New Eclipse Promo pics on EclipseTheMovie.Com!

EclipseTheMovie.Com has launched and they have some new promotional pics up! I tried to screen caption the best I could… the information bars got in the way though, lol. Go check the site out and have some fun over there!

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New Eclipse Casting: Maria (The Vamp Who Turned Jasper)

According to the Risky Business Blog:

“Eclipse” has found its Maria, and she’s full of grace.

Producers on Summit’s third “Twilight” pic have cast Catalina Sandino Moreno, best-known for playing the title character in the indie drama “Maria Full of Grace,” to play the vampire character of Maria.”

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Breaking Dawn Special Edition and Eclipse paperback are now in stores!!!!!

It’s been a long Twilight-less summer – but finally something new is available for you to get your Twilight addicted fingers on! Inside the Special Edition is DVD footage of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series, an exclusive lyric sheet from Justin Furstenfeld featuring the words to “My Never” and a Bella & Edward poster featuring art from the graphic novel.

♦Limited Quantities♦




Has Eclipse found their Royce King II?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eclipse the movie has found their Royce King II. Apparently Jack Huston will be portraying the role! THR has this to say:

“Jack Huston has fanged his way on to Summit Entertainment’s threequel “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

The actor joins Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Bryce Dallas Howard in the third installment of the vampire series derived from Stephenie Meyer’s novels. Huston will play Royce King II, a human that lived during the Great Depression.

Production begins shortly in Vancouver under the direction of David Slade (“30 Days of Night”). Its scheduled for a June 30 release.”

NOTE: Here at we don’t consider anything confirmed news until it comes directly from Summit. However, the Hollywood Reporter is known for being quite reliable.




Robert Pattinson Arrives On ‘Eclipse’ Set!

Everyone’s choice hottie, Robert Pattinson has arrived in Vancouver on the Eclipse set for the first time for a wardrobe fitting! I can’t believe Eclipse is starting already. This is too exciting!

See more of Rob arriving on set at SocialiteLife



Jodelle Ferland Confirms Role In Eclipse!!

Jodelle Ferland Tweeted the above – so it’s confirmed that she will be in Eclipse! Can’t wait to see her performance. She looks like she could definitely pull it off!



Bryce Dallas Howard is officially heading to Vancouver to begin Eclipse

Bryce Dallas Howard is official. Here are the pics of her heading to Vancouver to begin filming for her part as Victoria in Eclipse. Lets hope she’s hiding some fierceness behind that gentle smile.

Via TwiFans



Peter Facinelli & Jackson Rathbone Talk Rachelle LeFevre Controversy!

What’s her name again…. lol. New Moon stars Peter Facinelli & Jackson Rathbone discuss Rachelle LeFevre‘s departure from the Eclipse movie in a kind and appropriate manner!

Thanks to TwiFans for this!



First New Pics Of The New Victoria…

Here’s a first look at Bryce Dallas Howard since being cast by Summit for the role of Victoria. Hmmm, it’s somewhat odd posting about someone other than Rachelle while referencing Victoria. Either way – here is the new Victoria, possibly getting into character with her new bangs and a deeper shade of red in her hair.

See a couple more of Bryce at RadarOnline



Kellan Lutz: Burbank To BC!

Could it be? Could Kellan Lutz be headed back to Vancouver to begin filming on the Eclipse Movie? JustJaredJr reports:

“Hanging onto his boarding pass with his teeth, Kellan Lutz heads to security at Bob Hope Airport on Friday afternoon (July 31) in Burbank, Calif.

Rumor has it that Kellan and costar BFF Ashley Greene are headed back to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to film the third installment of the Twilight Saga series: Eclipse.

UPDATE: Another possibility of where Kellan is headed: Dallas, Texas for Twi-Con”

Hmmm, could be headed to Dallas – but regardless, Eclipse will start filming soon, and I CAN’T WAIT! All your Twi-Hards must be sooo anxious!! See more pics of hottie Kellan Luts at JustJaredJr!


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