Cute New Pic of Jamie Campbell Bower

Here’s a cute new pic of Jamie Campbell Bower looking happy as ever!




Ashley Greene Rescues 2 New Puppies!

Ashley Greene posted these pics of her new puppies to her Instagram with the caption: “Today felt like a great day to rescue a puppy… Or two! I couldn’t take a brother without his sister! #spotrescue #love #life #theosnewfam”

I love her for this! For rescuing them and for taking both brother and sister. They’re beautiful!



Robert Pattinson With Bear & Bernie in LA!

Here are some cute new pics of Robert Pattinson driving with Bernie and Bear!

Thanks RPLife Via DiarioTwilight



Made Some Twilight Actor Valentine’s Day Cards For You!

Hello lovelies! I got bored and made you these Valentine’s Day cards of some of your favorite Twilight actors! I’ll probably go back in and add more once I get a chance! Enjoy, and don’t forget to give one to your favorite Twi-loving pal or love interest!

Love, Bella’s Diary



Kellan Lutz & Sharni Vinson Watch The Sunrise on Cronulla Beach

Well these are just so adorable! Kellan Lutz and his girlfriend, Sharni Vinson, watched the sun come up on Cronulla Beach in Sydney this morning (April 4th).


TeamKellanLutz via VC



Kellan Lutz Tweets New Funny Pic of Himself!

Kellan Lutz tweeted this new pic of himself using a squat toilet and captioned it: “Hmmm… never used a toilet like this before…wipe with the left hand or my messed up right hand? decisions…decisions? Great day on set!”

Think you have to remove the boxers first Kellan! ;)



In honor of football season!

A couple of readers, Cristina & Jasie, sent in this captioned pic of RPattz in honor of football season. Their husbands, Glenn & Brandon, have an intense love of football and the girls decided that Robert Pattinson would never put them through such anguish, so they came up with this adorable captioned pic for all those wives out there having to endure football season! Thanks a ton Cristina & Jasie! And you’re right, Robert would never put his lady through that! :P