‘Eclipse’ Cast Thought Harry Potter or Inception Would Win ‘Best Movie’

Here’s a video of some of the Eclipse cast weighing in on who they think will win ‘Best Movie’ at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Still excited that they beat out Harry Potter and Inception!



‘Eclipse’ Cast in German BRAVO magazine (Scans)

Here are some scans of the Eclipse cast in German Bravo Mag’! There is also a translated interview with Kellan Lutz (see below for excerpt):

You can also click the thumbnails (below) to see HQ (large) version of the scans

Here is an excerpt of the roughly translated interview:

BRAVO: Hey Kellan, did you know what your last name Lutz actually is a German prename?
Kellan: For sure! That’s because I’ve ancestors in Germany!

BRAVO: Really?!
Kellan: Cool, isn’t it? I’m sort of a German Hollywood-Star [laughs]! I were born in the USA – in Dickinson/North Dakota. But my grandparents are from Munich. That’s why I was there often as a little child. But I was pretty little and can’t remember much.

Keep Reading this interview at KLO here—->



Empire Magazine interview with Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Booboo Stewart, Alex Meraz, Ashley Greene, Xavier Samuel and David Slade !

Here is a great new interview that Empire Magazine did with lots of the Eclipse cast members and the director David Slade! These are great :)



Pics: ‘Eclipse’ Cast at UK Premiere!

Check out Eclipse movie‘s Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz at the UK premiere of Eclipse.




UK ‘Eclipse’ Press Conference pics!

Here are  pics of the some of the Eclipse cast at the UK press conference (July 1st).

See more here—->

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New ‘Eclipse’ Clips in GMTV Promo

Friday 2nd July, the vampires of the new Eclipse movie will be on GMTV . Don’t miss it!

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‘Eclipse’ Cast on Jimmy Kimmel

If you missed it on TV, don’t worry ’cause below is the full episode of Jimmy Kimmel with the Eclipse cast that aired this evening:

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TODAY’s Exclusive Interviews with the ‘Eclipse’ cast

Here are TODAY’s exclusive interviews with the Eclipse cast! This video  includes interview with Xavier Samuel, Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene & Peter Facinelli!



On The Red Carpet Interviews with ‘Eclipse’ Cast!

Check out these new interviews that On The Red Carpet got of the Eclipse cast including: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Bryce Dallas Howard. They plan to add more throughout the week too!

Kristen Stewart: Bella is awkward, ‘owns it’ (below)

Pattinson: ‘Eclipse’s ‘macho’ stuff is funny (below)

Taylor Lautner: Jacob sarcastic in ‘Eclipse’ (below)

‘Eclipse’s ‘Victoria’ trained by running pros (below)

Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed talk ‘Eclipse’ (below)

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Video: ‘Eclipse’ Cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live Preview!

Here is a preview of the ‘Eclipse’ cast in Jimmy Kimmel Live thanks to X17 Online! I love how Rob claps with on hand on his knee :)

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