DuWop Makeup Used On-Set For The New Moon Movie

I was just checking out the Sephora Beauty Blog and discovered this new article about exactly what products were used on our favorite New Moon characters for the flick:

“Here’s a sneak peek at some of the DuWop makeup, tips, and tricks that were used to achieve the (as quoted by Bella) “devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful” looks for some of the characters of New Moon, created by makeup artist Norma Hill-Patton. Are you as curious as I am?  Here are all the DuWop essentials Norma used on our favorite vampires”

The Cast:

Circle Block Concealer in Light & Medium

“This was used to great effect on members of the cast. It is incredibly creamy without being greasy, and it doesn’t crease. Also, the colors blend beautifully with the skin.”


Grey Eyes Shadow Palette

“The beautifully matched tones helped me to create a smoky eye. The color stayed in place with minimal touch-ups throughout the day. A big plus for me!”

There’s more, too, so check out the blog here to see what other makeup they used to achieve the looks of the stars of New Moon!