Eclipse trailer Spoof for Doritos Viralocity contest!

Check out this funny Eclipse trailer spoof that was made by Peter Chao for the Doritis Viralocity contest!

Thanks for sending Peter B!



Eclipse director David Slade Tweets about a New Year’s Gift…

Eclipse movie director David Slade Tweeted the above message and I couldn’t help but wonder, if perhaps the ‘gift’ is an Eclipse trailer? I could be getting excited for nothing, but this looks promising! *keeps fingers crossed while typing*



David Slade Tweets Eclipse News!

Eclipse Movie Trailer Eclipse Movie Trailer

Eclipse director, David Slade, took to his official Twitter to address questions about the Eclipse Movie Trailer. I’m sure it wont be long – we saw the New Moon trailer LONG before the movie was due out, I’m sure they will do the same thing with Eclipse. We will have to be patient and see :)