Joe Jonas Talks Ashley Greene to Details Magazine!

Ashley Greene‘s boyfriend Joe Jonas graces the April cover of Details Magazine and during the interview for his spread he talked about his lovely girlfriend:

On his relationship with Ashley Greene: “[It] feels good. I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule. She’ll fly out to my shows. She’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”

You can check out more of Joe’s interview with Details Mag’ here!

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Robert Pattinson: New “Details Magazine” Outtakes!

Ohhhh my goodness. Rob laying on a table like that…. and his beautiful eyes in the first one. Why do you do this to us Rob? lol.

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New Details Magazine Outtake!

My goodness, it suddenly got hotter in here. Looking at photos of Rob could save you some serious dough on your heating bill. Thank you so much to Nikki at EverythingButTwilight for showing this to me. Thank you to @cybermelli for scanning it :D



Rob’s Details Magazine Outtakes!

Edit: Here are more outtakes and a video!

I can’t upload anymore that contain nudity, photobucket isn’t having it, lol. Understandable. I had to crop the nude models out of these outtakes, but you can view them at RPLife here if you’d like! Here is the video, which does contain some nudity. Please don’t click PLAY if you think you’ll be offended. Also, Not Safe For Work. XO

Credits: Photos by Norman Jean Roy  Details



Details Magazine Scans With Robert Pattinson

Okay everyone, the Details Magazine scans are in, but they aren’t suitable for this site. Photobucket wont let me upload them anyway – they take them down because they violate their Terma and Conditions. If you’d like to see the photos (which do have nude models in them) you can visit RPLife HERE!



The Truth About The Robert Pattinson “Details” cover!

Robert Pattinson Entertainment WeeklyRobert Pattinson‘s “Details” Magazine shoot has been a hot topic lately. How racy was the photoshoot reall? Gossip Cop has the deets.

From Gossip Cop:

“Message boards and Twitter have been all atwitter about Robert Pattinson’s cover shoot for the March issue of Details magazine.

People are claiming the issue features a partially clothed Pattinson photographed getting “a lap dance,” being “straddled” by a woman,” and even standing while a woman on her knees simulates oral sex on him.

Gossip Cop has the REAL details about what’s really in Details.

First off, Pattinson is FULLY clothed in all of the dozen or so photographs. He’s not even shirtless in any of the pictures.

And there are no straddling shots. No lap dance shots. No simulated oral sex shots. None of it.

While it’s true the models are nude in some pictures, remember it’s Details magazine, so readers won’t be exposed to their details either.

Insiders tell Gossip Cop the photos are “super sexy,” yet “tasteful.” We also hear the pictures have “an Old Hollywood” feel to them. One source described the photos as embodying “1920s, 1930s Hollywood glamor.”

The Pattinson cover technically hits newsstands on February 23, but Gossip Cop is told some magazines will be available a few days earlier.”

That’s so soon, so be patient and we will get to see for ourselves before we know it. I’m sure they’ve done it in a very artistic way.