Extract from the new Daybreak Diary (Edward’s POV)

Hi Twerds! Amy from TheBreakingDawnMovie sent me an extract from her newest diary entry, and it’s from Edward’s POV! Follow her on Twitter here so you can find out right when the full entry is posted and she will link you to it! Here is your preview (it’s amazing):

Edward, Cullen

As we closed towards the empty terminal for our flight back to Port Angles, and then a run into Forks, I could tell Bella’s nerves or guilt felt heightened as she had left Renee and not told her about Phil’s sudden re-appearance last night.

As we had laid on the couch last night, the throb of Renee’s and Phil’s unsteady heartbeats filled the deep silent night air. I had listened into Phil’s thoughts further. What I found there was a little more complicated than we had thought. Phil had been out late drinking with his friends for the past month; he and Renee had been fighting lately. When I told Bella her face seemed to crease with worry.

“I shouldn’t have left her, Edward,” her voice an octave higher than usual. I kissed her cheek, breathing in the banquet of smells leaping off her marble skin, she shivered in my grasp. “She’ll be alright,” I whispered in ear. “Renee can cope, I know.” She cocked her head to the side and stared into my eyes. She smiled. “I bet you know,” she snickered.
“I do; she’s just like you. Small but stubborn, and instantly loveable,” she snuggled closer to me.



Extract from the New ‘Daybreak’ Entry! (Bella’s POV!)

Hey everyone! Amy from TheBreakingDawnMovie.Org sent me over a preview of her brand new entry that she will be posting soon and it’s from Bella’s POV! As some of you know, Amy is writing a series of diary entries called “Daybreak: The Breaking Dawn Chronicles” and each entry is from a different characters POV!

Here is your preview. You can follow Amy on Twitter here so you can find out right when the full entry is posted!

-Bella Swan

My throat was constricted; venom flowing onto my parched tongue, the same burning sensation which felt like a hot branding iron had been thrust down my throat. It was a nightmare. Edward raised an eyebrow, squeezing my hand. “Don’t worry,” he soothed, kissing my cheek sending tingles through my granite skin, “Everything will be alright, my love. You can do this.”

I had taken an extra precaution of hunting just a few hours earlier before hoping onto our flight, the smell and sensation of the pulsing veins in humans surrounding us drove me crazy. Edward was my only distraction.



Extract of the next Diary Entry from Daybreak! (Alice’s POV)

As a lot of you know, our pal Amy over at TheBreakingDawnMovie.Org is writing a series of Diary entries called “Daybreak: The Breaking Dawn Chronicles” and each entry is from a different characters POV! (cool, right?)

She already has two entries up (One from Marcus’ POV & one from Aro’s POV). This week, you’ll all be excited to know she has written from Alice’s POV and wants me to share an extract with all of you. Here’s the extract:

- Alice Cullen

I could feel the same ominous twitching behind my eyes that I had become accustomed to, the familiar scent of an upcoming event, my breath ceased and my limbs became rigid – a new wave of images caressing my brain.  They slowly unfolded from the corners like a Polaroid photograph, the colors becoming deeper and the foggy silhouettes dimming into the pallid color of their glistening skin.  There were two images placed side-by-side, one not so frightening and the other raising a staggering heartbeat, my throat constricted and the venom flowed onto my parched tongue.

First of all, the Romanian Coven were close by – Stefan and Vladimir – I could see their red eyes pulsing with the burning sensation to feed. The second was the Volturi, Marcus and an unknown female vampire striding aside him. The light impression against my brain suddenly dissolved and I was left with a coiling knot in my stomach, panic setting in.

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♥Thanks Amy!