse, and Band of Skulls are being discussed for the soundtrack but nothing is confirmed so far. Stay tuned to for exciting information about the official soundtrack pre-order, which will get you tons of extras and exclusives before the album arrives!”


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