Breaking Dawn Volvo Poster With Edward & Bella!

Here is the official Breaking Dawn Volvo poster with Edward & Bella standing with the Volvo S60. Note the JUST MARRIED sign on the window. Cute.


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Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 2 Now Available on Amazon

Twilight: The Graphic Novel Part 2 is now available on Amazon here!

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New Images From ‘Breaking Dawn’ Calendar

Wooohooo! There’s some new images from the Breaking Dawn calendar. See them all HERE!

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New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills

Here are some new Breaking Dawn stills. Click here to see 2 more new behind-the-scenes shots from the Breaking Dawn set!

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Which Couple Is More Epic: Edward & Bella Or Ron & Hermione

Next Movie’s resident Twihard has weighed in on which couple is more epic: Edward and Bella or Ron and Hermione. His vote goes to Edward and Bella and here are some of his arguments:

Relationship Style

Does any person dream about a romance where you befriend someone and gradually fall in love over the years? No! Any man who takes the “friend approach” with a woman hoping it will blossom into more is sorely disappointed and broken after hearing about her sex life with frat boys. If a couple does get together after years of friendship, like Ron and Hermione do, it’s because they’ve just settled for each other. The fantasy we all prefer is a romance with instant chemistry. Bella and Edward experience love at first sight (sure, despite the fact Edward looks like he’ll vomit at the time). Bella’s enticing scent overpowered urges he thought he’d quelled years ago.

Relability to Fans

Have you ever heard of a Team Ron? No? That’s because it doesn’t exist. Potterheads may like Ron and Hermione as a couple, but they’re just background to Harry’s epic battle. Twi-hards have posters of Bella and Edward in their bedrooms as inspiration for the love they want. 99.9 percent of fans will never experience the same level of romance, but they know what it’s like to long for someone and want the glee that comes with getting them. The reason we watch fantasy movies like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” is for the escape. We want our fantasy couples to look like Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, not like people you could date if they weren’t famous.

Read the rest of the points HERE and you can vote at the bottom of the arguments (Edward & Bella are currently losing)

You can also read the websites argument (written by a Potter lover) about why Ron and Hermione are more epic HERE!



HQ New Official ‘Breaking Dawn’ Movie Still!

Here’s the brand new Breaking Dawn movie still of Edward and Bella. Click to enlarge (HQ). *Swoon*




Beautiful Edward and Bella Fan Video!

I’d go as far as calling this Edward and Bella fan video made by TheRaggDolliish breathtaking! It keeps getting better as you watch too. Wow. Gorgeous! I know how much you love well made/well edited fan videos, so I’ll try to post them whenever I find new ones!

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Beautiful Edward & Bella Fan Video!

I just stumbled across this beautiful new Edward and Bella fan video and completely fell in love with it! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, too. Awesome job Irinka17!



PopSugar: Best Movie Kisses (Includes Twilight)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Popsugar put together a video of 30 Best Movie Kisses and included Edward and Bella! This is so cute. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I love that Notebook kiss so much too…

Thank you Jamie!

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