Kristen Stewart interview with Teen Hollywood for “The Yellow Handkerchief”

Teen Hollywood had the chance to sit down with “The Yellow Handkerchief” stars, Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne where they discussed the film. Here is an excerpt:

Q: This was probably your first big lead role in a film. Was that an adjustment to play the lead at that time?

Kristen: Anytime you have to play a person who is not yourself, you’re stepping out of a comfort zone but that’s what we do and if the role is bigger that’s just more to chew on and that’s always good.

Eddie: There is more of a sense of responsibility. What was great about this film is that it’s an ensemble piece in the sense that it really is about the four of us, I’m certain Kristen and I felt in incredibly safe hands having William (Hurt) and Maria (Bello) around us and because of the intensity of the film, having three of us in a car for three months shooting, we ended up being close as a trio which is wonderful because any fears or problems you have, you have the other two to turn to.

Q: Kristen, your character Martine has bad luck with guys.  Her dad has a new girlfriend and is sort of ignoring her and a guy at the first of the film kind of dumps her. So, what do you think it was about Eddie’s character Gordy than finally won her over?

Kristen: I think she probably wouldn’t have needed to be won over had she just opened her eyes and not been so affected by the other guys who had hurt her. I think that she’s the type of girl who really wants to let her face hang out and every time she does that or puts herself out there, she get embarrassed or disappointed by people. I think the journey that they take, there are a lot of revelatory things that happen. For me, what really made Martine re-evaluate him was how Brett (the Hurt character) looked at him and moreso, there’s this thing that happens; we hit a deer with the car and he does this thing and she has this…. (pausing)

Eddie: Emotional reaction to it.

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Here’s a cute photo of Kristen during the interview:

Photos: Lynn Barker