New/Old ‘Eclipse’ Premiere Video of Robert Pattinson!

Check out this new/old video that a fan just posted from the Eclipse premiere of Robert Pattinson signing autographs!

[Via VampireClub]



The Tonight Show covers the ‘ECLIPSE’ premiere!

The Tonight Show’s Ross Matthews had a really special assignment -covering the premiere of Eclipse! Watch Ross’ adventure at event, including his interviews with Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in the clip below.

♥Thanks to Maggie for sending this over!



Para Todos interview with Rob, Kristen & Taylor at the ‘Eclipse’ premiere!

Here is a new interview from the black carpet at the Eclipse movie premiere with Kristen, Rob and Taylor:

Edit: Okay, the right video is up now (above). I don’t know why, but for some reason I had an Eclipse TV spot instead of the Para Todos interview, lol.



Jackson Rathbone Talks Crazy Fan Encounter!

Jackson Rathbone tells kalebnation about his craziest fan encounter at the premiere for the Eclipse movie (June 24th)

Edit: Here’s a couple more videos of Jackson from the evening I just found:



Kristen gets sharpied, Taylor talks his dream date & Rob talks ‘sleeping with him’ at the ‘Eclipse Premiere’

Here is the E! News coverage of the Eclipse premiere & after party. Who would Taylor have picked as his date for the premiere of he could pick ANY celeb? Did any other cast members have sharpie issues? Check it out:




Moviefone Minute: ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Premiere

Moviefone’s Jenna Busch was able to catch up with the Eclipse starts on the black carpet at the premiere. Check out her great interview with vamps, wolves and humans:



Kellan Lutz shows off his Calvin Klein’s at the ‘Eclipse’ premiere!

For all the Team Emmett/Team Underwear Model people out there, I’ve got your back. Check out Eclipse hottie Kellan Lutz  giving his fans a little show at the premiere:




Eclipse stars talk Fashion at the ‘Eclipse premiere’

Check out what the Eclipse cast has to say about fashion, and how theirs has changed since hitting it big with the Twilight franchise:



Robert, Jackson, Kristen & Taylor interviewed by Bing at ‘Eclipse’ premiere

Check out the Eclipse stars in the Bing box at the Eclipse movie premiere:



Videos: Kristen Stewart Interview at “ECLIPSE” Premiere June 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart was interviewed on the red carpet at the Eclipse movie premiere. She talks about her fans, Eclipse, past Twilight premieres and more:

Rob, Taylor & Kristen on the red carpet (getting their pics taken):

Kristen Stewart on her dress of choice for the Eclipse premiere:

Kristen’s Advice to Young Girls Body Image Issues:


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