Twilight Eclipse LITERAL Trailer (SOOO Funny)

This made my night. Enjoy :)

Found this whilst lurking at Team-Twilight



Eclipse Trailer Spoof (David Slade Approved!)

Eclipse director David Slade Tweeted earlier that he approves of this (hilarious) Eclipse trailer spoof! Check it out, it’s really funny. P.S. Congrats to the makers, having the director himself approve is kinda a big deal ;)

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Official German Eclipse Trailer!

Here is the Eclipse trailer in German! It’s the same trailer we’ve all seen, but our readers come from all over the world, so I like to try to post trailers in different languages to accommodate everyone.



AMAZING Fan Made Eclipse Trailer!

This fan made Eclipse trailer is better than the original! I got goosebumps…. wow! Check it out:



Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning talk about the Eclipse trailer!

MTV asked Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning what they thought about the newly released Eclipse trailer and they both seemed excited. Here is what they had to say:



Eclipse Trailer with Spanish & Italian Subtitles!

Here is the Eclipse trailer with Spanish & Italian subtitles! f I find more in other languages, I will add them to this post just below this one. XO





FearNets list of Ten Things To Love In The ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Trailer

I always love the lists that FearNet comes out with, and today they have one outlining the ‘Ten Things To Love In The Eclipse Trailer.‘ I read through it to see if I agreed with everything, and I actually felt like the writer, Jen Yamato, read my mind (especially about the Cinematography thing). Here is an excerpt:

David Slade’s Naturalistic Cinematography
It’s been clear through Slade’s on-set Tweets that the man has an eye for gorgeous photography; that sensibility is evident in the way he’s chosen to film Eclipse, with naturalistic cinematography unlike both Catherine Hardwicke’s lo-fi Twilight and Chris Weitz’s crisp and polished New Moon. The landscapes we see in the trailer, all mountains and sparkling rivers and muted light peeking through the clouds, emphasize the setting of Eclipse’s big showdown (without a single glimpse of Victoria’s new hunting ground, Seattle) with location filming that looks fantastically authentic.

First Look at the New Victoria in Action
No matter how you feel about Rachelle Lefevre’s departure from the Twilight franchise, you’re just going to have to get used to Bryce Dallas Howard’s new Victoria. So it’s a good thing that the trailer introduces her in a big way, by leaping across a river in one impressive effects shot. More importantly, it also shows how Slade’s vampire action might solve the weightlessness problem of Twilight’s wire work while feeling more realistic (i.e. not too CG heavy) than that in New Moon. (Then again, we don’t know how his fight action will look just yet.)

This is an incredible list, so click here to read the other 8 reasons to love the Eclipse trailer!

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Eclipse Trailer Screen Captions!

I made you some screen captions of the official Eclipse Trailer! Enjoy! XO



Eclipse Trailer!

Wow. Just wow. The only thing is I forgot they changed Victoria, lol… and wasn’t expecting her to look different. Such a great trailer though!

P.S. I made this a sticky so it will stay at the top for a while so everyone can access it easily… again and again! lol!



Eclipse Movie: Ten Second Preview!

Here is the 10 second Eclipse Movie preview:

*Oh My goodness*

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