The Mysterious Charlie Bewley!

By now we should all know who Charlie Bewley, who plays the Volturi vampire Demetri is. After the extended trailer was released, I’m sure his fan base swelled right along with it! Hollywood.Com had the chance to dig deeper into Charlie’s mind, though, and they dug up some interesting things:

Charlie Bewley won’t say how old he is.

He also won’t elaborate on the details of his seemingly scandal-heavy past, which he alludes to frequently, nebulously describing it as “erratic, risky, bread-line. High highs, low lows.” In passing, he mentions turbulent romances and family dramas, and says he doesn’t really drink anymore, but keeps mum on the reasons why. He is decidedly mysterious.

“I have to be,” Bewley says.

What’s known is that Bewley is a British expat who worked several snow seasons in ski mecca Whistler after immigrating to Canada several years ago. For a time, he supported himself by driving a cab (“I had the most money out of all my friends”) and later moved to Vancouver, a two-ish-hour drive from Whistler, to pursue his acting career. The choice necessitated another move to Los Angeles in September of this year.

This is, of course, because Bewley plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the upcoming New Moon, the second installment of the culturally permeating Twilight Saga series.

Last year’s Twilight grossed $383 million worldwide and set just as many hearts, mostly female, into hysterics with its story of forbidden human/vampire romance. The Saga’s trio of teen dream leads, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and especially Robert Pattinson, are suddenly, ridiculously famous, with their faces gracing tabloid covers on an almost weekly basis under headlines like “Rob Risks It All for Kristen.”

The Twilight series is a juggernaut running on the romantic fantasies and babysitting money of its largely teenage audience, a group that literally screams and cries for all things Twilight. The series has spawned dolls, videogames, charm bracelets and (seriously) decorative throws. But it’s the actors, no matter how bit their part, that are the franchise’s most sought after commodity.

Bewley’s role in New Moon is his first professional acting gig, and it thrusts him into the unique position of being at once both fresh to the Hollywood solar system and very, very famous in the alternative universe that is the Twilight subculture. Bewley, however, says he doesn’t feel “suddenly famous” and admits he’s long dealt with being well-known, saying, cryptically, that he’s “always been fairly infamous in the circles I travel in.”

Now, he’s immensely in demand among the human waves of teen girls who mobbed him while he was shooting New Moon on location in Montepulciano, Italy.

“Italy was a dream. Very surreal,” Bewley says. “I think everyone there, no matter who it was, Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart], [director] Chris [Weitz] or anyone else would say that it was an experience that they may never go through again. The hospitality of the whole thing, the way they treated us, the whole setting was so magnificent. “

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Charlie Bewley (Demetri from New Moon) Interview!

My Bliss Magazine got the chance to catch up with Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri, at the Twilight Prom over the weekend and he chatted about New Moon, his character and he even let us know who his favorite Twilight lady is!



High Quality Pics of The Volturi…

Check out the the above pictures of the Volturi in high quality. We showed you the magazine scan which included a glimpse of these pics . I love all their eyes up close. So perfect!!

Thanks to RobPattzNews for the info!




New pictures of the Volturi from People Magazine!!!!

Ohh these Volturi scenes are going to be intense. Check out Demetri threatening Alice. Ahhh. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. And whoever doubted Dakota as Jane, I bet you’re taking it back now?

Make sure to buy the September 7th issue of People to see these pics!

Thanks to NewmoonMovie

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