Christian Serratos FHM Outtakes (Un-Tagged)

Here are some un-tagged outtakes of Christian Serratos (who plays Angela Weber) from her FHM photoshoot. I’m putting these under a spoiler block because they aren’t really work or child-friendly… so just click ‘show’ to view the pics. :)


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Christian Serratos for Troix Magazine!

Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) is on the cover of the November issue of digital magazine, Troix. Here are some of her new pics, but be sure to see them all over at Troix Magazine —>

Very pretty!



Christian Serratos for FHM: Bloody Sexy

Here is a new video from FHM of Christian Serratos (aka Bella’s human friend Angela Weber) titled ‘Bloody Sexy.’ She has to be the one who in real life is the most different from her Twilight Saga character, I think.




Christian Serratos & Jeremy Sumpter HUNGRY EYES Troix Magazine

Check out this gorgeous new video of The Twilight Saga‘s Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) with Jeremy Sumpter for Troix Magazine!



Christian Serratos at The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

We all know and love her as Bella’s somewhat geeky friend Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga movies, but Christian Serratos dazzled at the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Awards on October 1st.




Christian Serratos Signs Autographs For Fans At Blackberry Torck Launch Party

Here is a video of Christian Serratos (aka: Bella Swan‘s friend Angela in the Twilight Saga) signing autographs for fans at the BlackBerry Torch Launch party (August 1).



Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick & Christian Serratos At The BlackBerry Torch Launch (August 11)

Twilight Saga stars Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick & Christian Serratos attended the BlackBerry Torch launch last night (August 11th). Here are some pics from the evening!

You can view more pics form the event here—>

[Also thank you to FoForks]



‘Eclipse’ star Christian Serratos surprises moviegoers in DC plus Interview!

Willie Waffle was able to interview Eclipse movie‘s Christian Serratos (Bella’s friend Angels in the movies) after she surprised moviegoers at the DC Eclipse viewing!



Behind the scenes of Christian Serratos’ Maxim Magazine Photoshoot

Christian Serratos (who you all know as Bella’s human friend Angela Weber in the Twilight films ) takes up behind the scenes of her Maxim photoshoot.

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Christian Serratos (aka Angela Weber) in Maxim Magazine!

I’m putting these pics under a cut as Christian Serratos (also known as Bella’s friend Angela in the Twilight Saga) is wearing nothing more than a bra and underwear. Please use your own judgement as to weather or not you’d like to click and see this photoshoot. It’s there for those who do! CLICK HERE if you’d wish to continue :)

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