Dakota Fanning ‘Verified’ Twitter Account Fake

I do not know how the account ended up verified, but it was confirmed through Dakota’s reps that the account is actually a fake. Twilight Lexicon got to the bottom of it after a round of bizarre Tweets and DM’s were sent from the account: 

“We were able to contact Summit Entertainment who in turn contacted Dakota’s reps and they verified that the account is a fake. Those fake tweets and DM’s will be forwarded to Dakota’s legal team.

At this time we have no idea what the end game here was. The account was mostly talking about a charitable event, it’s unknown if this charity on top of Twitter was fooled too. Regardless, it’s disturbing to say the very least!”

Now I’d like to know how they ended up getting it verified . . . 

Ladies and gentlemen, Dakota Fanning has officially joined Twitter. You can follow her verified account here.